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    Frustration to Fulfillment-Manifestion Consultant Chris Lee

    in Self Help

    Chris Lee, the author of “From Frustration to Fulfillment”, has a passion for helping people to identify and successfully manage the self-imposed limitations that hold us back from pursuing and achieving our dreams, goals and ambitions.
    Chris wrote “From Frustration to Fulfillment” to help anyone that has ever faced a seemingly hopeless situation. The book started as a diary to help him cope with his brain injury. He found the writings to be a vital part of the healing process and thus decided to share his story with the world.
    Using warmth and humor to help people to ‘open the doors of change’, Chris is a dynamic speaker and energetic workshop facilitator.  Chris has put his unique skill set to use helping numerous people throughout the United States and Canada. He combines the Law of Attraction and the philosophy of energy medicine to offer a very unique and powerful experience for those that attend his various workshop and coaching sessions.
    Chris is a Specs Howard School of Media Arts graduate that currently holds certifications as a 365-Degree Manifestation Consultant, Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Certified Natural Health Professional and Body Talk™ Access technician.
    Chris loves spending time with family including his son, daughter and granddaughter.  He loves fine food, baseball and is a music enthusiast. He can occasionally be spotted around town enjoying live jazz.

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    Manifestation Monday

    in Religion

    Please join Bishop Dr. Shirley Holloway as she welcomes special guest host Minister-Elect LamontDaniels and Minister-Elect Donna Dickey of Kingdom Word and Worship Centers each and every Monday for Manifestation Mondays. DE's Lamont and Donna will share with the listening audience their trials, test and how they were able to overcome through relying on and believing in the word of GOD. This is one episode you dont want to miss. So tune in each and every Monday....You will be blessed!

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