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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn McDonald

    in Spirituality

    Episode 40: Stepping into Your Own Power and Truth with Jane Del Piero

    Jane Del Piero is a Medicine Woman, Modern Day Shaman, Healer, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Sound healer, Ascension facilitator and Soul Path Transformational Guide.

    She is a sparkling, vibrant, radiant woman who has worked internationally for over 15 years enhancing and supporting the healing of the body. Jane helps individuals heal everyday aches and pains and then dives deeper, facilitating a personal journey of stepping into your power and truth by relinquishing self doubts, limiting beliefs and fears, releasing old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. Jane’s intention is to guide and support individuals who have chosen to be present and do the work that is necessary to tap into their amazing health, vitality and power, personally, professionally, and spiritually.

    Curious? If yes, please join us as Jane Del Piero shares her profound personal journey, explains the nature of her healing mission, and offers an empowering glimpse into her alternative therapy toolbox from her home base at LuvLight Alternative Health Care & Pharmacy. Get inspired!

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @10:30am PST, so mark your calendars. Please pass this link along to others. Listen now or later: BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud , Stitcher, Podbean.

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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn

    in Health

    Episode 39: Teaching Empowerment One Transformation at a Time

    I’m always fascinated by individuals who have the courage to pull away from conventional career paths and slip seamlessly into non-conventional, more holistic models. Terri Songbird Philips, RN, CNHP is one of these amazing people!

    She is a multi-disciplined healer and speaker with more than 30 years experience in the healing arts. An RN with clinical experience, Terri has trained extensively in both traditional medicine and alternative therapies. She strongly believes in the importance of addressing the healing needs of the “emotional-pain body" in order to heal physical imbalances. 

    At her Complete Wellness Arts & Science Center, Terri uses a number of safe, gentle, effective natural modalities to help her clients achieve a state of emotional and physical balance and a state of joy and well-being, as she helps build their "psychological toolbox" to become more empowered.

    Intrigued? If yes, please join us as Terri Songbird Phillips shares her personal journey, explains the nature of the emotional-pain body and gives us a peek into her empowering psychological toolbox. You’ll love it!

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @10:30am PST, so mark your calendars. Please pass this link along to others. Listen now or later: BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud , Stitcher.

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    Two Owls Having A Hoot! with Mildred Lynn McDonald and Madonna MacInnis

    in Spirituality

    Episode 9: Changing Habits and Breaking Old Patterns

    There is an insightful quote from Tuli Kupferberg that says “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”. This might be true, but how does one navigate the journey from the “ah” moment of realizing that an old pattern doesn’t serve you to creating a space for something more advantageous to come into your life?

    During our time together today, Madonna MacInnis, our new host Shelley Boutacoff, and I will tackle the following questions:

    What old pattern are you breaking now? 
    How are you doing it? 
    Are you able to laugh at yourself as you move through the process? 
    What "new worlds" are emerging for you as you smash through your old pattern? 

    We will also each offer tips for successfully breaking old patterns in your life. You’ll love it!

    Two Owls Having a Hoot! airs the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month @ 4pm PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Looking for more podcasts like this one? Check out our Podcast Directory.

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    Miriam with Mesu Andrews

    in History

    The Bible comes alive in this new biblical ficiton by aurhor Mesu Andrews. Would you like to really get to know Moses, Miriam, Aaron and Eleazar?  Mesu Andrews introduces them all in her new book, Miriam. By the time this interview is over, you will know them in a new way.

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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn

    in Spirituality

    Episode 38: Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016 with Magick

    MAGICK ALTMAN is a courageous woman with unique insights, good intentions and a warm smile. She is a gifted Tarot reader, social activist and poet. On a sunny day, you'll find her at Infusions Tea House in Sebastopol, CA offering Kabalistic Tarot readings that skillfully incorporate Numerology, Astrology, Psychology and Mythology.

    For the past 30 years, Magick has enhanced the lives of thousands and amazed people with her accuracy, insight and finely honed communication skills. She is in the process of publishing a Tarot book, offers classes and workshops in the San Francisco Bay area, and lists corporations, as well as individuals, among her clients. 

    Today, Magick is gifting us with her Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016, salt and peppered with enticing vignettes from her personal journey. Our conversation will be a full 45-minutes, packed with thought-provoking information, so please grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a fascinating, uplifting listening experience! 

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @10:30am PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Listen now or later on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher.

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    Walk the Talk to Health & Well Being with Dr. Glenna and Mildred Lynn McDonald

    in Lifestyle

    Episode 6: Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in the Elderly - Adding Naturopathic Medicine to the Healing Equation 

    According to research, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is the second most common infection presenting in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.  This being so, there is an excellent opportunity for mainstream (allopathic) and naturopathic practitioners to work together to find the best solution for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of UTIs.

