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    Dina Proctor; Madly Chasing Peace

    in Motivation

    Dina Proctor is a mind-body connection coach, engaging speaker and author of the best-selling book; Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. Dina has taken her journey from hitting an emotional rock bottom through struggling with addictions, food issues and depression, to having now found a consistent happiness little known to most people and turned it into a simple, practical method for others to change their own lives. Quite by accident she discovered what she calls 3 x3 Meditation, 3 minutes, 3 times a day, which has been the catalyst for her own and now her clients' transformation. From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this easy and yet incredibly effective method has caught the attention and support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton, PhD, among others, and the media. Dina's raw and real ability to share herself and her story so openly, along with the power of her 3 x 3's, has enabled countless others to begin on the path to wellness in their own lives. You can follow Dina on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Madly Chasing Peace with Dina Proctor - True Stories

    in Self Help

    From Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day - Join me for my interview with Dina Proctor, creator of the 3 x 3 Meditation. Learn how this highly effective technique can help you along your journey. 

    Dina Proctor is a life and business coach, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. After hitting emotional rock-bottom, she -quite unintentionally!- created a process called 3x3 Meditation (3 minutes, 3 times a day) that enabled her to transform every aspect of her life. From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this simple and yet incredibly effective method has gained the support of Jack Canfield and Dr. Bruce Lipton, and is now helping thousands of others around the world improve their lives. 

    Dina Proctor's website: www.madlychasingpeace.com 


    Career Coach Marti Murphy knows firsthand the emotional roller coaster that comes with making a profound life change and the identity issues that can surface. As a Certified EFT Practitioner and Certified Abundance Coach  Marti is highly skilled at identitfying the limiting beliefs blocking you and freeing them so you can create a success outcome and live your passion. Marti would love to hear from you. Call her at 505-220-0295 if you would like more information about her coaching programs. If you’re ready to Take the Big Leap and Leave the Job You Hate for the Work You Love, Marti has a FREE gift for you.

    To claim yours, simply visit: http://tappingreallyworks.com/resources/videos/take-the-big-leap/

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    Body Wisdom & Confidence

    in Self Help

    9 years ago my guest today, Darlene Downing, was living the American Dream and it looked like she had it all—thin, attractive, financial security, a beautiful family and home—but she was literally dying on the inside. Deeply unhappy and feeling trapped by the façade of perfection she had created, she wondered if living in a body was really supposed to be this hard.

    She began her courageous quest to seek answers for what happiness in a body (and life) felt like for her and ultimately discovered how she could take back her power and reclaim her peace by trusting and working in partnership with her unique body.

    Darlene is a Body Wisdom Mentor and Coach to passionate, mission-driven women who want to create a body that powerfully serves them in their business and life. She loves helping women create the body confidence, radiance and vitality that deeply supports them in their sacred service while guiding them back to the joy and pleasure of embodiment.

    Learn more and meet her at www.spiritsnmotion.com 

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    The Art of Surrender

    in Self Help

    Dr. Amy Johnson is a psychologist, coach, speaker, and author who helps people tap into their own common sense and enjoy an easier, more guided experience of life. She is the author of several books including Being Human: Essays on Thoughtmares, Bouncing Back, and Your True Nature and the upcoming The Little Book of Big Change: A No-Willpower Approach to Break any Habit.  She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Steve Harvey Show, Self Magazine, and Oprah.com.


    To find out more, please visit www.DrAmyJohnson.com, and for her article on surrender please visit: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/let-go-of-control-how-to-learn-the-art-of-surrender/.

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    Self-Forgiveness & Overcoming Depression

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    My guest today, Dr. Helen Evrard, originally an internist and allergy/asthma specialist who established a solo practice in Lewisburg, PA, while raising twins as a single mother. In 2004 she sold her practice and moved to Buffalo, NY, to provide a broader education experience for her teen-age children and to join the clinical faculty at the New York State University at Buffalo medical school. 

    She closed her practice early in 2009, and later that year her children left for college. What followed was a state of severe depression, complicated by intractable pain from a congenital back problem. Financially ruined and socially withdrawn, Helen was contemplating suicide when she voluntarily entered a psychiatric facility in 2011.  It was there that a holistic therapist suggested that she “think positively,” and so to fill the extra time on the locked ward she began to write down positive words contained in a random book in the patient lounge.

    This word list became the basis for her book “Positive Matters.” Dr. Evrard now speaks on recovery from brain disease (mental illness), with emphasis on depression, hosts the radio show Your Mind Matters and volunteers in literacy programs. An avid reader from childhood on, she works to teach others the value and power of words, and to raise consciousness about methods to manage brain disease outside the context of medication and talk therapy. She also provides intuitive readings using Positive Matters and Positive Pulls, and is available to speak to groups and organizations.

    Learn more and meet her at http://www.wordifference.com. 

