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    Make it Happen

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    More with DR RAWSON, on how to go from poverty to wealth..as well as how to have the Perfect Relationship.....
    also Tony Marino and Coach Frankie Picasso talk to you about how to get through Valentines Day without the blues....

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    Make it Happen

    in Business

    Making the hire happen is often just a matter of listening, and showing up.  Candidates bail this week because potential employer doesn't follow through.

    Join Kristie Santiago and Barbara Goldman, as they sort out problems in hiring. 

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    Allow me to introduce myself... an Introduction to Mrs. Make It Happen!

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    isten in to the debut episode of The Chronicles of Mrs. Make It Happen. We will be discussing an introduction of Mrs. Make It Happen, and the topics that will be discussed. E-mail me topics @ info@mrsmakeithappen.com Feel free to call in... Hopefully, you enjoy it!

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    Anja Degenhardt - Quitting everything for a life altering world trip

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    Anja Degenhardt grew up in a tiny village in former Eastern Germany close to the border. She was 8 when the wall came down. Her parents, who were blue collar workers, struggled wit unemployment thereafter. That is probably why financial security became so important to Anja. Although she wanted to stay close to her home, she found an apprenticeship in Frankfurt, 200 kms away from there.  After that apprenticeship she choose security and money and studied while working full time in real estate. She got the opportunity to do international real estate and loved that she was working with parts of the world she had never seen before. She had the opportunity to work in the company's foreign branches in the UK and the US without having to leave her comfort zone. In London, a colleague told her that she had saved money and had done a worldtrip, although very tempting, that seemed totally out of reach for her in her current situation. 5 years later, after she worked 6 mths in the NY Branch of her company, her boyfriend (now husband) and her did a 4 week roadtrip all the way down to Key West. Realizing that there is not enough time to spend on the road she started thinking about a worldtrip. She felt a bit misplaced when she returned to her job but kept on working there for another 3 years.
    Anja will tell us what happened next during our interview!

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    The Chronicles of Mrs. Make It Happen

    in Music

    This Episode Mrs. Make It Happen will be discussing the Beanie Sigel/ Jay-z dispute that seems to be rocking the world. Is it one sided, will Jay strike back, and is Beanie shaking hands with the devil.

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    Emma Meston - Art director and jewel designer, founder of Ikone Paris

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    Emma Meston is the owner of Icone Paris. From a very young age, Emma, whose father sold antics, was fascinated by ancient extremely refined objects. She immersed herself in different cultures and traditions through countless trips in the world. Fascinated by women’s ornaments and beauty, she decided to make a living out of her lifelong passion. She launched her first brand Almaya Marceau, revealing to the public what she has imagined for years: baroque and sensual jewelry made with metal lace. She is the creator of this very special know-how which became quickly renowned in the luxury industry.

    In 2003, she developed jewels for Christian Lacroix's haute couture fashion shows. She also created limited edition lines of jewelry for Caron. Nike placed a special order and jewelry shoes were exposed in the VO gallery for the Parisian retro-basket event. In 2006 Chivas asked her to customize their vintage bottle. Her work was exhibited for several years in the best Palaces of Paris such as the Ritz, the Crillon and the George V four Seasons hotels. Her favorite piece, her icone, is a tiara-crown representing French craftsmanship. It was exposed in the fashion week in Milan and appeared twice at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Two years after its creation, she was present in more than fourty prestigious places around the world. She chose however to return to a more personal way to meet clients and be in tune with their wishes especially for women preparing their wedding. Through Ikone Paris Emma's ambition today is to reveal the best of and sublimate women. She also works closely with personnal shoppers, and is still referenced and suggested in the nicest palaces for the quality of her service.

    See her work at www.ikone-paris.com

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    The 5 steps to "Make it Happen".

    in Women

    Often our dreams and goals become sidelined by the shear volume of our lives. We're all so busy living day to day that there's no time to seek our dreams and sometimes our life experiences actually rob us of the confidence to even try.Empowerment Coach Pamela Burks empowers women to be confident and find their power to live their dreams.  This Thursday she'll talk with us on the 5 steps to "Make it Happen".

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    Make Shift Happen with Dean Dwyer [Encore Presentation]

    in Health

    Join us on WEDNESDAY April 16th at 7:30 pm EST for a special encore presentation of our interview with Dean Dwyer. Dean is the author of "Make Shift Happen". n addition, he is the founder of deandwyer.com and host of a podcast entitled "Make Shift Happen".

    This episode is especially important if you suffer from obesity, anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, or binge eating disorder.

    Hosted by Dr. J. Renae Norton, Clinical Psychologist and Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Hyde Park, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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    It's SPRING Time .......Write It Down Make it Happen

    in Lifestyle

    With Spring here...it time for "NEW YOU"  

    Lets talk about things we can do to make a difference.

    We can write through our Resolutions.

    Are You Ready to Received ?

    Know What you really Want!

    Facing And Addressing Your FEARS..will bring you closer to your success.




    You Pen Holds Your FUTURE, start writing NOW!


    The Children in Jamaica need your help.http://www.gofundme.com/1g4m38

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    Make it Happen Monday

    in Entertainment

    Today is "Make it Happen" Monday Inspiration by Loretta Show. The days of sitting back and waiting for life to happen is offer. We want to encourage and empower you to make life, your dreams and your goals happen. We want you to know that you deserve to live the life the life that you desire to live. Join the conversation by calling 626-657-2134.
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    Make It HAPPEN- Going from poverty to wealth

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    Tonight our guest is DR Rawson, CEO of C4Global, a multi national corporation that has offices in UK,Europe, India, Israel, Middle East, North America and Australia. DR is going to speak tonight about Going from Poverty to wealth, but knowing a bit about him I have a feeling it is not just the wealth that you take to the bank. He lives by the principle"if you help enough other people get what they want out of life, you'll always have what you need in life." What a great sentiment.

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