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  • 02:23

    In the Gravel Trap Episode XX

    in Sports

    Adam Tate and Joey Barnes of Tribute Racing are joined by Christopher DeHarde of motorsport.com, Josh Farmer of motorsport monday and Matt Weaver of popularspeed.com.

    The gang will talk Kevin Harvick's record streak of finishes, the recent caution filled chaos in California and a look ahead to Martinsville where Chase Elliot will be making his first Spring Cup series start. 

    They also look ahead to the IndyCar season and the Mazda Road to Indy ladder series kicking off at St. Pete. F1 in the Malaysian Grand Prix and MotoGP in Qatar.

    Tune in for all this and more as we take you In the Gravel Trap.

  • 00:31

    Tim Swartz from Conspiracy Journal , James Haarp telling you the real news!

    in Paranormal

    Join host James Haarp and author Conspiracy Journal Tim Swartz when we answer the question they wont!

    Why cant we find missing Malaysian flight MH 370 and what are some of the questions not answered yet?

    The Ark of the Covenant was this technology from the Ancients and did it posess supernatural powers?

    Radio signals from a earth like planet are we finally getting the message?. This and more eye opening info on this episode of Cosmic Horizons Radio! Live phone in with real time chat


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    Weavé》》putting it IN & taking it OUT don't just snatch / pull it OUT

    in Entertainment

    Weave ...To weave or not  to  weave that is the  Question (choice) there are several different ways to put install Weave, Sew'in Fusion & quick weave ,Binding. Weave comes in all tipe colors & brands Synthetic  Remy virgin hair, Malaysian, Brazilian Peruvian just to name a few. As well as there are several different ways to take it out. There are several products on the market to protect the hair. your Hairstylist knows best for your hair and your style consultation is key

  • 03:17

    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    One Year after the disappearence of Malaysian Flight MH 370 Jeff Wise reveals a new book with a theory of Russia hijacking the airplane and landed it in Kazakhstan on orders from President Vladimir Putin. Also a toddler was rescued from a car 14 hours after Utah River plunge. Also 4 suicide bombings in Nigeria leave 54 dead and 143 injured by Boko Haram. Also in Tanzania Albinos are being hunted by witchdoctors for their body parts to cast spells. Also 43 earthquakes in the last 24 hours have hit all over the earth. Also 2 suspects have been detained in Russia over Nemtsov assassination. These and much more current news events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indaina. 

  • 02:01

    Turbulent Times 3/8/15 episode 6

    in Current Events

    North will introduce tonight's show with his commentary on the first anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian MH370 and what happened to the aircraft and its connection to the MH17 shoot down over Ukraine.

    In Current Events we will be discussing some recent disturbing news articles including the fraudulent Boston Bombing "guilty" verdict against Chechen immigrant DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV.

    It should be an interesting two hours.

    Stay tuned,


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    Buses and Dresses and Rudy, Oh My!

    in Lifestyle

    While "The Voice" has not been doing any regularly scheduled broadcasts lately due to lack of commitment, lack of opinion, lack of enthusiasm or a combination of any and all of these things at various times, occassionally something comes up in the news that he actually KNOWS a little about, such as the recent bus accidents in  New York City and how they are handled. And then on to topics that he merely has an opinion on such as the Rudy Giuliani comments about President Obama.  Then there was the missing Oscar dress that was about to get as much coverage as the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


  • 01:36

    The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

    in Current Events

    A busy week of not much. Mitt Romney has announce that he will NOT run in 2016, does anyone care? Some dough head parked his quadcopter on the white house south lawn, does anyone care? Malaysian authorities have finaly decided that flight MH 370 crashed and all aboard were killed. I don't think it takes much rocket science and endless months of investigation to work that one out.

  • 02:00

    The Year in Review: 2014

    in Radio

    There sure were plenty of Life changing Events that happened this past year. From Malaysian Planes vanishing. To the rise of ISIS. The total lack of concern about the Boku Haram. Ebola. Mike Brown. Eric Garner. Cyber Terrorism and plenty more I will try to attempt to cover as much as I can. Come join us at our new time, 10 pm Central!

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    Cultural Immersion, Diplomacy & Malaysian Flavors

    in Travel

    Peter Vogel, founder and managing director of CulturePrep Inc., is a noted speaker on advancing cross-cultural relations and a philanthropist. Peter joins World Footprints to talk about how CulturePrep has been empowering individuals and groups from around the world to overcome the obstacles that threaten meaningful and productive cross-cultural relationships.  He will also talk about the volunteer work his organization is spearheading in Uganda.

    Then, David Morey, co-chair of The Fund for Peace and former chair of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Task Force on Public Diplomacy, sits down with World Footprints to talk about the current events in Northern Africa and the Middle East and how the insurgent strategy he has developed will help the U.S. to re-boot its foreign policy as .  David is one of America’s leading strategic consultants.  He has advised some of the world’s top business leaders, five Nobel Peace Prize winners and twelve successful global presidential campaigns, including President Barack Obama. David is also an award-winning co-author of The Underdog Advantage, a book that outlines a powerful insurgent strategy to put business on top.

    Finally, prepare your taste buds and Malaysian Chef Susheela Raghavan cooks up the Flavors of Malaysia from her new cookbook with World Footprints.  Flavors of Malaysia: a Journey through Time, Tastes, and Traditions, will take you on a wonderful sensory journey as Susheela serves up more than 150 amazing recipes, touching family stories, and fascinating notes about the multi-cultural origins of Malaysian food in this wonderful collection.

  • 01:59

    Under the Radar News: What the U.S. Media is Not Telling Us

    in Politics Progressive

    Here is what we are not hearing in the Major Media.

    Afghanistan: The Making of a Narco State

    Biofuel project could clean up mines world wide

    The American Public Gets Distracted From Torture

    Did Drought and Climate Change Cause Middle Eastern States to Collapse in 2014?

    Chris Hedges is blackballed by Penn after likening ISIS to Israel

    Malaysian Airlines account for half the commercial aircraft casualties worldwide?

  • Mama Mia NO Sharia! with Vito Esposito

    in Politics Conservative

    Happy New Year Radio Jihadists! 

    We'll discuss the days events including this past weekend's Funeral Service for Officer Rafael Ramos. The killer,Ismaaiyl Abdullah-Mohammad, may have had ties to the ISNA - Islamic Society of North America.  Officer Wenjian Liu's funeral has been announced for this coming weekend in Brooklyn.  

    Some NYPD Officers were seen turning their backs on Mayor Bill DeBlasio.  Seems the Mayor is singing a different tune about the police, since the senseless killings.  His campaign and post campaign mantra villifying the NYPD seems to have subsided when reality has set in. How long will that last? 

    Seems as though Palestinians try to pull a fast one at the United Nations trying to circumvent the Israel-Palestinian Peace process.  It appears the Palestinians led by Pres Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan tried going through the UN with a resolution that calls for a timeline for an Israeli withdrawal to the "PRE-1967 Lines".  Yes ladies & gentlemen the "PRE-1967 LINES".  US has REJECTED that offer and RIGHTLY SO!  9 votes are required in the UN Security Council for the resolution to pass. THis is NUTS! 

    We'll also be discussing yet another Malaysian Jetliner is lost.  What is going on with Malaysian airlines?  

    Mama Mia NO Sharia!