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    Episode 39 100% FREESTYLE LYRICISM

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    100% raw freestyle lyrism!

    Bug out bag preparedness list.

  • Top Star Hip Hop Radio presents @Powertalk_w _OG Legends of Hip Hop

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    This is a new monthly show in which OG Mack Drama @MackDrama1017 along withBMF Publicist Necole Jenkins @Necolej72.  We will be talking with people who helped build the foundation of Hip Hop and paved the way for todays artist to shine!

    This week we interview the legendary Goodie Mob @GoodieMobMusic memebers @GippGoodie @KhujoGoodie @CeeloGreen @Timogoodie1 

    Also we have the legendary DAS EFX @DASEFXNYC @KrazyDrayz They started the power lyricism that you see artist like Tech 9 spit.

    Top Star Hip Hop we feature music from www.topstarhiphop.com & from the artists we interview. We feature a varitey of shows from talk, music, Top 20 weekly Hits, Gospel Hip Hop, Battle Rapping, Powertalk With OG, Real House Wives of Twitter. We have it all plus Entertainment News. We are the voice of the Indy Artist and we rule the streets. We are the streets! @mackdrama1017 #OGMackDramaProduction all rights reserved

    Call  347-633-9588

  • Femcee STYLEZ comes to SMOOCH Awhile..XclusiVIEW LIVE!

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    Hope your vacation brought you more of the LIFESTYLE you LOVE to SMOOCH! Smooches RADIO is back and we are bringing the GIRLS to the front of the broadcast to jump off the RETURN! The male dominated game of rapping and lyricism has left a barrel of artists that have not received the recognition they deserve. WELCOME HI-ROC artist STYLEZ, the other half of the duo Twinn City, come and explore the many faces of this RISING talent. Whether she is an OPENING ACT with her other half alongside noted performers such as, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, STYLEZ HAS THE passion and knowledge to PERFORM and CREATE a unique STYLE for her followers. BUT don't take our WORD for it...stay awhile.Tonight we will let you in on STYLEZ' latest projects and you and new fans will love her SMART and SEXY Stiletto style as she raises the bar for the LADIES...smooches!

    Follow STYLEZ and other HI ROC artists on IG at : OTmanagement

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    Propelled into the express lane to fame by a rebirth of rap in the emerging generation, Nadiel began his work at the coveted House and Quad Studios in Washington, DC and New York City to kickstart his career. His daunting lyricism and natural, but untamed, flow drew the attention of many; and this was just the beginning. Nadiel’s fiery and heartfelt message in his artistry captured the faith of expert engineer Chris “Von Pimpenstein” Carter . Through this unparalleled relationships and a perseverance level matched by none, Nadiel is working on completing his debut album “The Rebel and the Right Side” featuring artists such as Yung Reno and Dahrio Wonder.

    Nadiel’s unique and emotionally-driven style turns back time and is often described as “raw” hip hop. His versatility of emotions and their corresponding tracks are a phenomena rarely seen in today’s industry, ranging from comedic to angry and vicious tracks. As a result, Nadiel sits at the brink of having multiple radio-ready hits to introduce him to the public. 
    Nadiel’s passion for music and affinity for words, juxtaposed with inspiration garnished from Drake, Nicki Minaj, and J. Cole, has led to his mastery.

    The sheer power of his music is drawn from the darkness Nadiel has experienced in his personal life. Placed in situations that may have caused others to succumb to hardship, Nadiel found an outlet through music to vent the raw emotion. These intricacies and emotions are present in all of us, however, rarely brought to the surface. The dark emotion is seamlessly coupled with light-heartedness and hope to produce a well-rounded experience for the listener, often leaving them in a state of awe. Nadiel crosses the threshold into a new kingdom of understanding and self-improvement with his lyrics.


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    WordPLAY Interet radio SHOW ft. Phil G, Eugene Mcintosh & RasRok

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    Strong and thorugh convo over lyricism economics, manhood and current events

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    The Neo Soul Show Presents The Elle

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    MJ, you have done it again! How many of you have producers that take your platform for an Indie Movement and transforms it into an Indie Revolution?! She adds to her track record of finding amazing artists by introducing the you, The Elle!

    From her own page, "The Elle is an artist dedicated to distinctive and thought provoking lyricism in music that is honest, soulful and authentic. She laces her tracks with a flavor of genuine, introspective and strong willed outspokenness." You know we have an unlimited surplus of outspokenness on this show. Her latest EP "5am" was released in March of this year and even T. Mitch had to admit he was impressed by what he heard (and you'll know he doesn't get impressed!). Hailing from the Windy City, The Elle is ready make her name in this industry.

