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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable with Dei Lynam

    in Sports

    Philadelphia 76ers insider Dei Lynam makes a return visit to the Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable. Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman will get Dei's insight on the "ping pong ball draft" results and how the outcome will affect the 76ers upcoming draft that is loaded with picks. We'll get Dei's take on how the season played out, the trade of Michael Carter-Williams, the improvement of Nerlens Noel and, of course, the progress of Joel Embiid. We'll get Dei's championship prediction as well. Chet and Bill will talk the Flyers new coach, the Stanley Cup playoff picture and even take a look at the red hot Fightin Phils. As always, we'll have our Philly sports trivia question courtesy of Carl's Cards and Collectibles. All this and more brought to you by shopforkisses.org the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.

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    Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable with Dei Lynam

    in Sports

    CSNPhilly.com's Sixers Insider Dei Lynam joins Jim "Chet" Chesko and Bill Furman on this weeks Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable. The Sixers season opens in just one week and Dei will give her take on "The Plan" as we enter the 2014-15 season. Can we expect more wins, more competition, or a repeat of last season?  We will also get Dei's take on the power movement in the NBA with Cleveland's signing of LeBron James and trading for Kevin Love. Is now the Cavs time? And what about the Heat? We will also be giving away an 8x10 autographed photo of Hall of Famer Paul Arizin to the first caller that can answer our 76ers trivia question courtesy of Carl's Cards & Collectibles. We'll also be talking Eagles and Flyers too!!! All this and more brought to you by www.shopforkisses.org the online shopping network of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation.

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Hard Rock Band Lynam

    in Rock Music

    From Birmingham, AL, Lynam is a band that has no limits. With the attitude of Sid Vicious and the pure energy of early Guns N Roses, the four members that make up the band Lynam have a take no prisoners approach to their music. "We all got turned on to music early on." says front man Jacob Bunton. "We really latched on to the larger than life spectacle of 80s rock bands. All of the old videos and concerts look like one big party. Everyone is having a good time and the music is about having fun. These days it seams like bands are whining about how hard it was growing up in suburbia instead of giving their fans a great show." Lynam consists of Jacob Bunton (lead vocals, guitar), David Lynam (drums, vocals), Lonny Paul (guitar, vocals), and Mark Dzier (Bass, Vocals). Lynam released 3 albums independently from 2002 - 2004 (White Trash Superstar, Bling! Bling!, and Life In Reverse). In 2005, Lynam signed a deal with DRT/Universal Records and released the critically acclaimed album Slave To The Machine in 2006. This album peaked at #21 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart and #19 on the Heat- seekers chart. The first single ‘Tanis’ went to #1 on both the active rock independent and main-stream rock independent charts. The band’s album Tragic City Symphony (Megaforce/Mascot Records) featured the radio singles ‘Save My Soul’, ‘Lindsay Says’, and ‘ Star’. All three singles reached the top 10 on the active rock independent chart with ‘Save My Soul’ reaching top 5 with over 10 million in audience. Several of the album’s songs also were used in motion pictures, MTV, VH1, HBO, and video games. A Live album entitled Thank You Goodnight! was released November 2010 through Island Def Jam/New Ocean Media. Be sure to pick up a copy of their new EP 'Halfway To Hell!' For more information, visit www.lynammusic.com

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    Marsha Becker and Geraldine Bouse Join Patty Lynam, LIVE

    in Paranormal

    Join Patty Lynam with special Guests Marsha Becker and Geraldine Bouse.

    Marsha Lee Becker was born in Odessa, Texas. After the untimely death of her father she moved and was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was there that she met a musician traveling through town and married after knowing him 3 days! Edwin F. Becker and Marsha have been married 47 years. They have two daughters and four granddaughters. Aside from the responsibilities of motherhood, Marsha always cultivated her creative side. She crochets, has done ceramics, made jewelry, and as of late, makes and designs high end heirloom quality rosaries and prayer beads. She can boast of selling ten of her creations to the Vatican City in 2010. Being one of the main subjects of her husband's bestselling book, True Haunting has put her in the public eye, as she has done a record breaking episode of SYFY's Paranormal Witness, and is active in internet radio both as a guest and co-host. Currently the host of "Paranormal Angels" on the angel wisdom network. Since the release of Edwin's book, both have found the paranormal community to be warm and welcoming, opposed to their experience 42 years ago.   

    Geraldine Palmer Bouse was born in a small town In upstate NY with what many people term 'psychic' ability. Her became very noticeable to my family around the age of three, when she made contact with her deceased grandmother, on her mother's side. The world wasn't open to the gifted back then, as they are today, so all of my knowledge in this area is self learned and taught. 

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    Check out some kewl tunes from Lynam and find out whats going on with them. Plus other kewl shit from Bleachbangs.

