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    The Beautiful Game #1: Major League Soccer with Greg Lalas

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    In this inaugural episode of The Beautiful Game we have the pleasure of chatting with Greg Lalas, Editor-in-Chief of MLS Digital.  Greg has worked extensively in soccer - at Goal.com, at ExtraTime Radio, and also played a couple seasons in MLS himself.  He's also the force behind the annual Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival, now in its fifth year.
    Greg will share his perspective on the history of MLS, how it was founded, how it was like/unlike the NASL, what expansion means, how parity even works, Don Garber's legacy, the future of MLS, soccer in America, and much more.
    Join hosts Stephen Heiner, Per Lahti, David Avery, and Ryan Shea Hourigan as we spend some time discussing these issues with Greg.
    Season 1 of the Beautiful Game will feature 6 special episodes focusing on one aspect of our show.  This is episode 1 of that series.
    The Beautiful Game is a soccer podcast devoted to educating the newest fans of the world's most popular sport.  We cover the latest news in UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Major League Soccer, and World Cup.  We believe you can understand where you are and where you are going if you understand where you came from, so we also feature interviews with soccer writers and journalists to give a broader historical perspective to current news.  We will also periodically review rules and regulations so the newer listener can bring a greater context to enjoying our favorite sport.
    The Beautiful Game is a production of the AMDG Radio Network.  All Rights are Reserved.

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    Major League Soccer Preview Show (Eastern Conference)

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    The experts from International Soccer Network preview the upcoming MLS season. This week will feature the Eastern Conference, which now includes the Houston Dynamo. Canadian youth soccer phenom Graydon Lynch will be joining us to talk about Toronto FC.

    Music: "Hidden Blues" by Admiral Bob (feat. pitx)
    is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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    Manchester City Buys Into Major League Soccer

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    The big money men from Manchester City have partnered with the New York Yankees on the new New York City FC side that will start playing in MLS in 2015.
    Can you say big money!
    And Jose Mourinho is out at Real Madrid come seasons end and looks destined to be at Chelsea in the fall.
    Is that a good move? I think so.

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    What changes need to happen in the MLS for this league to be more competitive?

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    In this episode of Soccer Saavy; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by Irresistable Gourmet Popcorn, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec will take a look at the overall competitive nature of Major League Soccer (MLS).  What does the MLS have to do in order to shed the pereception of an average professional league?  Can the MLS every compete with the international leagues?  LIsten to what the guys have to say about this? Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas - lets start talking some MLS.

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    USMNT vs Chile Preview, Sebastian Giovinco, Martin Odegaard

    in Soccer

    (Start - 1:45) FA Cup upsets!

    (1:45 - 23:30) USMNT vs Chile preview (including very specific predictions).

    (23:20 - 31:20) Sebastian Giovinco to Toronto FC and Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid.

    (31:20 - 49:30) Listener questions, including set plays, culture shock in Major League Soccer, supporting smaller teams, and did Clint Dempsey fail in the Premier League?

    (49:30 - 53:11) Weird soccer traditions and superstitions.

    (53:15 - end) Listener donations.

    Send questions to contact@totalsoccershow.com, support the show at http://totalsoccershow.com/support or buy a tee at http://totalsoccershow.com/shop


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    USMNT January Camp Roster, Jozy Altidore, Frank Lampard, Leo Messi, Bayern Munich's Bathroom

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    (0:00 - 17:30) Daryl and Taylor each pick the three players they're most excited to see called up for US Men's National Team January camp.

    (17:30 -23:20) Jozy Altidore's possible return to Major League Soccer.

    (23:20 - end) Listener questions, including: What does it mean to play on the break? Is Frank Lampard Schrodinger's footballer? Would Leo Messi fit in Chelsea's system? What is Merseyside? Why Kyle Walker? Is Jordan Morris hindering the USMNT?

    T-shirts are available in the TSS Shop.

    Questions can be sent via this form.

    Also: hello Brandon Anderson! If you can read this, then it worked.



  • Teeing It Up Presents: The NFL Sunday Sprint

    in Sports

    Featuring radio personality Luke Mauro, this fast-faced, 15 minute show looks at the best games on the NFL docket each Sunday and Monday, giving you the key factors and players to look for in all the big games.

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    Major Sports Talk Episode 9

    in Sports

    Today we will be recapping the Johnson vs Gustafsson UFC card, discussing the Jiu Jitsu World League's first event, and talking about Josh Gordon's possible suspension.

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    Major Sports Talk Episode 10

    in Sports

    Today we will be making Super Bowl predictions, breaking down Silva vs Diaz, and discussing the state of the 49ers' coaching staff!

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    in Christianity

    And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness and Your praise all day long … Psalm 35:28

    Human praise of God is one of the Scripture’s major themes. As such we should make it a part of our daily activities.

    Praise comes from a Latin word meaning value or price. Thus, to give praise to God is to proclaim His merit or worth. Many terms are used to express praise in the Bible, including glory, blessing, thanksgiving, and hallelujah. Hallelujah is a literal transliteration of the Hebrew for “Praise the Lord.”

    Praise is about God, it is not about us. Praise always begins with God. It is only in God’s willingness to share himself with us, that we are able to enter into His presence. It’s all about God. Praise is not about what we “get out of it.” Praise is not about us feeling close to God, or having a warm fuzzy feeling. Praise is about us worshiping Jesus, it’s about Jesus, and it’s to Jesus and for Jesus

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