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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight Sat. November 14, 2015 on "NU Day": 

    Sisters will now either really Stand Up.or They need to Shut Up. The weekly reports of the violations of our women and girls is alarming and very disturbing.  Talks, rallies, conferences, etc. are good but these things are obviously not working. The National Million Woman march and Universal Movements has a major holistic  plan

     What will you do to support the "National Campaign for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls of African Descent?

    Tonight we will review and discuss the death of Ralkina Jones, 37, who died in a Cleveland Ohio jail on July 26, 2015  and now her death has been ruled accidental.  ALSO: There is another Black woman (Sister) that has been almost beaten to death by an ex-boyfriend., Theresa Adair in not expected to live.

    AND: Get Ready for the political event of the year "The National Black Women's olitical Convention" 2016 

    Also, Learrn why it is so important for MWM to be at he upcoming African Union (AU) Convention that is taking place Nove 19-22, 2015.

    Also, Hear a Mumia Abu Jamal update from Bro. Wali Smith a Prison rRghts and Prison Reform Advocate 

    And nn the "Live Line" with Dr. randy Short and more...

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat. November 7, 2015 on "NU Day"   The Million Woman March Universal Movements is "ON THE MOVE". Get info on the national coordunation efforts for the "MWM 20" that is now in effect. AND What is "Walking While Black"?    Well, hear the story of Prof. Dorothy Bland

    ALSO: Another younf Black woman murdered by an EX.  WILL THE REAL BLACK WOMEN PLEASE STAND UP? Support the National Campaign for the Elimination of Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls of African Descent 

    Joining us on the "LIVE LINE" Sis Efua from the Malcolm Center in South Carolina bringing us a update on the cop who slammed the young sister to the floor at a Greenburg South Carolina school.  Also: Dr Randy Short, Bro. Mike Grays and Chairman Fres Hampton Jr.   And Remember: Hands Off Assata


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    "NU Day Resurrection & Liberation"

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    TONIGHT: Sat. Oct. 31, 2015 on NU Day  It's On.....                     "THE MILLION WOMAN MARCH 20"  The official announcement has been made and the national coordination and preparations have begum. Introducing the long awaited Raising Up the Mother of Civilization" program and more. JOIN: The "A Million Black Woman Rising" Movement and get ready for the umplementation of Phase 1 of the "BLACXPRINT" 2020: The Pro/Direct Action Plan. for Power, Prosperity, and Peace . Find out how you can get involved.  Tonight's Topics will imclude:  

    Have We Had Enough of Seeing Our Women & Girls Abused?  Are Sisters gonna take a stand?
    Will the "MWM 20" get equal support? Are our Sisters readyfor a global Movement?
    Mumia Abu Jamal Update and report on Major Tillery 
    The EARTH KEEPERS & ECO Freedom Project-: Phase 1- Property
    The African Awareness Association trip to Cuba is coming. Learn more about this great cultural, educational, and historical experience                                                     On the "LIVE LINE" Sis. Kamilah Iddeen

  • "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight October 24, 2015  on "NU Day"

    The official announcement for the Million Woman March 20 will take place tomorrow at the first annual MWM "African Heritage Day" Celebration and "Freedom and Justice 360 Walk and Motorcade


    Get Ready for the MWM "One In A Million" Direct Action Camapaigns 

    Release of our Political Prisoners

    On the "LIVE LINE" tonight is Dr. Randy Short

  • "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Today Sat. October10, 2015 on "NU Day"

    'The Jusice or Else" Million Man March 20 Year Anniversary Commenoration event.                                                 WHERE YOU THERE?  If do, what were your thoughts and if you weren/t, why not?

    Sahre your Views :"Open Mic" tonight  and more

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tomight Sat. October 3, 2015 on "NU Day"   

    Tonight's On the "LIVE LINE" Guest Sis. Dr. Vivian Anderson


  • "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT: Sat September 26, 2015 on "NU Day"                                  The Papal "LOCK DOWN" in Philly: What is this really about?            A brother in the Community is facing charges for defending himself from two Off whites males. Hear the details and how you can help. What is the role and agenda for Sisters for the 10/10/ "Justice or Else" event? And, get more info on the early morning Rally and Demonstration held by the AAPRP-GC at Malcolm X Park in D.C. prior to going over to the Mall. ALSO: Get ready for the first annual MWM "African Heritage Day" Parade coming on October 25, 2015 (in Philly) and hear the official announcement for the next step plans for the "MWM 20". Learn about this and other MWM initiatives

    On the "LIVE LINE" Guest Bro. Ernest Ford, freelance writer and Human Rights activist, and Dr. Randy Short, writer, journalist, historian and Human Rights activist.

  • "NU Day resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT Sat. September  12, 2015 on "NU Day"

    Remembering "STEVE BIKO" and introducing the BBB~Co BC Plan  AND: "Why Did Natasha McKenna Die"?  Now the the video has been released, what do you think and what does this help us to better understand about the realities of being in the the custody of the POLICE/ENEMY etc. 

    ALSO: Important Mumia Abu Jamal Medical Emergency Update

    Other Topics for tonight include:   

    The BlacX Community Survival Program session has begun  
    The African Women's Army first official meeting announcement
    New Million Woman March/Universal Movements national membership campaigns
    Insight into the Black women and children US Mass Incarceration  systematic program  
    What role will Black women really play in the upcoming "Justice or Else" 10/10/ 2015 assembly?                    Joining us on the "LIVE LINE" Bro. Zaki Baruti from the St Louis area, who is an activist and former candidate for governor   

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat Aug. 22, 2015 on "NU Day"   "BLACK AUGUST" 2015 continues.  

    Updates on the Atlanta beat down of Bro. Dhruba Bin Wahad  and Bro. Kalongi, and what the other NBPP known as the Peoples New Black Panther Party wants to make clear. Reporting on this matter is Bro.Yanga Nkrumah AND:

    Cuba and Venezuela  are getting ready to issue their Reparartions Demands.  What are your views and how should African in the US proceed with thier demands?

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight Sat. August 8, 2015 on "NU Day"

    August 8, 1978 marks the day that a visible COINTELPRO militaryoperation was implemented and witnessed  which resulted in the first MOVE confrontation with Philly police and leading to the incarceration of 9 Move members with six remaining behind bars today. Hear a LIVE report from Sis. Ramona Africa on the ongoing campaign to FREE the MOVE members and obtain Justice for the 1985 Osage Ave bombing of the MOVE headquarters and also a Special Report and update on Mumia Abu Jamal.  AND:: A year has past since the murder of Mike Brown,, so what's going on in Ferguson now? Hear a report from Bro. Yah.  ALSO: Recently, Baltimore has been called the muder capital of the US. Learn what's really going on and what's happening  now with the Freddie Grey murder .  And of course you have heard by now that another young unarned Black man has been killed by police in Texas... Call in tonight and share your views

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight on "NU Day" our finale segment in commemoration of Black Music Month and Part 2 of our report on The Dominican Republic Racist Acts Against Haiti. Joining us for this dialog is Bro Ernest Ford of the Global Star Magazine.  And, whats going on in Zimbabwe and learn more about the musical collaboration with M1 and other artist for the "Battle Cry for Zimbabwe and Cuba". Joining us for this discussion is Bro. Obie Gbuna from ZIMCUFA (Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association) 

    ALSO: Moving Forward to Build Progressive and Holistic African Sistahood:

    AND: A Call for Papers for the the upcoming "African Peoples Social Justice Forum" that will take place August 21-13, 2015  in Baltimore MD and the "National Black Women's Political Convention" 2016 and a Call for Black/African made products for hair, skin, and personal body care.