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    Burden of Proof Pt II : Media & the Emergence of Maitreya

    in Spirituality

    Independent journalist Xan Phillips returns to talk about the most dramatic media events related to the Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. From Maitreya's spontaneous appearance before a crowd of 6,000 in Nairobi in 1988 to the mysterious 'woman in white' at the 2011 Bilderberg conference. What would happen if couragous media leaders connected the dots between these events and numerous unexplained phenomena like the Norway Spiral, crop circles and UFO activity in the skies and in the ocean?  Hosted by Cielito Pascual. http://shareintl.org

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    La présence de Maitreya et des Maîtres de Sagesse

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    Toutes les grandes religions avancent le principe d'une nouvelle révélation qui doit être transmise par un futur Instructeur. Les chrétiens espèrent le retour du Christ, les bouddhistes celui d'un autre Bouddha, alors que les musulmans attendent l'Imam Mahdi, les hindous une réincarnation de Krishna et les juifs le Messie.
    Les étudiants de la tradition ésotérique savent tous qu'il s'agit là des différents noms donnés à un même être, le Seigneur Maitreya, l'Instructeur du monde, le chef de la Hiérarchie Spirituelle des Maîtres, et ils attendent son retour imminent.
    En cette époque charnière, les Maîtres de Sagesse sont prêts à conseiller les hommes et à faciliter leur entrée dans une nouvelle ère, où l'être humain connaîtra un accomplissement sans précédent. Le plus grand d'entre eux, connu sous le nom de Maitreya ou de l'Instructeur mondial, se fera bientôt connaître ouvertement. De nombreux signes confirment l'imminence de cet événement.


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    in Religion

    According to Buddhist tradition, Maitreya is a bodhisattva who will appear on Earth in the future, achieve complete enlightenment, and teach the pure dharma. According to scriptures, Maitreya will be a successor to the present Buddha, Gautama Buddha (also known as Sakyamuni Buddha).The prophecy of the arrival of Maitreya refers to a time in the future when the dharma will have been forgotten by most on the terrestrial world. This prophecy is found in the canonical literature of all major schools of Buddhism. Maitreya has also been adopted for his millenarian role by many non-Buddhist religions in the past such as the White Lotus as well as by modern new religious movements such as Yiguandao.

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    Mitchell Rabin Interviews the Buddha Maitreya the Christ

    in Lifestyle

    Wednesday, May 6, 6pm EDT:Mitchell’s guest this evening, for the second time, is Buddha Maitreya the Christ, said to be the American-born reincarnation of the Avatar. Born in Oregon in 1951, he was enthroned and given ceremonies of recognition within all the major Tibetan Buddhist lineages.  The process of his recognition began when he was 9 years old.

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    une in to hear what will be one of the first broadcasts made by Buddha Maitreya on the public airwaves as he speaks with Mitchell about what the world needs now to heal and transform into humanity’s next level of its evolution. This is an extraordinary opportunity for a powerful dharma teaching in simple, straightforward language.

    Latest is for the Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese adversely affected by the recent earthquake, the most major there in 80 years.

    For Mitchell’s interview with Buddha Maitreya the Christ last year on Wesak, click here.

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    The Malliard Report hosted by Jim Malliard has joined Take 2 Radio as a special host to talk about all things paranormal and more! Listen to his shows every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 7pm EST. 

    Many now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, whether they call him the Christ, the Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, or the Imam Mahdi. Millions now know that the one who fulfils all these expectations, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is already living among us and is gradually emerging into full public recognition.

    Maitreya is the Teacher for all humanity – those of all spiritual traditions, and those who follow no particular faith. He does not come as a religious leader, but as an educator in the broadest sense.

    Maitreya has not come alone, but with a group of wise men, the Masters of Wisdom, who have long worked from behind the scenes as the inspirers, teachers and guides of humanity. They are returning to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems.

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    The Appearance Portal (020315) TBS The Rise of Maitreya

    in Christianity

    going where no one has gone before...

