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    Beards on MMA with Steve Parker 5/12/2015 - UFC Adelaide & Manila, Bellator 136

    in MMA

    On this episode of Beards on MMA, we welcome Australian actor Steve Parker onto the show. Fresh off a major stint on the Australian comedy "Danger 5" as Nikita Khruschev, Steve joins us to discuss something else near and dear to his heart: MMA. Steve was in attendance at UFC Adelaide and will give us a first hand account of the event being held in his hometown.

    We'll also get his thoughts on UFC Fight Night Manila and who he thinks will win the Featherweight Superfight between Frankie Edgar and Urijah Faber.

    It's also Bellator week!  We'll discuss the upcoming Bellator 136 featuring a middleweight title fight between Brandon Halsey and Kendall Grove. Our pal Mike Richman is also back in action against Eduardo Dantas, and the event also features the returns of both Benji Radach and Razak Al-Hassan.

    That's Beards on MMA brought to by The Mod Cabin: Backwoods Beauty Products for Bearded Men!

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    in Current Events


    **(Gerald Ford sworn in as Vice President succeding Spiro Agnew caught up in public corruption Probe

    ***Begino Aquino (born on this day)Assasinated at Manila Philippine airport in August 1983

    ***Pope Paul 6th victim of attempted Assasination in the Philippines

    ***San Francisco Mayor George Moscone & Supervisor Harvey Milk assasinated in San Francisco City Hall by former San Francisco Policeman Dan White

    Audio Historical excerpt

    General George C,. Marshall sent to Chine as special envoy to General Chang Kai Shek( Corrupt Chinese warlord)

    Caroline Kennedy Ambassador to Japan--

    *November 27th Births -Deaths & events relevant to US(a-)

    CONSUMER TIPS--Senior Citizens & possibly disabled consumers get discounts from 10 to 20 Percent on one day a week at some San Francisco stores--possibly other locations

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    Dante Lee, CEO of Black PR/News Talks Why Businesses Fail & How To Press Reset

    in Women

    Dante Lee is the founder and CEO of Dante Lee International, an online advertising firm with offices in Columbus, Ohio, USA and Metro Manila, Philippines.

    His company produces a global portfolio of premium web-based properties including BlackNews.com, BlackPR.com, BlackBusiness.org, LowIncome.org, GrantsForWomen.org, BusinessGrants.org, AffordableHealthInsurance.org, ScholarshipsOnline.org, ThePhilippines.com, Tagalog.com, and more.

    In the U.S., the company is mostly known for its BlackPR.com web site, which offers the largest and most extensive press release distribution service to all the African-American newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations - more than 850 outlets.

    In the Philippines, the company is known for its ThePhilippines.com web site, which is the country's most popular online travel guide and blog for both domestic and foreign tourists.


    Since the year 2000, Lee has been known and well-respected as an online marketing guru, an award-winning business coach, and the best-selling author of four books.

    He has been recognized by MSNBC, CNN, and scores of newspapers and magazines including Ebony and Black Enterprise. He was also a featured guest on the Tavis Smiley Show and on The Mo'Nique Show.

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    Friday Night Drunken Trivia- Dirty Drinks Done Dirt Cheap!

    in Comedy

    This week Saucey does battle with Guitarist Brian Marshak from Rooftop Revolutionaries in Dirty Filthy Rock And Roll Trivia. Who will prove to be badass like Dimebag Darrell and who will wimp out like Manila Vanilla?

    Tune in this Friday for all the Musical Misbehaving we can Seductively Caterwaul into your Pristine Little EarHoles.

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    Viktor Postol vs Lucas Matthysse, Adrien Broner vs Khabib Allakhverdiev Recaps

    in Sports

    So. You lost your mortgage and 1/7 of your car betting that Viktor Postol would kneel before the awesome power of Lucas Matthysse. Don't blame us, man! We just talk here.

    If you missed it, Postol actually broke Matthysse down over 10 rounds on HBO before taking him out with a right hand. Well, it also seems that Matthysse took the count after being knocked down rather than get up and face more punishment, but the result was surprising. Where do Postol and Matthysse go from here?

    In the TV opener, Antonio Orozco won a fishy decision over Humberto Soto despite losing a point and appearing to lose the fight itself, in the eyes of many. Looks like Soto is still viable. How far will Orozco go?

    On Showtime, Adrien Broner punished Khabib Allakhverdiev for 11 rounds before the latter was saved by the referee in the final round. Has Broner matured at all?

    Opening up that broadcast, Edner Cherry gave Jose Pedraza a far tougher fight than two cards would indicate. possibly doing enough to earn a win. But... #Boxing.

    James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Fight City's Patrick Connor will have things to say about all of these fights. Yay.

    This week's schedule is mostly devoid of big names, though there are a few televised cards that might be deceptively fun. After that, action picks up quickly and should be consistent for a while. In the meantime, check out TheFightCity.com for "Thrilla Week" - a full week dedicated to celebrating the anniversary of The Thrilla in Manila, and other great heavyweight fights.