    Join the Q-man, T. Mitch and MJ as they chat with this Midwest artist on her latest EP and everything else involving The Elle! Don't forget about 30 minutes of #MoreMusic!

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    "C.B.R" Interview with OD (Owner Of AHAT)

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    Tonight we have a very special guest. He goes by the name of OD and he is indeed the owner of AHAT. You know the guy you see standing between the battlers rocking his trademark shades looking as cool as a ceiling fan? Yeah, that guy! He's coming onto Championship Battle Rap to chop it up with us and let us know the latest in his AHAT movement. When it comes to battle rap, you can't get much of a bigger guest than this guy. He's right on the scale with Smack (owner of URL) and Organik (owner of KOTD). We strongly advise you be in the building for this one because it's gonna be epic.

    C.B.R, Where Bars Matter!

    Call In # 347-838-9540

    C.B.R Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattleRapRadio

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    Saxophonist Phil Denny returns following the three-time Billboard charting debut release "Crossover" with more tasty lyricism, sultry flow and stylish groove on the diverse and well-balanced sophomore release "Upswing." The 11-track offering infuses elements of R&B, urban vibe, uptempo pop and funk. "Upswing" will be available July 1, 2015!

    Follow Phil on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    SignotheTimes w QueenTahiyrah and Dr. James Jones HIP HOP Lyricism n YOU!

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    For those of us who either currently love or have at some point in our lives loved Hip-Hop Culture, there is an unspoken issue marring contemporary manifestations of what can be best termed the nuclear bomb of American pop culture. The issue that I refer to is the steep decline in all manner of lyricism from content to word choice that we are witnessing today. Lyricism is the very pivot that controls the contemporary and future direction of Rap Music and by extension the minds of those so deeply steeped in this culture that they could not extricate themselves if they tried.

    We are about the engagement & empowerment of indigenous people through dialogue and discussions that begin to work on solutions.

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    Red Cup Squad Fancalls

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    Known as Red Cup Squad (RC$) to their fans, Jazz & Keanu make up the fresh duo that will bring a mix of “turn up” and lyricism to the airwaves! Recently becoming a part of one of Atlanta’s most respected producers, TM88 of 808 Mafia/Sacii Lyfe’s team, the duo is about to hit their peak in the club and party scene, especially with their single “Poe’ Up”. Jazz, 19, is the fun and sexy side to the duo- she has the girls agreeing as they sing and rap along, while the guys think, “she’s hard”, but can’t resist to look at the artist in awe. Keanu, 20, brings sexy to the females as well with his smooth voice, but mostly has the guys nodding their heads, knowing his bars word for word, and wishing they could step in his shoes and live his wild life for a moment. Since they both share the same passion for the hip-hop/rap game, they decided to put their creativity and lyricism together and form the stylish, talented, and charismatic duo Red Cup Squad!  They have performed on tour with other respected teen artists such as Rich Gang’s Jacquees and the OMG Girlz. The duo always gets the crowd hype!  Red cups symbolize getting “turnt” up, letting loose, and having a blast, which is everything the duo encompasses on and off the stage- they never have a dull moment. Jazz and Keanu are the industry’s new talented, turn up squad and they will make sure they leave their mark! Check out their soundcloud link is soundcloud.com/redcupsquad Call in!

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    Rapper and Activist Jasiri X

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    A new millennium leader leveraging the transformative power of Hip-Hop, Social Media and Technology into a new brand of social change.  Jasiri performs nationally and internationally, delivers keynote addresses and speaks on scholarly panels.  Jasiri has worked in underserved communities as a mentor, educator and community leader.  He is a founding member of the anti-violence community organization, 1Hood.  After garnering over 1.5 million YouTube views for his conscious elevating Hip-Hop, Jasiri felt that it was imperative to provide training for young people in new forms of digital media, empowering them to change their own communities and to tell their own, often maligned and marginalized stories.  In 2011, Jasiri founded 1Hood Media Academy in Pittsburgh, where he leads a team of educators and artists in teaching young people media literacy, photography, videography, music production, creative lyricism, entrepreneurship, journalism and other 21st century skills. Jasiri X is a new millennium Civil Rights Activist working closely with his mentor, Harry Belafonte to address social ills of today’s society.  Jasiri is poised to lead a global generation in changing Hip Hop’s bad rap (rep) by staying true to his artistic intention – FREEING MINDS ONE RHYME AT A TIME.