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    Without Replenishing magnesium in the body--you DIE.

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    Of course, the highest concentrations of magnesium in the body are found in the heart and brain, so it’s little wonder that magnesium depletion leads to problems in these two vital organs. Perhaps you take good care of yourself, and scoff at the idea that you — or your loved ones — could be deficient in magnesium.  The majority of people in our country do suffer, usually unknowingly, from magnesium deficiency; the best way to tell if you are deficient is by paying attention to symptoms. Insomnia is a symptom of magnesium deficiency. It is also commonly caused by hypoglycemia. Tics, muscle spasms and cramps, seizures, anxiety, and irregular heart rhythms are among the most classic signs and symptoms of low magnesium.

    Many of the symptoms of low magnesium are not unique to magnesium deficiency, making it difficult to diagnose with 100% accuracy. Thus quite often low magnesium levels go completely unrecognized… and untreated. Yet chronic low intake of magnesium is not only extremely common but linked to several disease states, indicating the importance of considering both overt physical symptoms and the presence of other diseases and conditions when considering magnesium status. 

    Tune in Wednesday at 7:PM est for mone.


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    The Magnesium Miracle with Dr. Carolyn Dean

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    For over 25 years Carolyn Dean, MD, ND. has been inspiring and motivating people to be their healthy best!  She is a health expert who is one of the first health professionals to see coming obesity, diabetes and chronic health issues epidemic in the U.S.   As a result of modern farming methods she saw the depletion of vital nutrients and minerals from our soils and foods as a root cause of America's Health problems with over 75% of Americans not getting their RDA  of the vital nutrient magnesium.

    Dr. Dean will be sharing her vast knowledge on the health benefits of magnesium among other value topics interelated.  Join the show where she will provide a Free Booklet to all listeners as well a plethora of knoweldge to improve your health!

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    Heart Disease and Magnesium with Dr. Dennis Goodman

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    Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States; are you in that number a statistic waiting to happen?  Is seeing your doctor when you have symptoms that make you uncomfortable or impinge on your quality of life your type of healthcare and prevention?  Prevention does not begin with just medical testing and treatment does not wait until you hit the floor and can't get up.  While medical testing and drugs can help you with significant heart medical conditions, are you contributing to the degree of illness by not reporting, recognizing and remediating nutritional deficiences in your body.  To this date, many physicians are not even aware of the effects of magnesium in the body, nor how to test or recommend increased intake to help the body function at an optimal level.  Do you know about magnesium?

    My guest today is world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Dennis Goodman who is the author of Magnificent Magnesium which discusses your heart health and the use of magnesium.  If you knew of something that was simple to take, could help you avoid heart attack potential, and reduce blood pressure, would you want to know more about it?  Why don't you?  Dr. Goodman is the expert on heart and magnesium and he will be providing tips on testing, intake, types of magnesium and why this is a number one health prevention tool that is overlooked by the medical community.

    Dr. Goodman's book can be purchased here and this is his website.

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    Take Charge of Your Health with Dr. Mary Ann Block - Magnesium

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    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to be YOUR wise advisor. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, gain influence, and be heard. Every show, we are commited to bringing you new ideas and suggest new ways of thinking to give you opportunities to change your thinking and change your life. You CAN live the life you've imagined!

    Check us out at www.PlaidforWomen.com.

    Today's Guest is Dr. Mary Ann Block from The Block Center. We're going to be talking about MAGNESIUM and nutritional supplementation. Is is necessary? Why do we need to do it? What ar the signs and symptoms of too little magnewium?

    Join us to hear her thoughts on these and other questions.

    Check us out at www.PlaidforWomen.com.


    The Block Center (http://www.BlockCenter.com)

    1750 Norwood Drive?Hurst, TX 76054??

    Phone: (817) 280-9933

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    Importance of Magnesium Sulfate for Healthy Living

    in Health

    Host Dana Laake and her special guests Warren Chambers and Dr. Arthur J. Sumrall, MD, will be discussing the importance of magnesium sulfate for healthy living.

    Over the past 30 years, Warren Chambers has formulated several personal care products that have gained prominence in the industries of Professional Sports Medicine and Health & Beauty. Dr. Sumrall is the founder of the Longevity Institute of Indiana and primarily practices in dermatology and wellness medicine. Warren Chambers and Dr. Sumrall co-developed Magsoothium – a magnesium sulfate-based formulation, which comes in the form of a cream, spray or crystals, and helps to soothe aching muscles, rejuvenate damaged skin and promote general wellness.

