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    Simply Managing Change

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    We made it...! Thank you!, to all those that supported, participated and encouraged us to achieve our first milestone of producing 50+ episodes to date! I am referring to ‘Managing Change’ on both, BlogTalkRadio.com and now ManagingLifesChanges.com every Wednesday evening at 7:00PM EST.
    Managing Change is a content rich, filled hour in which you will hear and identify with diverse perspective about challenges we all face. Eclectic points of view in addressing the family nucleus. answers for your career, solutions for your business and for that entrepreneurial spirit which is uniquely American.  Our guests share with you each and every week, their own Life’s Perspectives on having mapped their minds for success.
    Come join us and voice your thoughts in our ‘Forums’ and create your own ‘Groups’ while feeding off the energy that inspires us to do better for ourselves and for one another.
    Join us on BlogTalkRadio every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST for Managing Changes. Real Time Content - Providing Real Time Solutions. No streaming on www.ManagingLifesChanges.com and Engage Life!
    Ronald M Allen Producer/Host

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Recapping Real Madrid - Barcelona

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    Host Gabe Lezra is joined by Managing Madrid staff writers Bozz, Marc Craig and Mike Platania to break down Real Madrid's disappointing 2-1 loss to rivals FC Barcelona in the most recent edition of Spanish football's greatest match, El Clasico. The guys break down each aspect of the match, from Real Madrid's dominance during the first hour of the match, to the different players that were responsible for that form, and even to the hopes they have for the side moving forward this season. Then, they break down some of the mistakes: they chat about who was responsible for the goals, why Madrid seemed to lose energy down the stretch, the atrocious refereeing, and what Barcelona's win means for this Liga season. Is everything over? Should Madrid fans lose heart? And why on earth do people insist on blaming Gareth Bale for everything?

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Atletico, Getafe and Impossible Pronunciations

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    The Managing Madrid podcast returns, with host Gabe Lezra in a sour mood given his other allegiances over the weekend. Gabe and Josh Zeitlin recap Real Madrid's week, diving into the los blancos' draw home against Atletico (crashing out of the Copa del Rey), and chat about the 3-0 win against Getafe. Along the way they get into the signing of Martin Odegaard, chatting about his future and the plan for Real Madrid Castilla. Finally, the guys take some questions, delving into possible signings and the old stalwarts--rotation issues and Modric's return. 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast 8: Replacing Luka Modric

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    Gabe, Josh and Lucas discuss Luka Modric's injury during Croatia's game against Italy and Carlo Ancelotti's options to replace him. They also talk aboutReal Madrid's upcoming match against Eibar. Will it be an easy win for los blancos without the Croatian midfielder? Who will fill Modric's shoes? Is Illarramendi ready for the task? All of those get answered in this week's episode.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Tough Times

    in Soccer

    Hosts Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin recap Real Madrid's recent tough stretch--going back to chat about Madrid's loss in Bilbao and their nail-biting showing against Schalke in the Bernabéu. Not a happy time for the guys, as Lucas Navarrete is out this week, and Gabe and Josh clearly need some consoling. They recap the Bilbao match, chat about the defensive failures that lead to the Schalke game being so close, and finally make some light of the 2-0 victory at home against Levante. What was making the team click? Is Modric's return exactly the tonic that Gareth Bale needed to find his scoring boots? And what on earth happened to Iker in that Schalke game

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    Managing Madrid Podcast Reboot: Early Season Recap

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    The Managing Madrid Podcast is back! Hosts Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin sit down to talk about Real Madrid's rocky first month of the season, the soothing balm of the Champions League, and the recent goal barrage against Deportivo. Welcome back to Managing Madrid (or should we say the Abu Dhabi Managing Marid Poidcast?!) and welcome back to your 10-time Champions League Champions, Real Madrid! 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Ramblin' Recaps, Villarreal, and More

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    Hosts Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin are back this week, sadly without the inimitable Lucas Navarrete to break down Real Madrid's 1-1 draw with Villarreal and talk about all things Los Blancos (and quite a few non-Real Madrid things). Gabe is just recovering from a really unplesant illness, and the two are in classic form, rambling qabout everything from luck in soccer to catalan independence to the temperature in Kelvin. Strap in, because it's going to be a weird ride. 

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Previewing Real Madrid's Match Against Villarreal

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    Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin sit down with VillarrealUSA's Allen Dodson (the editor-in-chief of SB Nation's Villarreal blog) to chat about Real Madrid's upcoming Liga BBVA tilt against Villarreal. The guys chat about Villarreal more generally, reminiscing about the changes the team has gone through since the last time Allen appeared on the show--back in 2012. Allen walks the guys through Villarreal's institutional and cultural transformation, how the purgatory of Segunda shaped the squad moving forward, and breaks down VIllareal's resurgent form this season. 

    The guys then break down the game: if you were Villarreal, how would you attack this Real Madrid side? Would you look to press forward? Sit back? What formation would you use, and what would you be looking for in the game to indicate thigns are going well?

    Finally, Gabe reads Allen some fan questions, ranging from Villarreal's prospects to possible transfer targets. All this and more on today's #MMPodcast! 

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    Managing Your Diabetes in 2015

    in Health

    2014 was a Fantastic year! We're gearing up to help you manage your diabetes in 2015. Join us every Thursday from 9a-9:30a CST for great tips on managing your diabtes and living a healthier life. Don't forget to visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org and connect with us on Facebook & Twitter @WhyMeDiabetes.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast: Previewing Liverpool

    in Soccer

    The guys are back after the international break and are excited to discuss what is fast becoming a strong start to Real Madrid's season. First, they preview the Levante game, looking into Isco's splendid form and trying to figure out who he might replace in the starting lineup--is it Bale? James? Or maybe Modric after some decline? Gabe takes some questions from the audience and they segue into the Liverpool match: should Madrid really be nervous about this side? Or is this just the allure of playing in Anfield that has the guys worried?

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    Managing Change - Internet Blog Talk Radio

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    Managing Change is a content rich, filled hour in which you will hear and identify with diverse perspective about the changes in business.From eclectic points of view about You, the Individual and the changing dynamics of the family nucleus. Answers for your career, solutions for your business and current trends and future thought for that entrepreneurial spirit, which is uniquely American.Our guest share with you every week, their  perspectives on having mapped their minds for success.Tune in to Managing Change every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:00 PM on Internet Blog Talk Radio @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ManagingChange2 Listener dial-in number: (347) 843-4378Trusting that this message reaches you and your family in good health.Ronald M AllenProducer/HostManaging Change

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