    Augusto's interview with Georgeann Hughes of The Byte Show






  • Transmission Meditation On The Air – Full Moon, 29 July 2015

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live”
    For a Special Full Moon
    “Transmission Meditation On The Air”
    with a Special Message by Maitreya Budda

    Wednesday, 29 July 2015
    From 7 - 9pm AZT
    This is a Spiritual Image Production’s Event

    Join Andrew Aloha, Myself & I for a Special Full Moon “Transmission Meditation on the Air” as we connect via telepathy with & to Benjamin Crème’s group in London, England. In the meantime we will also have a Message from Maitreya Buddha.......:)

    For more info on Transmission Meditation go to: http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/TransmissionMeditation

    Download a “FREE” copy of Transmission Meditation online @ http://www.share-international.org/books/PDFs/BCreme_TransmissionAMeditationForTheNewAge_Jun06.pdf

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ http://www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For More Visit Us @ http://www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ http://www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    The Anti-Christ Maitreya and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

    in Education

    Maitreya or Lord Maitreya is described in Theosophical literature of the late 19th-century and subsequent periods as an advanced spiritual entity and high-ranking member of a hidden Spiritual Hierarchy, the so-called Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. According to Theosophical doctrine, one of the Hierarchy's functions is to oversee the evolution of humankind; in accord with this function the Maitreya is said to hold the so-called Office of the World Teacher. Theosophical texts posit that the purpose of this Office is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge about the true constitution and workings of Existence to humankind. Humanity is thereby assisted on its presumed cyclical, but ever progressive, evolutionary path. Reputedly, one way the knowledge transfer is accomplished is by Maitreya occasionally manifesting or incarnating in the physical realm; the manifested entity then assumes the role of World Teacher of Humankind. 

    Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) believed the Returned Buddha, the Maitreya, is linked to the Return of Jesus and the other ascendant masters. Blavatsky talked of a so-called Christ Principle, which in her view corresponds to the spiritual essence of every human being.

    Benjamin Creme (b. 1922), founder of Share International (doctrines similar to Theosophy) is a promoter of the Maitreya. In 1975 Creme claimed to have started to telepathically channel Maitreya.  Maitreya allegedly communicated to him that he had decided to return to Earth earlier than 2025.  Creme eventually announced that Maitreya materialized a physical body for himself in early 1977 in the Himalayas and then moved to London.  Creme has made a number of extraordinary statements and predictions based on telepathic messages from the Maitreya that have failed to come true.

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    Artist, composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur and Post Millennium Rocker. SANANDA MAITREYAwas born in New York U.S.A. on March 15th 1962. He plays the basic instruments of Rock: drums, bass, guitar and keyboards; as well as a few others instruments besides and he can never remember a time when music wasn't playing in his head. From the beginning of his professional career he has personally written arranged and produced all his music and has also collaborated with other top artists and producers.

    In 1987 his debut album “Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby”, gives him International success. Sananda wins a Grammy Award in 1988 as Best R&B Vocal Performance, Male. In June 1988 he is on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and he is nominated “Top International Newcomer” at the British Awards. After his first album, he publishes 3 important studio albums: “Neither Fish Nor Flesh” in 1989, “Symphony or Damn” in 1993 and “Vibrator” in 1995.



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    in Religion

    A powerful ruler led by Satan and referred to as the Antichrist will rise to power ... God (Greys) will be pouring out his wrath upon the earth and mankind, unlike anything that has ever taken place. It will be a time of terrible persecution and suffering ... At the end of the Great War, Lord Maitreya will come in great glory and power to defeat the forces of Satan at the battle of  Armegeddon.  Some believe the Apocalypse will occur at the very beginning of the war, others believe it will happen during the war, and still others believe it will happen at the end. After the final battle at Armegeddon, The Maitreya will return marking the beginning of the Millennium, or one thousand years of earthly paradise with the Lord.

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    Maitreya McClendon Wexler -Avatrix of the Universal Goddess

    in Radio

    On Thursday August 28th, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. the Hermetic Hour with host
    Poke Runyon will present an interview with one of the New Age's most
    enchanting and inspiring spiritual personalities Maitreya McClendon
    Wexler. Maitreya was a famous model on the fashion scene, cover girl and
    glamorous diva who married a man of great power and influence in the
    entertainment industry. With the resources to support her world-wide
    quest for spiritual truth from a feminist perspective she traveled from
    the Far East to the Amazon seeking the wisdom of the masters to support
    her vision of the Divine Feminine -- not the feminine of the anti-female
    feminists here at home, but the true power and beauty of the Eternal
    Female archetype. Those of us involved with Feraferia can easily
    understand this and will relate to Maitreya's vision of the Goddess. She
    has collected a marvelous film record of her spiritual adventures which
    we can view, and has written and published several books on her vision.
    She has established resource centers where like-minded and hearted souls
    can come together to study and meditate with her. So, if you would like
    to meet her and share an hour with her discussing her experiences and
    her offerings to us, tune in and be enchanted.