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    man of steel 2 updates

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    going give u the newest updates on man of steel 2 like outfits and where they might go with the story. so tune or call in and let hear your thoughts. cause with this movie there talk there goin back with the classic look and theme with this movie. with the outfits and the theme of the movie and why these hero's meet up and who the main villain of the villain of the show. and who might show up at the end of the movie. so u can say that dc comics is doing what marvel did with the avengers but with man of steel movies.

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    SmallvilleCast Talk Episode 169 - MAN OF STEEL 2 LEX LUTHOR CAST!

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    Listen to how fans are reacting to the announcement of the big move to Justice League and Man of Steel 2 (BATMAN Vs. SUPERMAN).  We will also talk about who will the villian be in the new sequel to MAN OF STEEL.

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    arrow/man of steel 2/the flash

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    on the world finest we are going talk about season finale of arrow and clear the rumors of man of steel 2 like the picture there showing of the bat outfit. and what next for season 3 of the arrow. so call in and give us your thoughts. also going talk about the flash new tv show and his look

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    man of steel 2

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    with filming starting already with man of steel 2. and no photos yet of ben as batman have not been showen yet. i want hear your thoughts on which way they are going with it on how there going with it which story and why batman got face superman. but they did show on what the batmobile going look like and it not like the car they use in batman begins it is a car. but the rest of the cast of man of steel is coming back for part 2 but is this the start of justice league movie. and is ben coming back to play batman for the justice league movie and his the reboot of the batman movies. we just wait and see and which way they go with this cause man of steel was good film and they did give out alot of hints of other hero's in the film like batman,green latern and other dc comic hero's so call in and voice your thoughts on it on which way u think there going with it.

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    man of steel 2/justice league

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    ok man of steel 2 has been green light and i am wondering who going be the next villian. rumors has it that supergirl going be in it and so is lex. but i am wondering which one is true. for me i would like to see other villians show up like brainaic and many others beside lex. how many times in the movies he face lex in the movies. so i want see other superman villians on the big screen beside lex. i would like to see villians like metallo,brainaic,darksied and many others.
    but with the justice league movie i want see be like the avengers. why these dc hero's teaming up to take down this evil force. and who can be the villians for the justice league. will we can have lex in the white house and wants to do a act on where the hero's got come out and show there face's and who they are. also he teams up with other villains to take down the justice league. and try to frame them for a crime they didn't do. so they got team up and wonder who is behind it or do the story on justice league doom. cause when other justice league movies came out in cartoons those where perfect for the live action big screen movie.

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  • Sex, Lies & Soul Ties Part 2

    in Relationships

    Greetings & Welcome to "The Essence of My Love" your Intimacy, Romance & Relationship Enhancement Ministry. We greet you in the matchless name of our Lord & Savior Yeshua (Jesus). We first would like to say thank you to our faithful listeners. Without you, there would be no us, you make this broadcast successful.

    Today, joining us in the Studio, is Romance Coaches, Shawna, J.L & Tee. And as we continue to share with you on the Fire Topic: Sex, Lies & Soul Ties Part 2.

    There is a Mandate on this Radio Ministry, to Expose the lies and traps of the kingdom of darkness and the demonic spirits that work in the back ground, to destroy relationships, break up marriages and keep indivduals at odds and in disunity together. 

    Listeners call in at (347) 637-1509 and to speak live with the Romance Coaches, Press 1. Please be in a quite setting, and do not use your speakerphone. It causes feedback and we would like the recording to be clear.

    To Submit a question E-mail theessenceofmylove@gmail.com. We are broadcasting at times listed

    7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM MST, 5:00 PM CST & 4:00 PM PST.

    The Essence of My Love would like to wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas.


  • Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow " Yes, Listeners, there is a Santa Claus"

    in Motivation

    Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow. Lydia is your lighthouse of love, teaching, motivating and guiding you on your journey to loving.....YOURSELF! ( Who else?) Christmas Eve is special for me and I'm sure it's special for you. I Do belive in Santa Claus!I will be talking about old memories about the season.Maybe you don't celebrate Christmas, this is about the Beauty of the Season. How to bring in the light when we are in the darkest time of the year.  Call in to listen or be BRAVE and press 1 after you call to share your well wishes, comment or questions. (347)989-0124 Wishing you a beautiful Christmas Eve.

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    High Vibratitional Living with your Host Kemetic Yogi

    in Spirituality

    Greeting's Beloveds. Today's High Vibration Living Show w/ your host Kemetic Yogi titled "Is Money Really Evil? Dispelling The Lies & Myths To Get To The Truth Behind The Universal Laws Of Wealth Creation," was developed after a really High Vibrational conversation I had with a Brutha a couple days ago. His name is Kurt Ra Nedrick and this Indigo is on fyah! Today, he and I are gonna dispell the myths of whether or not money is evil by discussing Consumerism , Universal Laws & their relationship to Oppression of the people, Black Culture , Spirituality , Unity. This young Brutha definitely has alot of wisdom to share with us all. Not to mention, he is from my hometown (NYC)! Currently residing and schooling in Toronto, Canada, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with! Check us out if you tryin to get ur mind about money right!

  • Talk 2 Carter "Police and Community Relations"

    in Prayer

    11 am Wednesdays (Eastern), "Talk 2 Carter," host Kevin Carter

    "Police and Community Relations." Joining Kevin Carter today is Deputy Chief George Nader, of the Prince George's County Police Department. They will be discussing how police departments, and the communities they serve, can move forward in a positive way, to foster greater trust and safety. Call (602) 753-1726 to contribute your thoughts! 

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    Going International with Charles Tyler (Part 2) (347-855-8802)

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    Tonight on "Living Off The Grid" we are back with Mr. Charles Tyler with the Part 2 of last nights conversation of "How To Go International".  Mr. Tyler shall touch on the following topics:

    Brazil beach party updates.
    How to get your passport.
    Tips on getting your travel visa
    Financing your trip to Brazil.
    Business opportunities in Brazil
    Advice on meeting "quality" women in South America.
    Networking BEFORE you get to Brazil.

    Be sure to call in early so that you can ask Charles T. any questions that you might have. 

    Call in for the LIVE STREAM @  347-855-8802

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