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    This Week's Guest is Renowned Alternative Health Voice Dr. Carolyn Dean

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    World renowned alternative health voice Dr. Carolyn Dean joins us on December 17th during the second hour of The Best Years in Life Radio Show. Dr. Dean, who literally wrote the book on magnesium and authored the best seller "Death by Modern Medicine", is a great friend of The Best Years in Life.  The topic of duscussion will be her book "Death by Modern Medicine."

    During the first half hour Tony will go over additions to our website and will discuss the health topic of his choice.

    During the second half hour, Luella will talk about life triggers that may lead to depression.

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    Dr Carolyn Dean on Magnesium and Your Child's Health

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    Dr. Carolyn Dean is my guest today speaking about your child's health.  Do you know what a magnesium deficiency looks like?  What are the symptoms?  What is the treatment?  Why is this so important?  Dr. Dean will explain about how the body needs magnesium to perform almost all of the body's physiological functions.  Many children are presenting with chronic illness, obesity, diabetes, anxiety and attention issues that perhaps, a magnesium deficiency may contribute to the whole picture. 
    Dr. Dean, MD, ND has written many children health books over her career.  She looks at the child as being affected by the environment, diet and disease which in past decades, has not been seen in the very young.  If your child is having issues that you just can't seem to get a hold on, perhaps magnesium may help?  Check out her free download book to read about magnesium.

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    Bhyy-Magnesium Deficiency ft Sister Asyah

    in Culture

    What is Magnesium? How does it affect our bodies? Why does half of all people not know what this is? How does the lack of Magnesium affect us? In what way can our exercise routine actually have negative effects without this one chemical element? Join us with Guest Speaker Sister Asyah on Magnesium Deficiency, you don't want to miss this one! This is a live call in show: 347-633-9606

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    Nishi Health System- Osamu Murata, 87 years old shares his story about his

    in Real Estate

    Nishi Health System- Osamu Murata, 87 years old shares his story about using the Nishi system created by

    Katsuzo Nishi, whom Osamu and his Mother knew. Osamu's Mother lived to be 100 years old in excellent

    health. Osamu does not take any medicine and is extremely active daily. These techniques are FREE and can

    be implimented into your lifestyle easily. We want to share during our holiday season as a special treat. Osamu

    was an active real estate broker for over 50 years in Hawaii and still maintains a license. He translated Japanese for our

    military after World War ll and is such an amazing person!!!!!!!!

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    HEALTH MEDIA NOW-Dr. Carolyn Dean-Magnesium Depletion--The Root Cause of Disease

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    Enjoy our weekly Wednesday 4:00 p.m. PST radio program hosted by award-winning author, Denise Messenger where experts give fascinating tips and advice to inspire and motivate.  Our guest today is Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND who inspires and motivates people to be their healthy best!  Our topic is of upmost importance and rarely do we address how "magnesium", which is a mineral, when depleted in our body, can cause a multitude of health issues.  Hear about the early warning signals that your body gives when you need more of this vital mineral!  We want you to reach your full potential for good health and happiness.  Achieve a lifetime of benefits through what you know! You asked for it and we deliver!

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    The Helios Biblios Hour The Book of the Sun /Periodic Table of Elements

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    On the first day of creation, the Spirit of God hovers over the waters (Genesis 1:2). Hydrogen, the first element of the first period, mimics that motion. Hydrogen has one electron that it shares with other elements, so it is placed in the first group, but it also can share electrons like a carbon atom or take them like chlorine. With these many characteristics, hydrogen can be placed in three groups at once, just as the Trinity is three persons in one, and is said to be in periodic motion, hovering over the Periodic Table as the Spirit of God hovered over the waters.

    God also created light on the first day (Genesis 1:3). In the first group of the Periodic Table is the element sodium. When sodium and water react, light is emitted. Our oceans are full of salt water, a mixture of sodium and water, so God could have used this reaction with the sodium He made to create light and the salt-water oceans of our earth.

    The second day of creation, God separated the waters above from the waters below (Gen. 1:6). Between group 2a and group 3a and in the middle of the second period, there is a large gap between the elements. This large gap mirrors the second day’s great division.

    God created the first life on earth, plants, on the third day (Gen. 1: 11). In the next group, group 4a, sits carbon, the molecule necessary for all life. Also, in the third period is the element magnesium, which is the central element of chlorophyll. Therefore, in “day three” of the Periodic Table, God created every thing necessary for making plants.

    On the fourth day, “God said, ‘Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night,” so He made the sun, moon, and stars (Gen. 1:14). The group for the fourth day, group 5a, contains phosphorus, an element that gives off light in the same fashion as the lights God created.God created the birds of the air and the fish of the sea on the fifth day (Gen)

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