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    The Nightly News Podcast w/Jason & Rags - Ep. 22

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    In This Episode:

    Hillary’s emails: Deleted but not gone.
    John Kerry Says Nuclear Deal With Iran is Possible: “If Allah Wills It”.
    Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria From American Cattle Now Airborne.
    76% Of Doctors Approve Use of Medical Marijuana.
    Pentagon Loses $500 Million in Yemen, Gets a $96 Billion Budget Increase.
    Many dead in 'air strike on north Yemen refugee camp.
    Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified testimony.


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    Birthday Week-Friday night shift conversation

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    The Netherlands has denied reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by a Buk missile, killing all 298 passengers and crew last July.

    The Dutch Safety Board (DSB), which is investigating the cause of the crash, responded to reports released earlier by Netherlands broadcaster RTL alleging that the flight MH17 was downed by the Buk anti-aircraft missile system.I spoke on this tragic event many times and I believe,that airliner was shot down by a Ukrain fighter jet.The Ukrainian government has already lied numerous times about the events in this civil war.

    And my concern is this is a flash point for a WWIII type confortation,which could cost massive lost of lives and permanent damage to the enviroment.Tonight we'll give you the latest update,plus the news of the day.

    On another note,my birthday is March 21,2015 Staurday and I am looking forward to enjoying the years Yaw has given me,and ask forgiveness for my mistakes and sins.Thought it all I have come to realize that the longer I live the more I am blessed.So,clock in folks and join the conversation on the "Night Shift".

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    Turbulent Times 3/8/15 episode 6

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    North will introduce tonight's show with his commentary on the first anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysian MH370 and what happened to the aircraft and its connection to the MH17 shoot down over Ukraine.

    In Current Events we will be discussing some recent disturbing news articles including the fraudulent Boston Bombing "guilty" verdict against Chechen immigrant DZHOKHAR TSARNAEV.

    It should be an interesting two hours.

    Stay tuned,


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    Harald Kautz-Vella & Cara St. Louis - EMF, Morgellons & Black Goo

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    Tonight we have fascinating show. There is no other way to describe it. My guest are Cara St. Louis and Harald Kautz-Vella. Cara and Harald have co-authored and released a new book called Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation.

    This will be a two part show. For Part 1, which is this show, we will talk primarily with Esoteric Investigator Harald Kautz-Vella about electromagnetic and biological weapons, nano technology, DNA restructuring, Morgellons disease and a substance called Sentient Oil or “Black Goo” which mirrors the consciousness of humans and that of alien entities such as the Archons.

    Cara's website: http://vortexcourage.me/

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    Revere's Riders -- 2014 Year in Review

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    Revere's Riders Presents Our End of the Year Review Show!!  

    What do you remember most about 2014?

    The missing plane MH370?  MH17 that was shot down? 

    Ebola? Ferguson?

    Central American immigrants and Amnesty policies? 

    Polar Vortex and Global Warming face? 

    Syria?  Ukraine? ISIS? 

    Obama's destructive policies?  The GOP election in November?

      Tell us what you remember!  What do you think will happen in 2015?  

         **** Join us LIVE!  (516) 453-9128 ****

    You can also call in and listen LIVE to the show via the phone lines without going on the air

    Here's one 2014 list to refresh your memory: 
    Presented Exclusively on WWRR on the WINN Network. 
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    ENCORE EPISODE: JULY 2014 WEEK #3 REVIEW: (Part 3: Humach's & Humech's)

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    On this concluding episode of JULY WEEK #3 IN REVIEW, we talk about another FRANKEN FOODS WITCHES BREW ON THE MENU and also some shocking updates on HUMACHINE DEVELOPMENTS with new WEARABLE DIGITAL DEVICES in the Medical World. A new swedish TV series about a future society of ROBOTS & HUMANS called the "Real Humans" is discussed on todays episode. Will we soon be using a whole new vocabulary of futuristic words like HUBOTS? HUMECHS? HUMACHS? HUMACHINES? ... ALL THIS AND MORE on this final show to wind up last weeks major news stories that match up with Bible Prophecies. DONT MISS IT. JOIN IN ON TODAYS LIVE BROADCAST.. 

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0008 Importance of Latino Voting & News

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    Today's monolog has to do with the state of Latinos in America and how neither party has the best interest of Latinos in mind.  The reason is that Latinos do not vote often. Democrats take your limited votes for granted and Republicans are openly hostile toward Latinos because they vote in such small numbers and do not affect congressional and senatorial elections.  You must vote.  Be counted.  Vote independent or vote for yourself as a write in candidate but you must vote.  Support individual candidates who agree with your agenda but don't support the political parties.  Support yourself and vote!  

    Pope Francis in Korea makes big splashes with his minimalism and big political statements.  Demand for military action against the terrorist army of the Islamic State in Iraq.  In the Ukraine, Russia continues its efforts, undercover, to support and supply the separtists who continue to shoot down aircraft there and kill innocents. This activity is in direct response to Obama's feckless and weak foreign policy.  In Missouri the evidence now shows, may have been a false witness report.  Finally, Rick Perry in Texas faces indictment on felony corruption charges.  


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    Saturday High Noon

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    The latest "Friday Drivetime" (Aug. 15 2014) from Bristol UK Broadband Cooperative BCfm award winning community radio. Production Notes: I will be fading out portions of the first hour and reading some local news notes and updating on the civil unrest surrounding the police killing of Michael Brown, #Ferguson, MO. See Fightin' Cock Flyer for more.  Program Summary: Investigative reports: Ukraine Psychological Warfare latest - . Ukraine: Russian aid convoy stopped at the border, claims this is a cover for troops to enter the country; supplying of weapons; NATO and president Poroshenko accuse Russians of sending an armoured column over the border but it never happened; about 2200 civilian casualties in Eastern Ukraine – same in Gaza; Malaysian press saying Kiev government responsible for downed MH17 airliner – Kiev security confiscated the crucial air traffic control tapes; fake pictures posted on social media as if they were published by the other side, to discredit the seperatists; Gladio style false flag operations. New interview with Snowden by James Bamford who wrote 'The Puzzle Palace' – about an NSA bot called 'MonsterMind' that starts cyberwars on it's own. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth discusses: solar panels; nuclear energy and weapons; 'economic growth at all costs', government policy, consumption and resources; fracking and 'the most misleading poll ever' by UK Oil & Gas. solar farms - UK nuclear power latest - fraudulent fracking surveys - Siemens secretly manufacturing and storing human Microchips: William Pawelec former director of Systems Group of Colorado on microchip technology how Siemens infiltrated government and defense business meetings and possibly stole the technology.

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    Vanishing Aircrafts, Global Dramas. Featuring Dr Jason Kissner, Professor.

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    U&I TALK : Vanishing Aircrafts, Global Dramas. Featuring Dr Jason Kissner, Professor.

    Tune in to hear our Featured Expert on Vanishing Aircrafts, Numerology and The Global Elite.

    MEET Dr Jason KISSNER : Dr. Jason Kissner is Associate Professor of Criminology at California State University. Dr. Kissner’s research on gangs and self-control has appeared in academic journals.  His current empirical research interests include active shootings.

    Find his recent Article on this topic here in the Global Research


    Tune in for another great Conversation. On U&I TALK SHOW with Louise UWACU.

    LIVE as of 2pm Pacific. 5pm E.T. 10pm London. Mid-Night in Nairobi. KMT.

    Brought to U&I by IMANA & UWACU PRODUCTIONS.






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    The Crash of MH17

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    Darrell Castle talks about the responsibility for the crash of MH17.

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