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  • Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats with actor Clint Howard

    in Film

    Clint Howard, actor, has a career spanning over fifty years,and over two hundred film and TV shows.  He has spent his entire life entertaining us in a variety of interesting and unique roles. From childhood roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek to of course, the hit TV Show Gentle Ben, Clint was a well recognized personality by the time he was ten.Making the transition from juvenile to adult actor was no problem for Clint. Cult classic Rock N Roll High School and horror genre Evilspeak showed as an adult he could be versatile and affective. Whether Clint works in comedy classics like Waterboy, the Austin Powers film series or a hilarious episode of Seinfeld, he comfortably slides into dramatic roles such as Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon and Alabama Moon. Recently, Clint can be seen in the campy, B Horror title, Bloodrayne Third Reich and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. He's also put on the producing hat, teaming with long time colleague Gavin Grazer on an indie comedy. Born and raised in Burbank, California, Clint has always balanced his professional career with a 'hometown' oriented life. He continues to live with his wife Melanie in Burbank and stay active in the community. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

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    Acting Words of Wisdom from the Inside Acting Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Host William Powell, aka The King of DC Media, reads acting quotes from acting greats. Tune in at our regular spot Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern

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    What is "Acting Black/Acting White"

    in Current Events

    For some time now I have wondered what is "acting black" or "acting white". A lot of times I have heard black people say oh you're acting white or you're trying to talk white or I have heard people say all that person is trying to act black, but in the grand scheme of things what does it all mean? And is there a definition to a color, race or state of being?

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    Yasmin Lee from "The Hangover Part II" stops by

    in Entertainment

    **DIAL 347.884.8997 to speak with the guest or the Host** 

    Yasmin Lee from "The Hangover Part II" stops by to talk about her many past and current projects.

    Yasmin Lee was born on June 3, 1983 in Thailand as Yasmin Kosal Sim. She is an actress, known for The Hangover Part II (2011), Red Ice (2011) and Promoted (2015).

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    Why Own Your Career?

    in Jobs

    Why are we born to own our careers?

    -Our ancestors had to be resourceful and creative to feed themselves and survive.

    -Work in its current form is a new invention and the rare exception in history, not a natural human state.


    How has the world of work changed?

    -The traditional career paths and assumptions are no longer valid — e.g. that big corporations will take care of loyal workers who automatically move up in a career escalator — due to at least two (interrelated) macro forces:

    -(1) Technology (automates jobs, changes the nature of jobs, and makes it easier to offshore jobs), and

    -(2) Globalization (increases competition for jobs).

    -“Professional loyalty now flows ‘horizontally’ to and from your network rather than ‘vertically’ to your boss.”

    -“Networking has been replaced by intelligent network building.”

    -“Searching for a job only when you’re unemployed or unhappy at work has been replaced by always be generating


    -And much much more!


    Coach Rod is ready to take your most difficult and sensitive career questions you have.  Listen in on the internet via www.BlogTalkRadio.com/OwnYourCareer and call in with your tough questions at 347-857-3320.


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    in Sports

    1. The night Shane threw down the NWA Title & declared himself the new ECW Heavyweight Champion

    2. Dennis Carluzzo & how he pushed Shane to make a historic decision

    3. The evolution of The Franchise character in ECW

    4. Shane leaving ECW for WWF in 1995

    5. The thought that ECW hurt the business by numbing fans to violence

    6. The credit & criticism Paul Heyman gets in regard to ECW

    7. Shane not participating in Vince McMahon's ECW reboot in 2006

    9. The WWE Network & not reimbursing talent in footage

    10. The future of professional wresling & the brainwashed younger fans of today

    11. Can anyone compete with WWE in the future?

    12. Healthcare for wrestlers








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    MM Podcast: Mailbag With Kiyan And Lucas

    in Soccer

    This week's mailbag - the first in three weeks - was a fun one. I was joined by Managing Madrid Chief Editor Lucas Navarrete who helped me answer questions which were all taken after the 2nd leg victory over Manchester City at the Bernabeu.

    Enjoy, guys (and if you, give us a rating on iTunes! 

    Next week's mailbag will be in article form. Feel free to get a head start on questions by sending me a tweet. 



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    Upcoming shows in May on the Inside Acting Radio Show - May 2016

    in Entertainment

    The King of DC Media, William Powell, announces upcoming shows on the Inside Acting Radio Show, including the arrival of guest Yasmin Lee from "The Hangover II", Thursday, May 5th at 9pm Eastern and the following Thursday, May 12th, Filmmakers Rick Jermain and Clint Gage.

    In the meantime, William encourages you to see the stage play Assassins, now playing at Laurel Mill Playhouse, Laurel, MD, see details below:


    book by John Weidman, based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr.

    April 29, 2016 through May 22, 2016
    Sunday matinees on May 15th and May 22nd at 2:00 PM

    A multiple Tony Award-winning theatrical tour-de-force, Assassins combines Sondheim's signature blend of intelligently stunning lyrics and beautiful music with a panoramic story of our nation's culture of celebrity and the violent means some will use to obtain it, embodied by America's four successful and five would-be presidential assassins. Bold, original, disturbing, and alarmingly funny, Assassins is perhaps the most controversial musical ever written

  • My Supernatural Life

    in Spirituality

    Listen to find out what amazing things are happening with 5 planets in retrograde and speak to astrologer intuitive Mr Anthony and Accomplishment Coach, Frankie Hernandez.



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    LRAD - Liberal Redneck After Dark - Ep. 5

    in Politics Progressive

    Join Rocky (The Late Night Millennial Madman) and others on the first episode of what's sure to become a wild ride.

    The greatest generation is slowly dying and being replaced by millennials who according to the news knows very little of the world they live in, We aim to disprove that. In our latest episode we'll be talking about acting like an adult and all the other turds that have floated to the top of the bowl this week and how millennials look at it.

    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Call in or join us in chat with a free Blog Talk Radio account.  Share archived episodes with your friends on Facebook.

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    Kiela Upton-Artist

    in Business

    Kiela Smith-Upton is a biracial African-American and Sicilian American, professionally trained as a fine artist. She was reared in a family of architects and received her BFA from the Internationally esteemed School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also studied in Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa with Parson's school of Design (New York). Early in her career Kiela's love of people and collaboration thrust her into the collaborative mural arts, arts education and eventually consulting. She is a recognized expert with 20+ years experience transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary showplaces with inspiring interior and exterior collaborative and commissioned mosaic murals.