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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn

    in Health

    Episode 39: Teaching Empowerment One Transformation at a Time

    I’m always fascinated by individuals who have the courage to pull away from conventional career paths and slip seamlessly into non-conventional, more holistic models. Terri Songbird Philips, RN, CNHP is one of these amazing people!

    She is a multi-disciplined healer and speaker with more than 30 years experience in the healing arts. An RN with clinical experience, Terri has trained extensively in both traditional medicine and alternative therapies. She strongly believes in the importance of addressing the healing needs of the “emotional-pain body" in order to heal physical imbalances. 

    At her Complete Wellness Arts & Science Center, Terri uses a number of safe, gentle, effective natural modalities to help her clients achieve a state of emotional and physical balance and a state of joy and well-being, as she helps build their "psychological toolbox" to become more empowered.

    Intrigued? If yes, please join us as Terri Songbird Phillips shares her personal journey, explains the nature of the emotional-pain body and gives us a peek into her empowering psychological toolbox. You’ll love it!

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @10:30am PST, so mark your calendars. Please pass this link along to others. Listen now or later: BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud , Stitcher.

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    Two Owls Having A Hoot! with Mildred Lynn McDonald and Madonna MacInnis

    in Spirituality

    Episode 9: Changing Habits and Breaking Old Patterns

    There is an insightful quote from Tuli Kupferberg that says “When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge”. This might be true, but how does one navigate the journey from the “ah” moment of realizing that an old pattern doesn’t serve you to creating a space for something more advantageous to come into your life?

    During our time together today, Madonna MacInnis, our new host Shelley Boutacoff, and I will tackle the following questions:

    What old pattern are you breaking now? 
    How are you doing it? 
    Are you able to laugh at yourself as you move through the process? 
    What "new worlds" are emerging for you as you smash through your old pattern? 

    We will also each offer tips for successfully breaking old patterns in your life. You’ll love it!

    Two Owls Having a Hoot! airs the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month @ 4pm PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Looking for more podcasts like this one? Check out our Podcast Directory.

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    Cheryl Lynn Psychic presents 2017 world predictions on Beyond the Gate Radio

    in Spirituality

    you would like your own personal reading Psychic Cheryl Lynn is a natural born psychic through her father's lineage. Her accurate yearly predictions plus future visions is well known. She also does monthly sun sign tarot scopes on You Tube which are very popular. Cheryl Lynn is also a Spiritual Counselor, Dream Interpreter, Zodiac and Horoscope expert, has working knowledge in astrology. She is also interested in studying the Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters and how they help us throughout our lives. If with Psychic Cheryl Lynn, please go to her website www.whiterose-productions.com or call (do not text) her at 484-221-9620

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    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn

    in Spirituality

    Episode 38: Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016 with Magick

    MAGICK ALTMAN is a courageous woman with unique insights, good intentions and a warm smile. She is a gifted Tarot reader, social activist and poet. On a sunny day, you'll find her at Infusions Tea House in Sebastopol, CA offering Kabalistic Tarot readings that skillfully incorporate Numerology, Astrology, Psychology and Mythology.

    For the past 30 years, Magick has enhanced the lives of thousands and amazed people with her accuracy, insight and finely honed communication skills. She is in the process of publishing a Tarot book, offers classes and workshops in the San Francisco Bay area, and lists corporations, as well as individuals, among her clients. 

    Today, Magick is gifting us with her Annual Tarot Reading for the World 2016, salt and peppered with enticing vignettes from her personal journey. Our conversation will be a full 45-minutes, packed with thought-provoking information, so please grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a fascinating, uplifting listening experience! 

    Healing Conversations with Mildred Lynn airs the FIRST SUNDAY of the month @10:30am PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Listen now or later on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher.

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    Kelly Lynn Adams - Founder, The After 5 Club

    in Family

    MGN Radio welcomes Kelly Lynn Adams to our show. As a certified business, leadership and life coach, motivational speaker and founder The After 5 Club, Kelly Lynn has helped thousands of women build smart and sustainable businesses (especially those who are in 9 to 5 jobs). Kelly Lynn has also spent over 12 years in corporate finance for some of the top fashion houses and biggest retailers in the world.

    Kelly Lynn’s passion for business, love of entrepreneurship and proven success secrets are often sought out by the media, she has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, CTStyle, Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle, TheBeautyBean.com, and Goddess Magazine to name a few. She is regularly a guest speaker for companies including PNC Bank, ETTWomen's Network and you can see her must watch business videos on her YouTube channel KellyLynnAdamsTV. Kelly Lynn contributed to one of Amazon.com’s best selling books of 2014, Jersey Women Mean Business! Big Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success. You can find more information about Kelly Lynn at www.KellyLynnAdams.com. Kelly is a speaker at Dare 2 Aspire Conference in Atlanta, GA in April 2016.                                                                                     


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    Joe Lynn Turner & Pussywolf

    in Rock Music

    Now that the Superbowl and the Football season is in our reaeview mirror, and this week Pitchers and Catchers start reporting to spring traing, we turn our attention to our "National Past Time" (is baseball still that?) we will start answering that question and looking into the start of baseball in general.

    Joe Lynn Turner (Vocalist, Deep Purple, Yngwie, Rainbow) will be one of our phone in interviews. Joe will be promoting his February 28th gig at BLACKTHORN 51 in Queens where he will be sharing the stage with our other inerview with Alex and Amanda Gonzales from WOLF. The Girls are really starting to make a name for themselves and being on the same bill as a guy like Joe Lynn Turner is Significant.

