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    How to Set a Powerful Intention to Create and Manifest Love

    in Self Help


    Join Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D., the Elite SoulMate Coach, in a variety of exercises to develop and support your intention to manifest the love of your life.  Intention is everything when it comes to manifesting...well....anything!  

    One of the common and almost universal things I've noticed is that singles often don't believe that there is someone out there for them.  Without this hope and belief, they won't take inspired action to manifest a SoulMate.

    This program includes

    a guided imagery experience of abundance of love right now
    a discussion of assumptions that underlie my work as a SoulMate Coach
    an EFT tapping demonstration to

    instill hope
    remove discouragement
    remove the fear that there is something wrong with you 
    install a positive expectation

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    Manifest Your Dreams

    in Entrepreneur

          I would love to welcome our special guest
                             ~Sandra D Sabatini~
    As we will be chatting about Manifestation. 
    When our feeling nature and our thinking nature are in harmony, our conscious desires will be fulfilled. The challenge for many conscious creators is maintaining the habitual thoughts and corresponding feelings long enough for our 'wishes' to manifest. There are many techniques we can use to accomplish this habitual state of harmonious alignment.
      Connect With ~Sandra D. Sabatini~https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mind-Sciences-Institute/305425639517718  https://www.facebook.com/events/181923528582924/?ref=22 Mind Sciences Institute "Explorations Beyo

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    Are You Ready to Manifest Your SoulMate?

    in Self Help

    Are you ready for love?

    Where are you on the SoulMate journey? 
    Have you hit an unexpected bump in the road?
    Are you lost and don’t know which direction to take? 

    Join Dr. Annette Vaillancourt,  author of “How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT,” for this week’s provocative SoulMate discussion and EFT demonstration.  Annette and her guest will demonstrate how to use the SoulMate Readiness Assessment as your map on the journey. 

    Get out your EFT Tapping Points chart and be ready to take notes because we will demonstrate how to:

    Figure out where you are lost
    Create SetUp Statements to get you on your way
    Demonstrate how to use EFT to overcome the bump in the road

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    Words Manifest Into Flesh

    in Education

    What does "Words Manifest Into Flesh" mean? What is the process of it? What is the power of words? Where do words originate? What are the positive and negatives to words manifesting into flesh? Join us as we address the power of words, action, and the ingredients of productivity. With Host (Kevin), Co-Host (Michael) and Chatroom Facilitator (Jamillah); we will be delving into the moves of a movement.......Universal School Of Thought ! Call-in (323) 323-3897 press the # 1 on the touchpad of your phone to speak live with us on the air or Log-in at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot and type out your questions, answers and/or comments. Your calls and texts will be answered in the order they are received. See and Hear you there !

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    Bryant Lee Phillips – Reconnect and Manifest Your Dream

    in Self Help

    Bryant Lee Phillips is know as the DREAMAKER.  He is an author,  an entrepreneur, author, strategist and a high performance leader.  He will be sharing about how to reconnect,, embrace and manifest your dream.  You will learn about the 5 building blocks for the dreamaker effect, steps for overcoming your obstacles, the power of ideas and execution, how to live your dream from your divinity, tapping into the flow of God to create your dreams, how to find relationships that feed your dream and how to live your life in the zone.   http://www.bryantleephillips.com.


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    Playfully manifest a meaningful Life: Marney Makridakis

    in Self Help

    Hello my beloveds.  My guest today is Marney Makridakis.  She shares with us her new book called "Hop Skip Jump:playfully manifest a meaningful Life."

    Most of us view work and play as mutually exclusive opposites, but now you can blend them together in your new route to joy-filled success.

    The 75 techniques in this book will guide you to be more playful and productive as you move through three vital phases of the manifestation process: dreaming (Hop), experimenting (Skip), and taking action (Jump). Discover your Play Personality and learn how to use it to create more experiences in which work feels like play, and struggle gives way to momentum, ease, and joy.

    Please visit www.artellaland.com 

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    How To Manifest Money Effortlessly

    in Lifestyle

    Author Dr. Bruno Cignacco goes Online With Andrea live from the UK to discuss his book How To Manifest Money Effortlessly - Techniques to be more prosperous. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    The Manifest Presence of God

    in Religion

    The Manifest Presence of God

    Worship the Living Christ who has redeemed us.

    Worship Service Let us Praise His Name

    Arise and Shine let the Glory of God Fill your hearts in Worship to the Lord

    Join us in fellowship as we broadcast the Live Sunday Service of New Beginnings Christian Center.


    Have you received the Power of the Holy Spirit.



    Live Bible Studies during the week W + F 1:30 pm


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    in Spirituality

    You are a  Healer, so how do you Manifest your life's blessing?  In the past few weeks we have listened to some of the 'ways' in which this may be done.  Gifted teachers are ready to assist you, Angels are watching over you because you are not alone. You are the very essence of the Love of the Creator and all of the information you have heard has been a buffet put in place for blessings. Tomorrow gifted Metaphysician Rev. Rekel Ferguson shall once again grace the airwaves with me as we count down to December 25th. This is a time for  a clearing of  the heart and making room for the prosperity that is destined to come your way if  you name and claim the Manifestations of  your hearts.

    Join us for a moment with spirit on how to Mastermind your success in every level of your life with one word, here and now as well as 2015.

     Rev. Rekel of Modern Zen, will read her Tarot cards for those who may call in: 646-478-5120 or online at  http://tobtr.com/s/7197629. This gift is not fortune telling, it is a guideline for the Universe that you are creating for yourself, with your mind.

    Rev. Sharon

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    Cosmic Awakening Show- Etymology and Black Magic Spelling with Made Manifest

    in Spirituality

    This week hosts Michelle Walling and Larry Locken will discuss etymology- the origin of words and how they are being used to control humanity through black magic spells. Made Manifest is a healer, coach, and philospher and has an interest in studying "spelling" and how all words have a root meaning. We will be talking callers in the second half of the show.

    Made Manifest's In5d.com article, The Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, and Etymology, can be found here: http://www.in5d.com/truth-about-english-phonics-phonetics-etymology.html. This article contains a video he posted on You Tube.

    Here is Made Manifest's (Cullen Smith's) website: http://www.cullensmithsvp.wix.com/liftingtheveil

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    in Spirituality

    You are a Healer and this Friday, December 5, at 1:pm, an opportunity to focus on the tools that will help you progress to your highest good will be brought to your attention. Our guest will be Rev. Rekel Ferguson, of Modern Zen, and this gifted Spiritual counselor will assist in reminding you of greatness as a gifted 'Miracle' worker of  your own life. Rev. Rekel Tarot Readings, Channeling Sessions, Healing Sessions: Soul Ascension Healings, Cord Cutting, DNA Activation and Reiki Healing and her philosophy is that in to reminding  you of your greatness, you may in turn begin your own healing and assist in the healing of others. For prayer or readings join  us this Wednesday, call in 646-478-5120.  You may also contact  Rev. Ferguson at her Spiritual center, ‘Modern Zen’, in Davie, Fla.  954-625-6775.   Website: http://www.modernzen.org.  Prosperity does not always mean money or material things, however whenever the New Year rolls around as it always does, we as humans tend to make 'Resolution’s' on what we must change or improve in our lives.  Spirit has instructed me to offer to assist in triggering your memory of your Soul's self-worth. There shall be  two broadcast per week until this year has ended  and hopefully we shall all begin to remember our greatness together. Calls will be taken as Spiritual counselors and Advisors will  try to offer clarity for those who are ready to accept that we are all infinite beings able to manifest our hearts desire. Come Join us for one hour this Friday. Namast'e.


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