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    Talk With A Pullman

    in Hobbies

    This edition of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation Let's Talk Trains we discover what a modern day Pullman does, why they do it. We find out about the perks and the challenges of being a modern day Pullman. 

    Join us in the chat room at: www.letstalktrains.com. 

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    Let's Do Lunch! with Bill Pullman - 5th Anniversary Show

    in Entertainment

    Bill Pullman joins host Robin Milling celebrating the 5th Anniversary show of Let's Do Lunch! at Urbo in the heart of Times Square. Just a couple of blocks west, Bill is starring in The New Group's Sticks and Bones at The Pershing Square Signature Center Theater. The play by David Rabe focuses on the devastating toll war can take on a family, and how they deal with their son returning home from the war.

    Bill tells Robin of his affinity to the military and the intensity of the play, sharing a dressing room with co-star Richard Chamberlain, and his affection for the rest of the cast featuring Holly Hunter, Ben Schnetzer, Raviv Ullman, Nadia Gan and Morocco Omari.

    The conversation with Bill is always delightful, as we discussed everything from his musical family, his adventures in Norway as he's on his way to star in Othello, with his friend and director Stein Winge, his next bow on Broadway, and of course the sequel to Independence Day.

    Lunch at Urbo (named for Urban Bohemian), a two-story restaurant featuring an eclectic menu and warm dining with open kitchens was a delicious Chef's Sushi Platter, Autumn Vegetable Bisque and Goat Cheese Ravioli. Urbo not only offers delicious cuisine, but is a great space for events, featuring live music upstairs. Visit http://urbonyc.com


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    Saving Our Past -- Preserving Historic Railroad Sites

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    This week, on the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's The Let's Talk Trains Show, we will be talking about railroad preservation. George Li will be joining us to talk about preserving the Northern Pacific Railroad's Cheney, Wash. depot, with the "Save Our Station - Cheney Depot" project that is getting local and national attention.

    Later, we will have Michael Shymanski, President of the Historic Pullman Foundation, join us to tell us about the great honor to have the President of the United States present to establish the Pullman Historic District as part of the National Park System.

    Be sure to join us!!!

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    Assistant Bar Manager of the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower Rebecca Tillet

    in Travel

    Rebecca Tillet, assistant bar manager and wine lover, talks about what led her to the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower and the process behind creating red and white wines.

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    The Adawg & Cdawg show

    in Health

     Adawg and Cdawg they will be decusing youth related issues leadership there experance in brain injury challenges and how to help provent any worst axidents if you or some one else having a seizer and many leadership options and how to make your voice be heard they will also be explaining how to help other people as you have helped your self and also how to have a good time doing the right thing in the groups you are a part of and might even tell you how to market your groups to make them bigger and better and more funner while you do your meetings and they will be having a geast speaker her name is Donna J lowary she is the executive cordinater of people first of washington and she will be talk about what she dos and what the organization she works for is about.

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    Live Interview with Tamisha Torres and Gonzalo Rucobo

    in Politics

    Richmond,CA Natives and cousins,Tamisha Torres and Gonzalo Rucobo will discuss the current crisis and events going on in the city..When you envision a place like Richmond,CA Most folk envision blight,death,damnation and despair.From 2004-2014.During this time the city experienced a bloody war entitled a"Confused War" 428 deaths betweenwarring factions throughout the city's confine that left several 1000s of residents wounded.Most folk blame this carnage on a car accident(circa 1989) while many others blame it on self hatred,Neither the case this destruction has separated many families,love ones,and friends.I have yet to meet anyone who has a last name,North,Central,South,Parchester,Pullman,Nevin,,Cresent,Manor,Easterhill,Pennsylvania,Gertrude,Dubioce or York.It's very hard to imagine killing anyone over a territory or block that nobody has become the heir to.Last year the city experienced it's lowest death rate in 33 years with 16 murders.Some credit the works of the Community service providers,While others say it's the work of the systemic order in terms of tougher gun laws and sentencing.That within itself still has Richmond(number 7) on the top 10 list as the most deadliest city in the Nation.What happens when young boys never cry?What happens with all that pent up aggressiveness?