    We will have our first spotlight on an 70's or 80's wrestler with our segment featuring the one and only, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Jeff and I will discuss our personal experiences give you some of his carreer highlights as well.

    We will have our 4th edition of "What does Jeff Think?" our segment where you get to ask our resident expert, Jeff Tolwinski, his opinion on your topic

    Tune in This Thursday Night starting at 6:30 pm est for all of this and more


    Keep on Rockin'


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    Walk the Talk to Health & Well Being with Dr. Glenna and Mildred Lynn McDonald

    in Lifestyle

    Episode 6: Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in the Elderly - Adding Naturopathic Medicine to the Healing Equation 

    According to research, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is the second most common infection presenting in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.  This being so, there is an excellent opportunity for mainstream (allopathic) and naturopathic practitioners to work together to find the best solution for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of UTIs.

    In this episode, Dr Glenna Calder, ND and I will explore UTIs as they specifically relate to the health and well being of our loved ones who reside in long-term care facilities. Together, we will tackle what causes UTIs, common symptoms, at risk individuals and treatment options (including antibiotics, probiotics, D-mannose, greens, cranberry, acid/alkaline balance and others). Since reoccurrence of UTIs is common in the elderly, Dr Glenna will offer her professional guidance on how to best break the UTI cycle with practical preventative measures. 

    As always, the information offered is for your consideration. It is our hope that you will use it to facilitate proactive and informed conversations with the health care team responsible for providing your elderly loved one with the best UTI care available in your location. Dr Glenna Calder ND is registered with the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors. Please note that the information presented is general in nature. If you have a UTI, please seek the help of a medical professional.

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    It's YOUR Turn Radio Show-Lynn Zimba

    in Women

    Dr. Lynn Zimba is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor, Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, and Visionary. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, trained in the lineage of the Q’ero Wisdom Keepers – the shamans – of the Sacred Valley in Peru. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, trained in the lineage of Mikao Usui, founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho – the modern day practice of reiki as a path to healing and enlightenment.

    Combining her graduate education in cognitive neuroscience, her spiritual and shamanic trainings, and her personal life experiences, she helps women move from stuck to unstoppable – expressing their soul purpose, realizing their full potential, and experiencing their greatest joy!

    Dr. Lynn’s philosophy is simple: The Journey of Self Discovery and Authentic Transformation is the single most exciting, rewarding, and important journey you will take in your Life.Empowered Living Essentials: 3 Steps to Shift from feeling Lost, Stressed, and Unfulfilled to Confident, Successful, and Wildly Happy!

    To learn more about Dr. Lynn and her signature Empowered LivingTM programs, you can visit her website at www.ABrightHorizon.com.

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    Shamus Award Finalist Lynn Chandler Willis, B2BCycon, Growth Mindset in Movies

    in Writing

    Lynn Chandler Willis is the author of best-selling true crime, Unholy Covenant (Addicus Books 2000), inspirational mystery/suspense novel The Rising, (Pelican Book Group 2013) and private eye novel Wink of an Eye, Minotaur Books 2014) Wink was chosen as the winner of the 2013 Minotaur Books/Private Eye Writers of America Best First PI Novel Competition. Lynn was the first woman in 10 years to win the contest. Her current project is Nobody's Baby.

    Brain to Books Cyber Convention is April 8-10, 2016. There will be hundereds of authors and readers mingling, competing for fun giveaways, blog-based interviews, and more! You can get in on the action via Goodreads, Facebook, and Blab.im, where I'll be hosting live author interviews.

    How many movies can you name that have a female, in a lead role, who demonstrates a growth mindset? 

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    Two Owls Having a Hoot with Mildred Lynn and Madonna

    in Spirituality

    EPISODE 8: SELF TRUST - There is a famous quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe that says “As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live”. This may be true, but what can we do on a practical, daily basis to cultivate self trust so we will know how to live? To answer this question and more, we have invited popular Internet radio show host, Tarot reader and Ritualist HiC Luttmers to join us.

    During our time together, Madonna, HiC and I will tackle the following questions:

    How common are self trust issues?
    What is a ritual and how can it help us cultivate self trust?
    What are the common factors for people who are successful in developing and maintaining self-trust? 
    Is there a spiritual aspect to self trust?

    We will also each offer a tip for developing self trust in your life. You'll love it!

    Two Owls Having a Hoot! airs the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month @ 4pm PST, so mark your calendars. If you find this episode useful, please pass this link along to others. Looking for more podcasts like this one? Check out our new Podcast Directory. 

    STREAM or DOWNLOAD our podcasts on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher. Enjoy!

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    The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald and Dr. Lynn Migdal

    in Self Help

    Everyone has technology these days, and many of us including our kids spend the largest part of our days hunched over our tech toys.  My guest today is Dr. Lynn Migdal. She has been a Chiropractor (a Natural Neurologist) for over 34 years and has watched our society fail to recognize the truth about our own anatomy and physiology. Dr. Migdal says text/tech neck is more dangerous than pain and numbness. She says most of us are malfunctioning and not honoring the one system that controls all the other systems.” 

    Her book Wind Kissed exposes this new health threat in an entertaining and educational story of empowerment. It  encourages young readers to honor their nervous system, and to make healthier choices about diet, posture, breath, and attitude. It’s also a reminder for people of all ages to look up at life, look up from technology, and make healthy, peaceful choices.

    I know you will enjoy this show!  As always, thanks so much for listening,