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    WMMA Jam Live - Sharon Jacobson

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    Join Vanessa and Sabrina Borquez as they bring you WMMA Jam Live produced by Fresh Start MMA. Here at WMMA Jam Live, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the WMMA world. Today we'll be joined by Invicta FC's Sharon Jacobson. We've got all this and more coming up this today on WMMA Jam Session!

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    Spiritist Talks: Allan Kardec: Fundamentals of the Spiritist Philosophy

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    Vanessa Schiodtz from Seattle broadcasts another Spiritist talk from wordlwide speakers. Don't miss it!

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    Inside The Qur'an, The Open Forum, Not Juz Talk

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    1st HOUR: Inside The Qur'an

    2nd HOUR: The Open Forum is hosted by Amadou Shakur who is Director of Development/ Marketing for the International Museum of Muslim Cultures. As Director he lectures to museum and gallery audiences. The museum is currently featuring original African manuscripts covering a period from the ninth to the fifteenth centuries in Timbuktu, Mali. Mr. Shakur was formerly Executive Director for the Shahan Institute, an Islamic research foundation and think tank. Mr. Shakur was former host of a television show entitled “Islam In View” where in-depth interviews on a variety of Islamic and community- oriented topics were discussed. Mr. Shakur lectures on Islamic social and cultural affairs, Islamic Spain, African American and African Islamic history.

    3rd HOUR: Not Juz Talk------Your Host, Michael Hameen brings you topics and guests focusing on men and women who are  making America better for coming generations. You host highlights efforts of guest who are establishing strong community life in the Land of Plenty … not just talk.

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    Armar'Rae Hill and True Foundation

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    Armar’rae Hill and his group, True Foundation, are gearing up to release their anticipated album Genius 2.0. He is a Stellar Award® credited music producer and TYSCOT GEM Award® Nominee who presents his music ministry as a crossing of all boundaries. That’s evident in the sound and diversity of this group, whose high energy and musical style combines gospel, rock, neo-soul, pop, and jazz into a spirited contemporary foundation.Hill is no stranger to the music industry. He executive produced Eddie James' new album Shift, and also penned songs for James Grear & Co., Zie’l, Mitchell Jones (of the famed group Commissioned), and a collaboration with music-scene newcomer Mali Music. Hill has shared the stage with Kim Burrell, JoAnne Rosario, Israel Houghton, Deitrick Haddon, Kierra Sheard, and Canton Jones, and he is also an Associate Minister at mega-ministry Faith Apostolic Ministries under the leadership of Pastor YPJ Miller.Hill is known as a hybrid, born a pastor's kid with a strong music background in his family. He was equipped with tools that stayed with him his entire journey. Armar’rae Hill & True Foundation tour nationwide and have appeared on television shows such as TBN’s Praise the Lord with Bishop Weeden, The TCT Network with Pastor Dan Wills, LeSea Broadcasting Benefit Concert, and TLN Network’s new artist showcase, reaching over 94 million viewers. Hill has touched the hearts of many worldwide, and continues everyday fulfilling his purpose, never stopping his pursuit of the vision that God has given him in ministry. He and True Foundation continue to create music that promotes Jesus Christ and write songs that relate to those in today’s world. If you’ve ever heard the music of Armar’rae Hill & True Foundation, you know that it is filled with great substance, lyrically and musically. If you haven't, check out their breakout song, “Rain.” 

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    SiGnOtHeTiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah & the OSDSI Ile in Cincinnati Ohio What is BEMBE?

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    TONIGHT 4/17/15 6PM EST THE CINCINNATI ILE OF OBAFEMI IFAYEMI DIVINE STUDY of IFA WILL BE ON SIGN O THE TIMES speaking about an upcoming event in Cincinnati, Ohio set for 4/25/15 PLEASE JOIN US.....  Chief Obafemi Ifayemi Epega, the Mayegun of Ode Remo, Nigeria

    Bembé: The Rhythm of the Saints
    A bembé is a party for the orishas. During a bembé the orishas are praised, saluted and entreated 
    to join the party through `mounting' one of the priests or priestesses in attendance. This is done 
    through a confluence of the song, rhythm, and movement, all calling to the orisha in such a way 
    that the orisha will recognise themselves in the lyrics, rhythms and dances as they have been 
    performed for them for perhaps thousands of years.