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    Madly Chasing Peace: Change Your Life in 9 Minutes a Day! With Dina Proctor

    in Spirituality

    Are you struggling to find and maintain a connection to your wisdom and spiritual core? Are you feeling out of wack? Are you madly chasing peace? Most of us feel this way at one point or another - or even perpetually! This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Dina Proctor, Author of the Best Selling Book Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went from Hell to Happy in 9 Minutes a Day.  Dina Proctor is a life and business coach whose book is supported by renowned author and teacher, Jack Canfield. Her 3X3 meditation method is helping thousands of people transform their personal and professional lives all over the world. If you've ever struggled to maintain your equilibrium in this crazy world, this is one episode that you don't want to miss! Please visit Dina at: www.madlychasingpeace.com

    Matthew Engel is an Intuitive Counselor, Corporate Wisdom & Wellness Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in actualizing their highest potential for 17 years. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewengel.com



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    Author Dina Procor share her life's journey in her book Madly Chasing Peace

    in Books

    Dina has turned her journey into a mission – She is a mind-body connection coach, speaker, and best-selling author of Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day. Dina’s passion is showing people how simple meditation can be how easy it is to fit into even the busiest days, and how practical and possible it is to transform your life in 9 minutes a day. Quite unintentionally Dina created what she calls "3x3 Meditation" (3 minutes, 3 times a day), which has been the catalyst for her own (and now my clients') transformation.

     WEBSITE: http://www.madlychasingpeace.com

    BOOK PAGE: http://www.dinaproctor.com/bonus.html 

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dinaproctor 

    Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/dinaproctor

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin/in/dinaproctor 

    Blogtalkradio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/madly-chasing-peace 

    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DinaProctor/posts 

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    Healing Autoimmunity Through Prayer

    in Self Help

    Ruschelle Khanna is an LCSW with a mission to empower women to take the best possible care of their health, acknowledging that they know their bodies better than anyone else. Upon opening her private practice as a psychotherapist in Manhattan, Ruschelle experienced a debilitating mystery illness that almost took her life. As a long time health advocate, she knew it was time to use her skills on herself. 

    After three months of researching and multiple physicians visits with no answers, Ruschelle finally diagnosed herself with Lyme Disease, which was confirmed by two Lyme physicians, and she began to heal. 

    Through her personal and professional experience, she works with women to harness the power of physical pain to turn it into an intuitive, powerful motivator for health, freedom and happiness in their lives. Ruschelle has a creative approach including traditional talk therapy, coaching and inspiring workshops that help women identify sabotaging habits that get in the way of their vibrant health.

    Learn more and meet Ruschelle at http://www.30daysofprayer.org.

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    The Inner Peace Diet

    in Self Help

    Aileen McCabe-Maucher is the author of the books The Inner Peace Diet and Find Your Life Purpose Now: Recipes for Making Your Dreams Come True. 

    Aileen is a licensed clinical social worker, registered nurse and registered yoga teacher who lives and works in Wilmington, Delaware. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Pennsylvania and loves showing people how to relax and tune into their own deepest wisdom. 

    When she is not teaching, counseling clients or carting her family around town in her Honda Element, Aileen is fervently working on her dissertation and/or burning dinner. Learn more on Aileen’s website at www.theinnerpeacediet.com and receive free content and resources from her first book.

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    Your Vibrant (Physical & Emotional!) Heart

    in Self Help

    Harvard-trained, Dr. Cynthia Thaik is a heart doctor that practices with her heart. She delivers security and peace of mind to her clients by orchestrating behavioral and mindset shifts to evoke lasting transformational changes in their health, well-being, vitality, energy, and creativity. She has helped thousands of people make changes to transform their lives through the ways they think, feel, and act.  

    Dr. Cynthia will explore the dynamic growth and healing processes of our ever-evolving hearts and the importance of treating our health, hearts, and lives as gifts.  An acclaimed cardiologist as well as a practicing Buddhist, Dr. Cynthia unites Eastern and Western medicine to uncover the mind body connection that places the power of healing back into the hands of patients.  

    Learn more and meet Cynthia at http://www.drcynthia.com

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    Living an Elevated Existence

    in Self Help

    My guest today, Tammy Mastroberte is a publishing mogul, founder of Elevated Existence and publisher and editorial director of the multi-award winning Elevated Existence Magazine, a new age, spiritual and self-improvement publication. As a three-time, award-winning writer, she has more than 17 years of magazine publishing experience, and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing.

    Tammy started Elevated Existence in 2008, eight years after the sudden death of her mother, so she could share her passion for spiritual and self-improvement teachings with the world. She has appeared on a variety of radio shows, is the host of the Living an Elevated Existence Mind, Body, Spirit Telesummit, and can be seen on the Elevated Existence YouTube channel interviewing top authors and experts. She also shares her tips and advice on living an elevated existence, including uncovering signs and synchronicity from the universe, in a monthly Editor’s Advice column and newsletter. For more information visit www.elevatedexistence.com.

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