    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Filipino Media / TV

    in Entertainment

    Philippines a sellout nation? Bakit mga tao mag worship sa putik

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    in Current Events


    --August 21st   Events  relevant to US(a)1968--Democratic Convention started in Chicago--Candidates--Hubert Humphrey--Eugene McCarthy-Edmund Muskie-

    August 21--Benigno Aquino opponent of Filipine President Marcos--Aquino assasinated while deplaneing at Manila Airport

    (Peter Paul Verzola) was a correspondent for KALW FM -Western Public Radio in Australia & New Zealand

    1858 Illinois  First Debate between Lincoln & Stephen Douglas

    Movie audio extract-

    US Marine(Native American) While an embassy guard at the US embassy in Moscow--co opted by KGB spy--Clayton Longtree was court martialed

    8-21-Births-Deaths relevant to US(a)

    TRAVEL TIPS--Why Chinese Restaurants push white Rice!--The Rice that is better nutrition for you

    SAN FRANCISCO AUTO BURGLARY CAPITAL OF THE US--What you can do  to protect your vehicle if you are coming to San Francisco--

    PUBLIC POLICY QUESTIONS:---Do American Citizens  & Voters need a National Office of Public Advocate/Ombundsbund?


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    VOC Sports: MMA Dude Bro - Episode 81 (with guest Sharon Jacobson)

    in MMA

    Mike & Ken talk about UFC 187, UFC Manila & UFC Fight Night Adelaide. PLUS, a fun conversation with Invicta FC strawweight Sharon Jacobson! Hashtag, MMA Dude Bro! 

    MMA Dude Bro:

    A podcast featuring contemplations on the existential crisis amidst the backdrop of cagefighting. Plus, sometimes we'll talk about how hot Ronda Rousey is.

    Visit MMADudeBro.com.

    Twitter: @MMApod

    Download the MMA Dude Bro App:


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    Ep 26: Tarot Against the Law and Negativity with Robert Rubin

    in Spirituality

    Robert Rubin started out as a practitioner of the Occult and the Esoteric in the San Francisco Bay area, where he was first intro ducted to the practice of magic and psychic sciences when he was 12. Later on he moved to Negros Island in the Philippines, where he founded his own circle of practitioners and instructed them in noble art and craft of Magick. Along with his students, he also was a pioneer in the movement for Responsible Esoteric Practices through his newsletter The Magi Advocate.

    Moving to Manila Sever years later. he created Mysterium,Magazine a free on line digest magazine focused on the topics of the New Age, Paranormal and Supernatural for all across the nation. This eventually led to the formation of Mysterium Philippines where he and his colleagues train people in the diverse field of the esoteric, and develop them to train others in their respective specialties.

    Since then, he was selected as one of the 4 Lead Paranormal Investigators for GMA7's Misteryo, handling topics ranging from possession to witchcraft, and many others in between where we has also featured on shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres and many others.

    Robert Rubin is also a passionate advocate of responcible teaching and application of the esoteric arts.

    He has undergraduate degrees in the Fields of Mass communications and Political Sciences, as well as taken Masteral courses in Conflict and Reconciliation studies From the University of Saint La Salle, He currently works as a professional esoteric consultant, helping people make a decision in their life by providing alternative routes and discussing potential outcomes.


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    Deepertruth: The Virgin Mary and The Philippines Part II

    in Religion

    Last week John Carpenter looks at the posibility of Mother Mary appearing in the Philippines between 1988-1993.  It is still under investigation, so we can't say this is total fact, but we are looking at the information that is being studied.  Many signs reported match many other authorized Marian apparitions.  An estimated one million people gathered in a small Philippine town north of Manila on 6 March to witness a visitation of the Virgin Mary. Many people in the crowd, including top Philippine government officials, journalists, and the local Catholic bishop - acting as a representative of the Pope - attested to seeing a silhouette resembling the Virgin Mary appear above a guava tree for approximately five seconds. This was followed several minutes later by flashes of red, yellow and blue lights moving towards a "dancing sun".

    The events took place at Apparition Hill in the small town of Agoo, in La Union province. A visionary boy, 16-year-old Judiel Nieva, says that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to him, and giving him messages, on the first Saturday of every month and on special religious feasts since 1989. The pilgrims gathered in Agoo on 6 March because the boy said the Virgin would appear at that particular place and time.

    About a month earlier, a statue of the Virgin Mary owned by Judial Nieva's family began regularly weeping tears of blood. The phenomenon was witnessed by thousands during a noontime mass in February. An assistant to the nationâs President said that the statue was brought before his critically ill wife on two occasions, and both times she unexpectedly recovered. There are also reports that Communion wafers turn to flesh and blood in Nievaâs mouth. Another resident of the area said that his statue of the Virgin was also "shedding tears, which later turn blood red."


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    The DuCross Brothers: The Sports Warriors EP 30

    in Sports

    On 5.20.15, Wednesday. The DuCross Brothers bring to you another edition of The Sports Warriors. On the show the brothers will be breaking down the fallout from Bellator 137: Hasley vs Grove and what's to come from the fighters on the card. Can't forget UFC FN 66 went from all the way from Manila. 

    In other news we have a little amateur MMA talk this week as we are approaching ArchangelMMA going down on May 23rd and a look into UFC 187, which will probably go down as the biggest PPV this year for UFC and The Sports Warriors will tell you why. The world of MMA lost a fighter that wasn't short of what was real and what was it? Plus much more.