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    Art & Money! With Stacy Keach & Manisha Thakor

    in Entertainment

    TV's Mike Hammer is also a powerful stage actor know for his Hamlet, King Lear and Richard III. Stacy Keach shares his life story in his new book All in All. James Earl Jones and George C Scott play supporting roles in this tale. As does Judy Collins, a long time love of Stacy's.  Listen to his strong rich voice as he shares how he once fell off the stage and into the orchestra! And, finally, I get to tell him my Stacy Keach story. I've been waiting years for this!!

    Couples; it's time to get naked with your money! Manisha Thakor of MoneyZen Wealth management has advice on insurance and how to talk money with your honey.

    As we get ready for Thanksgiving, there is a warehouse at the Westchester Airport ready to put a table under every turkey for needy families. This great idea may take care of your holiday gift giving too.

    And Dr. Jody Sandler, the vet who gets to care for all the great Labradors and Shepherds at Guiding Eyes for the Blind share some tips for feeing your furry friends.

    Thanks for tuning in, 


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    Episode 14 - Manisha Thakor on Women and Finance

    in Finance

    Manisha Thakor, author of "On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance," is on a mission to help American women learn how to live their lives from a position of financial strength.

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    Get Back On Your Own Two Feet with Manisha Thakor

    in Finance

    Moms Making a Million Radio with Gina and Kat will be covering the latest money tips and news from our regular experts:

    Featuring Our Guest Expert: As the founder of the Women's Financial Literacy Initiative, Manisha Thakor teaches, writes, and speaks about the basics of personal finance for women.


    Manisha teaches a highly regarded online personal finance class called "Money Rules" at Sympoz.com and is a Financial Fellow at Wellesley College. She blogs about personal finance at Forbes and is the co-author of two critically acclaimed personal finance books: ON MY OWN TWO FEET and GET FINANCIALLY NAKED.

    Manisha's financial literacy advocacy work has been featured in print and online publications such as: The New York Times, Reuters, Smart Money,…

    And Our Regular Featured Segments:

    Tips for the Utterly Confused with Paul Petillo,

    Your Weekly Gratitude Adjustment with Janice Marie Wilson, author of The Goodness Experience.


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    Chakras; the Validity of Paranormal Certification

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Manisha Anwekar joins us from India to discuss her new book. In the second part, we'll discuss whether paranormal certification courses are beneficial and ethical or whether they are a scam.

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    June 9 ~ Charlotte View: Calling Out! Kids' Talent Contest in Charlotte by LAFP

    in Current Events

    Charlotte View and Manisha Singh invite the Charlotte community to be part of the 2014 Little Achievers Felicitation Program (LAFP). LAFP For 2014 is scheduled for Sept 6th 2014 from 11 am - 4 pm at Ghandi Bhavan - Hindu Center of Charlotte. Deadline to apply: August 25, 2014

    LAFP is a Kids Talent Contest where various cultural talents meet, interact and perform to exhibit their culture in form of art, music and knowledge thereby making it a multidisciplinary contest. LAFP believes every child is unique. Their success in school or life begins with strong words of affirmation, encouragement and appreciation in every little thing they do or can do. "
    LAFP is an Annual Event which is conducted anytime between Sep / Oct at the Hindu Center of Charlotte. The contest is open for Kids ages 3-13 yrs. and the participation categories are Dance (solo or group) Music (playing instruments) Poetry (Hindi or English) Mantra Recitation, Arts & Literature (essay writing)
    The participants are judged based on their performances in all the fields by our panel of judges, veteran in their respective fields. Since the motto of LAFP is primarily to encourage kids to participate, we do also include an "Honorary Category" 

    Details regarding the event and program:  Facebook Page LAFP LP 

    Official entry form is available at www.saathee.com/lafp. Email complete application to "littleachievers.lafp@gmail.com" by Aug 25th 2014 .

    For more information call MANISHA SINGH (704) 778-3158

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    Interview with Personal Finance Expert Manisha Thakor

    in Business

    Wondering about how to manage your finances as a college student or young professional? Personal finance guru Manisha Thakor, author of "On My Own Two Feet," will share valuable tips.

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    300 Enslaved Africans sued and Won their Freedom while Still in Bondage

    in Education

    Tonight ...Finally a book that will put the Dred Scott decision in it's proper context!

    Over 300 Enslaved Africans, like Polly Berry and Lucy Delaney successfully sued for their Freedom while Still in Bondage prior to the infamous racist Dred Scott decision whereupon Justice Roger Taney stated "Slaves had no rights a White Man was bound to respect"  In the past, Missouri courts supported the doctrine of "once free, always free."  


    Click and Join The Gist of Freedom Tonight with Author Professor Manisha Sinha!

