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    The Madhouse Radio Network "Man Cave "Sports, Sports, and MORE Sports!!"*

    in Entertainment

    Gentleman....and ladies!! Tonight is the night of ALL nights....as Donnie Mnemonic, CD aka Crazy Dirk, and the newest addition to the FAM.....Crispy Creme... Present to you....MAN CAVE!!! Sports, Sports,.......and MORE Sports!!!! The fellas will be chatting it up about NFL, MLB, and beyond!!! They will be nothing more than keeping it real!!! Enjoy the show....and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse!!!!

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    You cannot grow until you let go

    in Spirituality

    I received this wonderful message in a broadcast email today.  It is a wonderful message but what does it mean?  Well, this is what we are going to explore in our program.  It should be very interesting as I know each of your co-hosts have had wonderful personal experiences in life that directly relate to this inspirational topic.

    Join in the stimulating conversation on THE MAN CAVE FORUM by calling our toll-free number 877-257-6517

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    SEDONA - magical and mysterious

    in Spirituality

    We are back from a hiatus and fresh from a eight day trip to beautiful Sedona, Arizona.  It is a wonderful place to let go, process, and recharge your batteries.  We will share our individual and collective experiences.  It is definately a magical and mysterious place.  If you have been there please call in and share your experiences.

    We also have a wonderful surprise.  Our dear friend, Summer Bacon, will be joining us on the program as often as she can with here busy schedule.

    You can join in the conversation by call the toll free number 877257-6517 to be part of THE MAN CAVE FORU.

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    Man Cave: Fixing the Broken Man

    in Current Events

    Many of you tuned in to watch the 3-part series of "Iyanla's Fix My Life" as she counseled Jay Williams, a father of 34 children by 17 different women, as he tried to pick up the pieces of his tumultous life.  It was fascinating TV.  Not because of the drama, but because of the hurt and pain, Jay, was in.  He was, quite simply, a broken man. 

    And he's not alone.

    Tune in to this honest and revealing edition of the Man Cave, a time where we let the men pipe up.  Our guests promise to be open about how difficult it is to be a man, especially a black man, dealing with issues that they aren't always allowed to show their weaknesses in.  We'll discuss how men "act out", and the consequences of their brokeness.  

    This is must-hear radio.


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    Man Cave: Four Insecurities Your Man Has, But Will Never Admit

    in Current Events

    Alright, Ladies!!!  It's your turn to step into the Man Cave.  You don't want to miss this discussion as we are joined by two outspoken gentlemen who are ready to lay out the truth about their vulnerabilities.

    What do men really think gets our attention, and most importantly our resepct?  How do they prioritize their expectations from women as well?

    Tune in, and get ready to chime in, for this confessional out of the mouth of men.  We'll be joined by talk show host, and on-air personality, Morris "Mo" Kelly, as well as actor and author of The Great Departure, Deforest Mapp.  

    They promise to hold nothing back, so neither should you!


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    Man Cave QB w/ John Walters & Tyler Moorehead

    in Football

    The Man Cave Quarterback

    with Steve Herring

    Notre Dame Football podcasting like you've never experienced before. Exclusive interviews with former Irish players after games, analysis from national sports media experts & the most honest takes on Irish football in the nation

    Every week at The MCQB is a can't miss for true Notre Dame Football fans. Steve Herring is the @ManCaveQB on Twitter and co-host of TNNDN's flagship - Down the Line.

    Steve publishes articles about Irish football at SubwayDomer.com & HerringBoneSports.com. His Notre Dame work has been featured or linked on the Huffington Post, ESPN.com, SB Nation, Bleacher Report and many others.

    Steve played played at FCS Wagner College and is twice enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame as a Scholar-Athlete. In 2002 he was named an Junior College Academic All-American during his sophomore season at Orange Coast College.

    Steve has worked in media for Madison Square Garden & NASCAR. Coving Notre Dame Football for TNNDN is fulfillment of a life-long dream.