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    "Love Is In The Air"

    in Movies

    We've decided to look at the lighter side of life, and delve into the world of "Romantic Comedies". Listen as the Movie Maven Karen Dee, Must See Movies Larry Domkowski, and The Reel Movie Guy, Greg Morgan, take a closer look at this delightful genre in film. Three films, three critics (...and maybe a guest or two).

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    Orange Empire Railroad Museum Segment 2

    in Travel

    This is the second segment segments that I did Saturday Oct 25 2014 at the Museum 

    My tour Guide was Norman M. Buchanan one of the Docents who led me about and answered all my silly questions. WE prerecorded this show but soon realized that my voice recorder kept getting turned off has I was walking around  so I decided to present the show in segments  and hopefully add some commentary before each segment  and then let the recording speak for itself 

    I must admit Mr. Buchanan is a much better tour guide then I am a note taker and or photographer so if some of my pictures do not fit this segment then it is my fault, but much better pictures are on the museum's website. Some of the pictures on this show are mine, the really good ones belong to the Museum

    In this segment We covered the Steam crew with either Jeff and or Bill, then on to the US Mail Car, Then onto to the Pullman car, (with a Plug for the Amtrak Texas Eagle), The “Water for Elephants” Stock car

    One of my favorite side stories is the Business Car and deals that went on it. 

    The working Steam Engine that never retired, US Naval Weapons station Seal Beach California Box cars, I can never get that far away from US  Navy Haze Gray

    Grizzly Flats and Ward Kimball who was one of Walt Disney’s 9 old men who started Disneyland

    Chloe the engine and the sugar cane train story

    THANK YOU Mr. Buchanan and the entire staff at the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris CA. 


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    Live the Day, a Washington State Cougar Football Podcast

    in Football

    We begin this week's episode not coming off the high of upsetting a red hot Arizona Wildcats, but pointing the fingers at anything tangible in the wake of a 59-37 beatdown on Dad's weekend in Pullman. This wasn't how the season was supposed to play out most Cougar fans would say, but one where the program would take the next step after gaining bowl eligiblity. Unfortunately it has played out this way, and now coaches seats are red hot, and the program is under a microscope. But is this a coaching issue or a talent issue? Mike Leach is being paid $2.7mm a year to win games. You can excuse his 3-9 rookie campaign for being in a position with lesser talent, but now Coach Leach's record is 8-12 since. His offense has been fantastic, but his defense and special teams is one of the worst in the nation. We'll ask whether sccountability is in need, or is this a matter of inexperience rearing it's ugly head?

    We'll also recap last week's debacle, and get you set up for this Saturday's matchup in Pullman vs the USC Trojans at 1:30pm on the Pac-12 Network. 

    Phone lines are open tonight for all your questions and comments at (714) 816-4704, or you can hit me up on Twitter @InsiderSteve.

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    Live the Day; A Washington State Cougar Podcast

    in Football

    Good Evening, and welcome to the first ever episode on Live the Day; A washington State Cougar Podcast. It's Dad's weekend in Pullman, and on tonight's episode we'll dive right into this week's action as the Washington State Cougars will play host to the Arizona Wildacats.

    The Cougars come into this game with a multitude of questions that need to be answered. As we've seen thus far in the season, the Cougs are far from playing as a complete team. The Wildcats come into the game as one of the hottest teams in the Pac-12 averaging 574 total yards per game, only second to the Cougars. How will the Cougs contain Ano Solomon, and the Hig powered Arizona offense? We'll let you know.

    Phone lines are wide open tonight, and you can also hit Steve up on Twitter @InsiderSteve. We'll See you at 7pm on Live the Day! #WavetheFlag #GoCougs

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    Executive Chef of Frame Restaurant Andrew Wigger

    in Travel

    Andrew Wigger, executive chef of Frame restaurant, digs into the California influences at the Hotel Pullman Paris Eiffel Tower’s restaurant and how their garden makes them farm-to-table. Then he talks about the surprise on the roof (bees!), and how they use the honey in the restaurant and as gifts.