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    9: Manhood

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    "Manhood: what does that mean in today's society?" The GreenHouse FX will take a look into what does "Manhood" mean? In addition, we will try and look at the role of men from past to present and how expectations and responsibilities has changed.

    Based out of Chicago, "The Effect" explores artistry and creativity throughout the city and it's surrounding areas. Announcing current and up-coming events and creating dialogue about topics that are local and world-wide.

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    This edition of the O.W. Prince Ministries Broadcast features a segment from a live recorded message that was delivered on Father’s Day 2014.  It examines the divine nature of Fatherhood and Manhood. 

    There are a few bonuses to today’s broadcast but you will have to listen to discover them. 


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    Should African American Males Get Manhood Training From Africans?

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    Current statistics state that 53 percent of American children are being raised in single parent, female headed households. For African Americans, that number is significantly higher. Since the the past three generations, the percentages of fatherless homes have increased, meaning the examples for young boys on how to be husbands and fathers is missing. A mentor, a coach or a teacher with an occasional encouraging word is not enough. The young men in this generation need cultural training on how to create and maintain a family. Can we turn to our brothers on the continent of Africa whose cultural heritage may be a bit more intact and look for help with manhood training? Or are Africans just as emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged from racism as African Americans? Rev. Derrick Rice, co-founder of Let Us Make Man, has travelled to countries across Africa. He shares his perspective on the cultural practices of African families that prepare boys for manhood

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    11. Manhood: The Struggle for Male Identity

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    Concluding our "Manhood" topic for the month of June. The FX will examine the plight of men in today's society... the struggle for identity and purpose. We'll continue our discussion from last week - looking at "male identity" or "masculinity" as well as probing the emotions of men - is there such a thing as a men being too sensitive? And if there's time, how does (all of) this effect the relationships and decisions that men deal with in today's time.

    Based out of Chicago, "The Effect" explores artistry and creativity throughout the city and it's surrounding areas. Announcing current and up-coming events and creating dialogue about topics that are local and world-wide.

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    10. Manhood: For Mom, on Father's Day

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    Tonight at 7p/8p (ct/et), the discussion of Manhood continues... The FX will examine the debate of acknowledging single mothers during Father's Day which has caused a "stir" among men and women, especially in the African American community. In addition, tonight's show will look at the marketing ideas behind this debate, as well as the origins of Father's Day and if it is still significant in today's society.
    Also, I will be looking for YOU to share any lessons that were taught/shared from your father or a "male figure," and how you still apply those lessons today.
    And of course, get the latest news, events, and other happens throughout the Chicagoland area.
    Listen online ONLY at www.blogtalkradio.com/thegreenhousefx or on your phone: 818-691-7412

    Based out of Chicago, "The Effect" explores artistry and creativity throughout the city and it's surrounding areas. Announcing current and up-coming events and creating dialogue about topics that are local and world-wide.

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    Boyhood vs. Manhood

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    When I spoke to the young girls I touched on Self-Esteem vs. Self-Worth but with young boys I want to talk about how their boyhood brings about manhood. It is the experiences that he has as a boy that will dictate his life as a man. We as African-American mothers must make sure that we foster out young boys boyhood. Tune in #RealTalkWillBeHad

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    Redefining Manhood

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    Join us this week family as we have another great show planned for you. This Sunday we welcome back Chicago's very own Brotha Dawah Yisrael. We will discuss "Redefining Manhood". We are at WAR as it pertains to this subject matter. There is alot of confusion going on out here. And come Sunday the record will be officially set straight. So be sure to tell your friends and relatives about this weeks show. We start at 6pm est and our call in number is 619-393-2813. 

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    Mastering Manhood

    in Dads and Family

    To master means: 1). To attain great skill in the use or application of. 2). To be highly skilled or proficient at. 3). To overcome or defeat. 4). To be qualified to teach apprentices. 5). To serve as the head, and 6. To gain command of.

    You Are Created To Know Your God-Given Purpose
    Every man comes with a God-given purpose. In II Timothy 3:10, Paul displayed that he understood this critical fifth step to manhood. He put it like this, “But thou hast fully known my… purpose…. When you know your purpose for living, others will get behind you and support you. Sadly, to their own detriment, most men do not know their God-given purpose. They go through life, searching for their reason for existence, but never finding it. 

    You Are Created and Called To Be a Cultivator) 
    1). To improve the condition of. 2). To make better. 3). To cause to multiply. 4). To cause to be fruitful. 5). To promote the growth of. 6). To nourish. You are called by God to be a cultivator. Everything that you set your hands to, or get involved with, should improve and become better! That means cultivating your wife and family. That means your community, church, and the company you work for will all improve because of your presence. God has called every man be a cultivator!

    You Are Created And Called To Be a Protector)
    To protect means: 1. To keep from being damaged, attacked, stolen, or injured. 2. To shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage. 3. To guard, to defend and to be a watchman. God has called men to be protectors.

    We are called to protect the women and children. When you see, hear and read about men committing acts of violence and mayhem against society, it is a forgone conclusion. God has created and called all men to be protectors!


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    "Manhood" Status

    in Relationships

    So... it seems that women proposing to men has become "common-place" now? I'm not really sure what is (fully) happening here... 
    The Innovative Black Men examine "Manhood Status" with discussion about "roles," "tradition," and "marriage." When it comes to marriage proposals, should the Man ALWAYS ask the Woman? Is it ever acceptable for a women to ask a man's hand in marriage?

    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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    Manhood & Feminism...What Happened?

    in Culture

    Are men being more manly now, or has Feminism hurt 

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    EGUA - Marketplace: OBARIMA - Afurakani (African) Manhood - Workshops/Book

    in Education

    In this episode of EGUA - Marketplace we discuss our workshop/training and book: OBARIMA - Afurakani (African) Manhood. From the OBARIMA page on our website:

    " ...OBARIMA (aw-beh'-ree-mah) is the name of our nhoma (book) defining Afurakani (African~Black) Manhood. OBARIMA Afurakani Manhood introduces a comprehensive set of seven principal values defining what it means to be an Afurakani obarima (African man). 

    OBARIMA is also the name of our workshop for Afurakani males from 13 years old to 30+ years old.

    The principal values and their functional applications detailed in our publication form the basis of our workshop. 

    We have taught these principal values of OBARIMA in various settings and have seen the eagerness with which Afurakani males embrace them--especially those whom are mis-labeled "at-risk" by this society..."

    We will examine our book OBARIMA - Afurakani (African) Manhood. Download the free e-book version below:



    Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan 

    Aakhuamuman Amaruka Atifi Mu 

    Akwamu Nation in North America 



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