    SLAVES WHO SUED FOR FREEDOM -- New research uncovers a little-known force for abolition: "Freedom Suits" Enslaved Africans who took the Slavers to court and WON! 


    Slavers growing weary from this trend, Enslaved Blacks Successfully Suing for freedom, Justice Taney and the Slave Institution were forced to retaliate. Subsequently, in March of 1857,  they attempted to strip ALL blacks, (free and enslaved),  from their their citizenship, the right to due process.

    Prof. Sinha - “We normally don’t think of slaves as a part of the abolition movement,” -But they were, says Manisha Sinha, a professor of Afro-American studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, whose own book on the subject, “The Slave’s Cause: Abolition and the Origins of American Democracy,” Although many unable to read or write they courageously used thier shackled hand to sign their  X on  petitions for Liberation!

    Black Abolitionists like, Northup wasn’t unique in trying to escape slavery through the legal system. Historians have long been aware of lawsuits, like La Amistad, brought by enslaved Africans against their owners or captors.


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    Bridging the Generation Gap

    in Entertainment

    Manisha Thakor
    Manisha Thakor earned her MBA from Harvard, her BA from Wellesley, is the author of two personal finance books, founder of MoneyZen Wealth Management and is here as an expert for gogirlfinance.com Today she also serves on the National Board of the Girls Scouts of the USA (Investment Sub-Committee), and serves as a consultant to TIAA-CREF’s Women’s Engagement Initiative.  In addition, Manisha is  on the Advisory Boards of Feminist.com and The OpEd Project.
    Tru Pettigrew
    Tru Pettigrew is Founder and CEO of Tru Access, which is an organization that bridges the cultural and generational gaps between millennials and corporate brands and agencies. Tru Access provides Inspiration and Empowerment speaking engagements and coaching for the millennial audience and presentations, training and workshops on the corporate side. Tru spent 20 years working in youth and multicultural marketing at advertising and marketing agencies with clients such as Axe, Nike, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Home Depot.
    Jenna Doughton
    Jenna Doughton is not only the creator and founder of style with a cause, but also a fashion stylist and personal shopper based in Las Vegas. Over the many years working as a fashion stylist, she has found a common denominator with many women: to believe that they deserve to put themselves first. Seeing the importance of being able to treat ourselves, so that we can always be full enough to give to others, Jenna created style with a cause; a day to celebrate women at every turn of their journey and inspire them through fashion and beauty.

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    QUANTUM CREATIVITY Radio with Cezarina & Santari

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the QUANTUM CREATIVITY Radio Show, a resource for all visionaries, innovative thinkers, coaches, trainers, artists, healers and any creative people who are ready to celebrate their multidimensional expression of life. I’m your host, Cezarina Trone, a visionary life coach, wellness coach, and educator (see website www.cezarinatrone.com) My co-host is Santari Green from the Visionary Network in UK (visit his blog at www.sourcingphysicality.com). Together we are here to engage into brilliant conversations & inspire you to start dreaming BIG. 
    On SEPT 25th, we are talking to Manisha Dahad and Jackie Thoms, exploring the topic of Social Leadership and what it takes to catalyse the brilliance of humanity. VISIT: http://www.socialbrilliance.org for more information.
     Towards the end of the show we will welcome your LIVE questions, so call in at (818) 668-5419 and also get ready to CHAT live. LISTEN to our show on each Tuesday at 9AM US Eastern Time or check out our archives. Guest spots are available, so email me for more information. THANK YOU for JOINING us in this BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY and thank you for EMBRACING your MAGNIFICENCE 2day!

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    Maharashtrian Indie Artist Singer-Songwriter Manisha Shahane Featuring CD “When Parallel Lines Meet"

    in Music

    Maharashtrian Indie Artist Singer-Songwriter Manisha Shahane Featuring CD “When Parallel Lines Meet". Manisha’s family descendents originate from a state called “Maharashtra” West India meaning “Great Nation”. Clearly, the roots of these origins and international exposure are apart of the beautiful influences that is infused within Manisha’s music. Her music is not only beautiful, it’s tranquil, peaceful soothing, and incorporates a powerful message of healing, love, and harmony within the world we live…
    As a songstress Manisha Shahane unwittingly launched her career as a performing songwriter when she hung posters around Central Square and invited friends to hear some of her original songs at the Cezanne Café & Bakery in Cambridge, MA on November 21, 1999. The coffee shop ran out of bread for sandwiches during what turned out to be a standing-room-only show. Afterwards, she sat on the piano bench and sheepishly passed around a mailing list “just in case I perform my songs again sometime.”
    So, sit back relax and have a cup of coffee, tea, or a glass of wine.  Enjoy a good coversation & music with Manisha Shahane.

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