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    Celtics Talk Radio Episode 117 Celtics take on the reigning champs

    in Sports

    The Celtics have now passed through one of the tougher stretches of their 2015/16 NBA schedule. The Celtics in the last episode of Celtics Talk Radio stood at 13-9 having defeated the Chicago Bulls and were getting ready to take on the defending champion Golden State Warriors. Since the last show the Celtics took on the Warriors, Hornets, Cavaliers, Pistons and Hawks. With the Warriors, Cavs, and Hawks games taking place in Boston while the Hornets and Pistons games were on the road. So now that this 5 game stretch is over where to the Celtics stand. Did they mange to hand the Warriors their first loss of the season. Did they manage to knock off Lebron James and his cavaliers in the first meeting between the 2 teams since their 1st round meeting in last seasons NBA playoffs. Where do the Celtic's now stand in the race for the playoff's. Your Celtic's Talk crew will be joined by Matt Rury of the CLNS Radio Celtics Post Game Show will join us to discuss what we have seen over the last 10 days

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    Special sending with Guest Aage Nost

    in Lifestyle

    EQ VOICES har i denne sendingen med oss forfatteren og paranormal forsker Aage Nøst ( Aage Nost på Amerikansk) som er født og oppvokst i Steinkjær. Som 25 åring reiste han til USA for å følge sine drømmer om å bli pilot. Gjennom sine mange erfaringer som Flyinstruktør, Kommersiell pilot, Bedriftseier, Paranormal forsker, utgiver, student av sinnet, radio og TV Talk-show vert og produsent, og gjennom direkte sinn til sinn kontakt med universell bevissthet, har han lært mange av de "hemmeligheter" samfunnet og universet inneholder.
    Hans bok, Higher Conscious Thinking, and How to Access The Universal  Consciousness. Learn How To Expand The Power Of The Mind At Every Level of Existence har brakt oss sammen til en samtale for deling av hans kunnskap med oss.  Sendingen vil gå på Engelsk og Norsk. VELKOMMEN.

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    The High Road Show Premier with Roslyn and Gabby Weiss!

    in Spirituality

    Siblings Roslyn and Gabby Weiss will share their knowledge and experiences with astrology, metaphysics, tarot, kundalini yoga, mediumship, angels, and more! At the very least you will get to hear us fight live on air! But let's see if we can mange to take the "high road" - that's what this is all about- seeing events and relationships in our own lives from a higher perspective- beyond ego. We can't wait to raise our voices and connect with the outside world :)

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    Mange Mites - OMG on "Holistic Pet Care w/ Dr. O"

    in Pets

    There is a lot of confusion about these ugly, itchy, creepy crawlers. Let's talk about them AND what we can do about it besides just "starting to itch." 

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    Episode 10 - Thomas Irwin fra FionaReptiles

    in Pets

    Idag skal vi snakke med Thomas fra FionaReptiles. 

    Thomas har en stor samling med mange forskellige reptiler. Alt fra kongepython og trynesnoge mutationer til ny kaledoniske gekko'er og malakit leguaner. 

    Vi glæder os til endnu en spændende episode, og håber også i gør!


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    DEUTRONOMY 27: 19.


    It came to our attention and that of the whole world.  How that innocent imigrants from within Africa had travelled to South Africa seeking for a better life and in turn help build tthe economy of South Africa.  Many did mange to get juobs in South Africa, and some manged to start their own businesses.  Over the years many of the imigrants were established as citizens of South Africa  Others were on their way to obtain legal status of becoming legal residents of South Africa.

    A Xenophobic [Deep hatrate of foreigners or imigrants]  attitude brewed in many quaters of South Africa.  hateful words spoken by some chief insitigating attacks on innocent imigrants was a regratable behavior of a person in leadership. Suddenly innocent foreigners from Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and other African countries were killed in cold blood.  Foreigners were torched and burnt alive using car tyres, others were axed to death the perpertrators using knives, matchets and whatever steel weapon they could lay heir hands on.  The foreigners cried for mercy but never got any.  People mainly South Africans just looked on and did nothing to help these innocent victims, while others just laughed the whole event off.

    One man had his brains axed out of his head, he lay dying with his brains next to him, anothjer had his intestines cut out of his stomach and they were handing out of his body. Another had car tyres dressed over their necks and set on fire. These innocent foreigners were burnt to death with no remedy.  Another man was pictured with a South African so called crook yielding a kniofe over his face ready to stub and skice him to death and nothing was done.

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    Managing your day to day stress and emotions

    in Real Estate

    How to mange the day to day drama and emotions in your Real Estate Practice, so they don’t control your income, your attitude or your outcome! Today's show is an in-depth overview of Cynthia Fisher's 1997 Bond University study "Emotions at Work: What Do People Feel, and How Should We Measure It?", and we're discussing what this study means in terms of stress & emotional well-bring in your own personal workplace as a real estate professional.

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    Managing The Insanity of Entrepreneurship

    in Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurs are the only people on earth that would willingly trade a 40-hour, 5-day work week for 80-hour, 7-day work week. Some call that insanity. But insanity, as Albert Einstein once said, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    The reality of business is that entrepreneurs face an insanity of their own. It seems no two days are the same and the challenges are coming at you 24/7. How do you deal with it all? And more importantly, how do you THRIVE when most struggle just to survive?

    Join JT for a powerful episode of The High-Altitude Mentorship Show and learn how you can mange the sometimes insane world of entrepreneurship.

    Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!

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    The Parenting Center - Helping Your Child Learn to Manage Stress/Nervousness

    in Women

    Today, Bessie Ann Christenson, the clinical program manager with The Parenting Center in Fort Worth is joining us. We’re going to be talking about stress in children, and ways to help your child mange stress and the nervous feelings they may encounter in their lives. We’ll be talking about the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress, as well as specific techniques to share with your child to help them calm themselves.



    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 



    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen



    Bessie Ann Christenson, MA, LPC

    Clinical Program Manager

    The Parenting Center

    2928 W 5th Street

    Fort Worth, Texas 76107

    (817) 332-6348




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    3 Business Lessons to Learn from a Non-Profit - David Russell

    in Technology

    We are going to be learning about the inner-workings of non-profits as well as three key leadership lessons that can help you be more successfull in working with your own or a local non-profit organization. David Russell trains business leaders through his company, "Mange to Win" and also is Sr. Manager of his non-profit business "EmancipateMe". 

    About Emancipate Me:
    Go ahead and visit http://www.emancipateme.org/ to learn more about this not-for-profit company who provides a smart phone application called, “the Freedom App” which helps fight human trafficking  by connecting victims to able counselors, law enforcement, and the public people who are interested in fighting one of the fastest growing forms of modern day slavery for women and children. 

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    The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

    in Current Events

    Reblicans mange to avod a Government shutdown Most government workers are upset. it could have been another three week paid vacation. The fabled CIA torture report was released. Who was right and who was wrong? Actually the bigger question is does anyone care?