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Mon. Man Cave "NFL (No Fun League) Edition"*

    in Entertainment

    Attention not just men....but ladies as well... Tonight marks the return of Man Cave Monday but it is a Special Friday Edition!! Tonight, Donnie Mnemonic, CD, and our newest face... LDX, will dedicate the entire show to the Ray Rice situation and all things NFL (No Fun League)!! Over the passed couple of months and prior to the start of the 2014 season....The NFL, has further went to crap!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse!!!

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    Today's Pigskin Podcast | Sunday Morning QB | NFL and Fantasy Talk

    in Sports

    FanRag Sports Radio presents the Sunday Morning QB part of Today's Pigskin Podcasts. The Sunday Morning QB is hosted by FanRagSports personality Pat Whitehurst and breaks down each NFL game along with offering Fantasy Football Advice and Weekly Rankings.

    Playoff implications abound during Week 15 in the NFL. Johnny Manziel makes his first start as the Browns host the Cincinnati Bengals. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos look to distance themselves in the AFC West by beating the Chargers.

    Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys square off against the Philadelphia Eagles in prime time.

    Join the conversation and Be Heard, Be a Fan!

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    Man cave bathroom? Oh yeah. Let's talk about it on MyFixitUpLife talk show

    in Design

    What are the must-have man cave bathroom essentials? We're talking urinals, TVs, and more. Join us.

    Man caves can be any room in the house. And if you have a herd of little guys in your family, or a husband who could use a little more dedicated man-space, a man cave bathroom might be a perfect idea. We imagine potty training boys would be much easier (and less messy) if there were a urinal in the house.

    We're talking with the experts about the man cave bathroom.

    Jason Cameron, host of DIY Network's Man Caves, joins us to talk about those man cave bathroom essentials. He's also sharing what he's been demoing on his new show DIY Network show 'Sledgehammer.'

    Dave Hime is an interior design evangelist who shares interior design from a masculine point of view. His blog, Japanese Trash, has been an interior design addict for as long as he can remember and focuses on providing interior design inspiration from a man’s point of view.

    Barbara Viteri is the host of The Design Network's “Designerlebrity Talk with Barbara Viteri," where she interviews celebrity interior designers. She's ready to share what she thinks of a man cave bathroom.

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    Pat's Pigskin Podcast | Sunday Morning QB

    in Sports

    FanRag Sports Radio presents the Sunday Morning QB hosted by Today's Pigskin personality @Pat_Whitehurst.

    Join a panel of www.todayspigskin.com writers, football fans and fantasy owners in breaking down every aspect of Week 13 in the NFL.

    Find out which players to start and which ones to sit along with the top FLEX and QB options as the fantasy football playoffs approach.

    Will Tom Brady outduel Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Field? How should the Kansas City Chiefs attack a suspect Denver Broncos defense?

    Join the Pigskin Podcast and Be Heard, Be a Fan by calling 347-850-1468.

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    American Cave Conservation Association - David G. Foster, Executive Director

    in Environment

    On Tuesday December 16th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, we are excited to be welcoming Dave Foster, Executive Director of the ACCA, to Natures Talk Show to discuss cave conservation. We will learn some fascinating details of cave ecosystems and groundwater issues. There are amazing animals and plants that have evolved in cave conditions. Created on An Ecological Mandate

    ACCA is concerned with all caves, regardless of their mode of origin or location. However, most caves are found in the earth's more water-soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite, marble and gypsum.  The lands in which these types of caves are found are called karst or karstlands.  

    In karst, there is appreciable groundwater movement through dissolved-out  openings in the bedrock; karstlands often have features such as sinkholes, sinking streams, springs, and sometimes caves. 

    Approximately 20% of the United States is karst.  In karst, the surface and the subsurface are intimately connected; cave and groundwater resources cannot be widely used without careful land use of the surface.  Simply put, clean caves and karst equal clean water.



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