    The rhythms play an important part of the equation and the drummers practice assiduously for years 
    to be able to play the intricate rhythms correctly. This is important since the drums are actually 
    speaking to the orishas as the Yoruba language is a tonal one and the drums are tuned in such a way 
    as to play the tones of Yoruba speech. For this reason some rhythms are never played unless it is 
    in religious context as it would offend the orisha. These rhythms are actually prayers to the 
    deities with each orisha having its own rhythms associated with them.

    Dance also becomes prayer in the religious context of a bembé. The movements of the dances are the 
    same motions associated with the orishas for thousands of years. As with the rhythms played on the 
    drums, each orisha has its own dances with Yemayá's dance emulating the motion of the waves, Ogún's 
    chopping with his machete, Oshún's portraying her primping in front of her hand held mirror, etc. 

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for Thursday, April 16, 2015

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    On Thursday, April 16, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Don’t forget we now have an App for the show.  Just visit Igluradio.com and download it today.

     Richard Fiesta, Executive Director of the Alliance for Retired has a laundry list of issues for presidential candidates and he is in no mood to mince words.


    Sam Inglot with Progress Michigan is back this week with a reality check on teachers and their commitment to their profession and to talk about the price tag on access…amazing!

    Our National Political Director, columnist for HuffintonPost.com and NowItCounts.com will provide his perspective on candidates, counter-spin and consideration. 
    We replay a recent discussion with Dr. Steve Wellinski on the relationship between Eastern Michigan University and the Educational Achievement Authority.
    State Representative Vanessa Guerrero checks in to talk about her beginnings in the House and why women need to be more engaged at ANY level of society.

    You are always welcome to join us on-air by calling 855-381-8795. Find us on Facebook by searching for Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People and AUNAmerica, and on Twitter @tonytrupiano and @aunamerica.


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    Suena Decreta y Trabaja Vanessa Nava

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    Testimonio de Vanessa Nava sobre su camino al Exito

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    sIgNoThEtImEswQueen Tahiyrah Special Guest Barry Isaacs CEOODirector Hope4Change

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    Barry Isaacs
    CEO/CBDO/ Trauma Specialist
    Hope4Change Development Group 
    Community Development, Providing Holistic Services."Serving to change the story."
    4100 Reading Rd. Cincinnati Oh 45229 
    (513) 861-4673
    Make your Business, Dreams, and Lifestyle Goals Transcend!!
    Education ,Social services, Transportation, Real estate, Entertainment, Free lance! 

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    SiGnOtHeTiMeS W Queen Tahiyrah TUESDAYS wDR JAMES JONES SOCIO-ECO-EDU Illiteracy

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    TONIGHT TUESDAY APRIL 14, 2015 AT 6PM EASTERN TIME. Please join us as we discuss how the current condition of our condition as the Black African Nation is largely based on illiteracy...... Social Illiteracy, Political Illiteracy & Economic Illiteracy.

    What does this mean? What role do we play in the continued targeting and victimization of the Black African community? What does it mean when we say "we need to take our power back"? 

    Please join Queen Tahiyrah & Dr. James Jones as we engage you in looking at the issue of illiteracy and begin to break down possible solutions to this issue. This is PART I...... PART II will be on Friday Night with the Brothers of the Sun, as we engage in Educational Illiteracy. What is missing in our current approach to Education? Getting through the "educational systems" smarter. Raising the bar with our own curriculum, with more than what is on "their" curriculum. 

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    A reminder of retreats with Almine

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    Due to the weeks that are unfolding and with the major lights on earth joining in Kannish BelVasPata we felt it would be a real treat to share some of the experiences some of the people had who came to Almine and some deep metaphysics along the way 

    There are some gems thrown in here too so we really hope you enjoy it 

    This show is dedicated to world leading mystic and seer 

    Brought to you by your hosts Vanessa and Joanne


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    Being with Ron Ash Free Readings with West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy

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    Call 424-757-1425 for your Free Psychic Reading on Being with Ron Ash.  Connect with a passed loved one, ask a question about finance, romance or career or ask about who you were in a past life.

    At a cross road in your life? Looking for insight and assistance with relationships, career, or finance? Internationally known certified psychic medium Vicki Murphy identifies past life patterns that impact your current life.   Realize Soul purpose; initiate action for success, Move past fears and the dis-ease caused by them -Medium Vicki Murphy 949-677-6314 WestCoastMedium.com

    Vicki Murphy



    Listen to LIVE325 with Vanessa & Ron


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