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    The Beautiful Game #1: Major League Soccer with Greg Lalas

    in Soccer

    In this inaugural episode of The Beautiful Game we have the pleasure of chatting with Greg Lalas, Editor-in-Chief of MLS Digital.  Greg has worked extensively in soccer - at Goal.com, at ExtraTime Radio, and also played a couple seasons in MLS himself.  He's also the force behind the annual Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival, now in its fifth year.
    Greg will share his perspective on the history of MLS, how it was founded, how it was like/unlike the NASL, what expansion means, how parity even works, Don Garber's legacy, the future of MLS, soccer in America, and much more.
    Join hosts Stephen Heiner, Per Lahti, David Avery, and Ryan Shea Hourigan as we spend some time discussing these issues with Greg.
    Season 1 of the Beautiful Game will feature 6 special episodes focusing on one aspect of our show.  This is episode 1 of that series.
    The Beautiful Game is a soccer podcast devoted to educating the newest fans of the world's most popular sport.  We cover the latest news in UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Major League Soccer, and World Cup.  We believe you can understand where you are and where you are going if you understand where you came from, so we also feature interviews with soccer writers and journalists to give a broader historical perspective to current news.  We will also periodically review rules and regulations so the newer listener can bring a greater context to enjoying our favorite sport.
    The Beautiful Game is a production of the AMDG Radio Network.  All Rights are Reserved.

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    Major League Soccer Preview Show (Eastern Conference)

    in Sports

    The experts from International Soccer Network preview the upcoming MLS season. This week will feature the Eastern Conference, which now includes the Houston Dynamo. Canadian youth soccer phenom Graydon Lynch will be joining us to talk about Toronto FC.

    Music: "Hidden Blues" by Admiral Bob (feat. pitx)
    is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

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    Manchester City Buys Into Major League Soccer

    in Current Events

    The big money men from Manchester City have partnered with the New York Yankees on the new New York City FC side that will start playing in MLS in 2015.
    Can you say big money!
    And Jose Mourinho is out at Real Madrid come seasons end and looks destined to be at Chelsea in the fall.
    Is that a good move? I think so.

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    What changes need to happen in the MLS for this league to be more competitive?

    in Sports

    In this episode of Soccer Saavy; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by Irresistable Gourmet Popcorn, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec will take a look at the overall competitive nature of Major League Soccer (MLS).  What does the MLS have to do in order to shed the pereception of an average professional league?  Can the MLS every compete with the international leagues?  LIsten to what the guys have to say about this? Fasten your seat belts and put your foot on the gas - lets start talking some MLS.

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    Robbie Rogers triumphs; Michael's Sam's historic kiss

    in LGBT

    Almost two years ago, Robbie Rogers came out openly as gay and thought his pro soccer career was over. So it was exciting and memorable and historic when he stood on the field in Los Angeles celebrating a championship in Major League Soccer. We look at Rogers' remarkable transformation.

    Was Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on national TV during the 2014 NFL Draft the sports image of the year? ESPN.com is asking the question and we're answering.

    Finally, is how gay-friendly a university might be a good reason for root for their football team in the college bowl playoffs. We look at the LGBT rankings of Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama and Florida State.

  • Champions league is now in the Round of 16, who are the favorites to advance?

    in Sports

    In this episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec welcome guest host Kevin Cunningham, to the show.  Tonight we will talk about the Champions League, and the round of 16.  What surprises came up on Match Day 6?  Who is your early favorite?

    The round of 16 consists of two legs.  Each team will play home and away, if the teams draw or split, then the aggregrate goals will determine who advnaces to the next round.  We will discuss all the matchups, and how important it was to get the home game, first.

    We will also give our predictions live on the air, so listen in and call the show, with your thoughts.

  • English Defence League Radio ~ All Quiet on the Jihad Front

    in Politics Conservative

    Jihad groups are largely mum on the CIA torture report. Prominent Islamic extremist groups are so far not reacting to the Senate Democrats’ explosive report on CIA interrogation of al Qaeda operatives, leaving responses to a smattering of their jihadi supporters on social media.

    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with your Host, Geoff Mitchell.


    Listen to the shows at Blog Talk Radio in archive at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-english-defence-league-show and iTune Pod-cast.  

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke



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    The Baltimore Soccer Report: Indoor Edition

    in Sports

    Join Phillip, Ryan, and the Baltimore Soccer Report Crew as they talk all things MASL soccer with a specific focus on the Baltimore Blast.This week the guys will talk about how the Blast went 2-0 over a very strong Milwaukee Wave team. They will also preview the Blast's upcoming game against the Syracuse SilverKnight this weekend.

    In addition we will also air our post game interview with Pat Healey from this weekend as well.

    This will be the last live show before the Christmas break so be sure to tune in and call in with any questions or comments!! 

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    Wrestling's Week That Was

    in Wrestling

    Every Saturday Afternoon @ 3PM EASTERN, Pro-Wrestling Powerhouse Editors Joel O'Brien and Eron Ramadanov take to the PWP Radio airwaves to provide their two cents on all the major news, shows and matches coming out of the "Week That Was"!

    Everything and anything relevant in the last 7 days of pro-wrestling is up for analysis, dissection and discussion including:

    -   The top news headlines of the week, powered by Cool Wrestling News.com

    -  The RAW RUNDOWN




    - Plus SO MUCH MORE!

    If you love your pro-wrestling and need to catch up on everything you missed, join Joel and Eron exclusively on Pro Wrestling Powerhouse Radio for "Wrestling's Week That Was"!

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    SXF Radio Show #2

    in Football

    Your second radio show featuring your host Mile High Champ and a live interview with Commmish Diego. Hear from your supreme leader and get to know the generous man behind the best sim Madden league on X1.

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