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  • Sept. 3, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Light Workers with Ty Majestic

    in Paranormal

    From Ty Majestic's website: www.lightwerkerz.com

    We are here.
    We come from all different races and walks of life.
    We are 7-million in number.
    We are here to teach through love and light, as well as common sense.
    We are in the world, but not of it.
    We are aware that the human mind has been trapped by the spell of sleep. 
    We have a mission to free the human mind through light information.
    We receive this information from the star family.
    We work on behalf of our universal creator.
    We are not a religion or a cult.

    Lightwerk comes from within, it is what we do.

    I was born on Earth Day, April 22. I was assigned to this Earth to help you remember the powers that lay dormant within you: psychic ability, clairvoyance, and healing. I was given information by the star people, beings called the Zendarians- those who know. My mission is to connect the dots, marrying the past to the present, and into future times. We lightwerkers are not perfect,  we are all a work in progress.  We are not "know-it-alls", but teachers and students of life.  We teach through love and light and common sense.

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    Majestic Aquarium Hour - Nautilus Files

    in Education

    On Wednesday September 3rd at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, please join Ken McKeighen as we welcome Greg Barord to the Under The Sea Radio Show as we launch a new monthly program on Majestic Aquarium Hour called the Nautilus Hour. This new program will focus on education and conservation efforts for these amazing deep sea animals. Check out Gregs Facebook page and also his youtube channel. 




  • 01:07

    The 411 Lounge w/ Levar Evans (Guest: Mandy Majestic)

    in Entertainment

    A one-on-one conversation with adult star Mandy Majestic. We will discuss her start in the industry, her brief time away and her return.  We will also discuss her latest projects and her views on the growthpopularity of BBW's in adult entertainment. 

  • 01:17

    UFO News and Majestic 12 Investigation

    in Paranormal

    In this episode, Jason and Alejandro cover the latest UFO news, including a remarkable video allegedly captured by Homeland Security of a UFO in Puerto Rico. We then play the audio from a recent YouTube video we posted on the investigation of the origins of the Majestic 12 documents, and the elaborate disinformation story they are related to.

    To view the YouTube video visit: http://www.openminds.tv/majestic-12-ufo-disinformation-scandal-video/28049

    To read more and see the sources for the story visit: http://www.openminds.tv/open-letter-u-s-air-force-allegations-ufo-disinformation/27071

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    The Majestic Glow of " Javen "

    in Lifestyle

    Join Apostle Natalie Young as she host  The Majestic Glow of  " JAVEN "  Javen's dynamic talents of Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Speaker, Producer and Leader of this generation. With more than 10 years in the industry he radiates a stately, sovereign yet regal presence that radiates the majestic glow of God. Find Javen at:  









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    Majestic Aquarium Hour - ClownFish

    in Pets

    On Wednesday January 22nd at 9:00pm est,8:00 cst and 6:00pm pst, Majestic Aquarium Hour host Frank Aguirre will be diswcussing those beautiful,amazing ClownFish. A personal favorite of many aquarists let's learn more about how to have happy and healthy Clownfish.





  • 00:44

    Mid-Day Supplication Intercessory Prayer & Word

    in Lifestyle

    Join us on the broadcast for intercessory rayer and to hear a word from the Lord. Tune in and be blessed GOD.

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    Majestic Aquarium Hour - Wilson Choi

    in Pets

    On Wednesday February 26th at 9pm est,8pm cst and 6pm pst, Frank Aguirre will welcome back Wilson Choi to continue their discussion on Majestic Aquarium Hour.

    Wet Thumb Aquatic Creations was created in 2002 by Wilson Choi. Wet Thumb operates primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, including Woodbridge, Oakville, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa/Whitby and of course, all areas within the GTA.

    For recent updates concerning Wet Thumb and the industry in general, please visit our blog!

    Wilson Choi

    With a background in Chemical Engineering and Chemical & Biological Sciences, Wilson has been working in the aquarium industry for over 20 years. With a well rounded experience in the trade, his technical knowledge and know-how in the aquarium trade is well known and well respected



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    in Sports

    The Summer of 1984 was an eventful 3 months for new Commissioner David Stern and the NBA; on the heels of an epic 7-game Finals slugfest between Larry Bird’s World Champion Boston Celtics and Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers, the first of 3 heavyweight bouts in the Decade, the NBA Draft was held in New York City; the Draft would introduce fans to 4 future Hall of Famers who would each write their own chapter in the NBA’s History Books. There was Forward Charles Barkley of Auburn, the rowdy, raucous “Round Mound of Rebound”, his polar opposite, little-known Guard John Stockton of Gonzaga, the majestic Nigerian Center and Number One pick  Akeem “The Dream” Olajuwon from the University of Houston, and the electric (Cue Chicago Bulls Public Address Announcer …”6 foot 6 Guard from North KAR-O-LINA!”)…Michael Jeffrey Jordan. These next-level players would secure the NBA’s rapidly growing stature as the Sport of the Future, with Bird and Magic now at the peak of their powers.  Jordan, Georgetown Center Patrick Ewing and 10 of College Basketball’s best would represent USA Basketball in the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, led by iconic and infamous Coach Bobby Knight of Indiana University. Knight, known lovingly as a “Raving Maniac” by his players brought his no-nonsense, drill-sergeant mentality to the USA program and molded yet another Gold Medal Winner. The agony and ecstacy of the Draft process, with its Franchise-changing consequences were never more evident than the summer of ’84.

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    Master Hypnotist will do group hypnosis to release you from stress

    in Spirituality

    Jo-Anne is a Board Certified Master Consulting Hypnotist, an (NGH) National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and the Founder and Director of the Canadian Hypnosis Conference (Annually in October) and the Alien Cosmic Expo (Annually in June).

    She is an author of her own Hypnosis weight manual called “Exhale Weight” which is used in conjunction with The Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) with Hypnosis. The VGB takes care of the physical aspects of Weight Release and Exhale Weight takes care of the Emotional Components of Weight gain and release. She can utilize hypnosis to release you from any harmful or dysfunctional behavior

    Married 50 years in November, Jo-Anne and Brian have five children and nine grandchildren.  They live on a 50 acre horse farm that Jo-Anne calls her “Slice of Heaven.  So peaceful and so majestic. 

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    Zierler ... Progressive Metal from Denmark

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes from Denmark, Finn Zierler of multinational progressive metal powerhouse Zierler, to the Show!


    His first new album in nearly a decade, ZIERLER's long awaited debut, simply titled ESC, is Finn's most mature as well as his most daring musical work to date.  Drawing from a wide array of influences that bring to mind everything from the unabashed pomp of Queen and the madness of Devin Townsend, to the virtuosity of Dream Theater and the eclectic stylings of Danny Elfman, Finn and company masterfully walk the fine line between genius and insanity, combining a powerful, multi-layered progressive metal foundation with an often dark, majestic orchestral feel. A musical as well as a personal tour-de-force that took the better part of two years to finally complete.

    Media Inquiries:
    Head First Entertainment