    In this episode, Dr Glenna Calder, ND and I will explore UTIs as they specifically relate to the health and well being of our loved ones who reside in long-term care facilities. Together, we will tackle what causes UTIs, common symptoms, at risk individuals and treatment options (including antibiotics, probiotics, D-mannose, greens, cranberry, acid/alkaline balance and others). Since reoccurrence of UTIs is common in the elderly, Dr Glenna will offer her professional guidance on how to best break the UTI cycle with practical preventative measures. 

    As always, the information offered is for your consideration. It is our hope that you will use it to facilitate proactive and informed conversations with the health care team responsible for providing your elderly loved one with the best UTI care available in your location. Dr Glenna Calder ND is registered with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. Please note that the information presented is general in nature. If you have a UTI, please seek the help of a medical professional.

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    Two Owls Having a Hoot with Mildred Lynn and Madonna

    in Spirituality

    EPISODE 8: SELF TRUST - There is a famous quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe that says “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live”. This may be true, but what can we do on a practical, daily basis to cultivate self trust so we will know how to live? To answer this question and more, we have invited popular Internet radio show host, Tarot reader and Ritualist HiC Luttmers to join us.

    During our time together, Madonna, HiC and I will tackle the following questions:

    How common are self trust issues?
    What is a ritual and how can it help us cultivate self trust?
    What are the common factors for people who are successful in developing and maintaining self-trust? 
    Is there a spiritual aspect to self trust?

    We will also each offer a tip for developing self trust in your life. You'll love it!

    Two Owls Having a Hoot! airs the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month @ 4pm PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Looking for more podcasts like this one? Check out our new Podcast Directory. 

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    Walk the Talk to Health and Well-Being with Dr Glenna and Mildred Lynn

    in Self Help

    EPISODE 4: What's Your Personality Style?

    If we asked “Are you an Expressive, Analytical, Amiable or a Driver?", would you answer without hesitation or struggle to figure out what we are taking about? 

    In this episode, Mildred Lynn and Dr Glenna will highlight their community-based experiences with Expressive, Analytical, Amiable and Driver personality styles. Plus, they will share the practical tools they use on a regular basis to appreciate, understand, and work with each type based on the following questions:

    What is my unique personality style? 
    How can I learn to successfully work with other personality styles?
    Why is it important to appreciate and understand all personality styles?
    Where can I learn more about personality styles?

    Join us for an insightful and uplifting exploration on how personality styles show up in your life and in your community. You’ll love it!

    This episode is #4 in a six-episode series. We hope that you will join us for all six shows and share the knowledge, wisdom and positive energy with others!

    Hosts Dr Glenna Calder and Mildred Lynn are happy to bring to you Walk the Talk to Health & Well-Being. Join them for honest, down-to-earth conversations on how to live a heart-centred life, suggestions on how to be in touch with you true self, and tips to strengthen and nourish your soul purpose by building a supportive community of kindred spirits. Get ready to shift your perspective, learn new tools ... and enjoy healing conversations peppered East coast humour and flair! Website 

    Airs the FOURTH THURSDAY of the month @4pm PST.


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    Let's Talk About INTEGRITY with Mildred Lynn

    in Self Help

    Let's Talk About INTEGRITY

    Are you ready for honest and spirited conversation on a variety of transformative life topics such as courage, integrity, self-love, strength, balance? If yes, you are in the right spot.

    Join us for an intruging 20-minute round table discussion featuring popular SoulVox L*I*V*E  Internet radio hosts Mildred Lynn McDonald, HiC Luttmers and John Carosella.

    This month, Mildred Lynn and HiC will be joined by guest panelist Fred Isom to explore the following four questions with depth, insight and a dash of humor:

    What does "being in integrity" mean to you? 
    How does it show up in your life? (Real life examples)
    How does it feel to be in integrity with your life purpose?
    What are some tips for cultivating integrity in your life?

    If you find this podcast inspiring and useful, please pass this link along to others. Plus, if you are looking for more Podcasts like this one, check out my website where you can explore the Podcast Directory and sign up for monthly updates.  Let’s Talk About airs the SECOND MONDAY of the month @4pm PST, so mark your calendars. 

    You can also STREAM or DOWNLOAD this epiosode and others on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher.  

    Let's Talk About is brought to you by the good people at SoulVox: Giving Voice to the Soul. Enjoy! 

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    L*I*V*E On Air Readings

    in Lifestyle

    L*I*V*E On Air Readings with popular SoulVox L*I*V*E hosts and special guests.

    Skype in or call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading L*I*V*E on the air.

    Intuitive Coaching
    Ritual Consultations
    Animal Medicine
    Shamanic Coaching
    Psychic Messages
    Magical Remedies

    Call 646.716.5510 or Skype in during the L*I*V*E show and receive a free reading.

    Got a question? Got a problem? Need some guidance?

    Life Path

    Bring a question, and we'll look at what guidance Spirit has to offer you.