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    The Uncle Mike&Tom Show #67 w/AAW Owner Jim Lynam

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show we welcome back one of our favorite guests, AAW Owner Jim Lynam, Jim talks about this weekends big AAW Show Windy City Classic 9! we cover many AAW topics including Eddie Kingston, Christian Rose, Shane Hollister,2013 for AAW in general, thoughts on ippv, thoughts on being part of wrestlemania next year, and lots more. Jim also shares a ton of thoughts on WWE, TNA, and wrestling in General. Plus Mike Falcone returns with a live review of this past weekends 2cw Free ippv. We also cover all the major results , upcoming shows and news of the week in the Indie world! Its your thursday Indie Fix!!!

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    The Uncle Mike&Tom Show #34 w/AAW Owner Jim Lynam

    in Wrestling

    This week on the show, we welcome back one of our favorite guests. AAW Owner Jim Lynam!! another great nearly 90 minute conversation!! Jim talks all about AAW, WWE,TNA, and a little of everything in wrestling. Listen to one of the Movers and Shakers in the business give his opinions!!! Plus a full review of WrestleMania weekend Indy Activity and a full Review of AAW's DVD Path of Redemption!! Check it out its your Thursday Indy Fix!

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    Learning Ally Tells Us about their Services and Upcoming Events

    in Education

    Jennifer Biang is a Parent Support Specialist for Learning Ally. She lives in California and is the founding member of Decoding Dyslexia CA. She is also on the board of her local IDA and is married and has two children. When she found out her daughter was dyslexic, she was surprised that there were no services available to teach her how to read. Back in the early 70’s Jennifer was taught to read with a special program, it worked so well that she never realized she had a problem. It was hard to believe that these services were not available for her daughter. Once she learned more about neurodiversity she realized over half of the people in her family had alternative wiring. The biggest surprise was, she too is dyslexic.

    Deborah Lynam is currently the Director of Parent Community Engagement at Learning Ally. She is a newly appointed member of NJ DOE's State Special Education Advisory Council. She is an active participant in the growing network of statewide parent-led grassroots movements called Decoding Dyslexia. She is a former Family Resource and Parent Group Specialist for NJ's Parent Training and Information Center, SPAN; as well as, a volunteer tutor for The Reading Assist Institute. Two of her three children are dyslexic and receiving services through their local public school district.

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    Dragon's Lair: Interview Lynam

    in Music

    Lynam band from New Ocean Media will be stopping by the Dragon's Lair with Radio Host WildWagon and Special Co Host Ness for Interview. Also we will be playing the hottest Indie/Unsigned music from around the World.Also Everyone is welcome to add me at www.myspace.com/wildwagon.


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    ED and MARSHA BECKER - TRUE HAUNTING - First TV exorcism in the 70's - REPEAT

    in Paranormal

    ED and Marsha Becker were blissfully happy. Their first child was on the way. When Ed went to pay the rent and was informed by his landlady that there were no babies and no pets allowed in the building. There was no other option. They had to move.

    A month into the search, Ed found a small, two-apartment building in the city. He met with the realtor. No sooner had they walked into the house than an elderly woman named Myra who resided in the first floor flat screamed and swore at them, telling them they'll never own the house. Myra was the last remaining member of the family who had owned, built, and occupied the house from the beginning. Without much in the way of options, and with assurances from the realtor that Myra would be out of the house on the day of the closing, Ed agreed to purchase the house.

    As they unpacked in their new house, Marsha brought her pride and joy, a beautiful glass candy dish, to the dining room table and placed it in the center. She turned around to get a lace runner to put underneath it. When Marsha turned back, the candy dish was sitting at the table's edge on the other side from her. A few days later, as they sat at the same table eating dinner, the overhead light began flickering in an odd rhythm. It eventually quit, but Marsha was unsettled.

    A month or so after the move, Ed called home to see how things were going. The phone was busy. A few hours later, he tried again. Still a busy signal. He never got through all day. He was growing angry, trying to figure who Marsha could have been calling all day long. When he got home and asked, Marsha was bewildered. She walked over to the table. The phone had been off the hook all day.

    Join me LIVE to find out more...


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    Dave Considine - Director and Founder at Phantasm Psychic Research

    in Paranormal

    Join Patty Lynam on PARANORMAL PHENOMENA as she interviews Dave Considine - Director and Founder at Phantasm Psychic Research.

    Dave Considine studied under world-renown researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren, and served as one of their chief investigators for nearly fourteen years. After two active tours of duty with the US Armed Forces he founded Phantasm Psychic Research in 1994, and now divides his time between his own organization and being the assistant to Catholic exorcist Bishop Robert McKenna and Fr. Rama Coomarswamy, both of Connecticut.

    ..Dave has handled cases of hauntings and demonic activity in all four corners of the United States and in Canada, and has even been consulted by CNN, The BBC and The Living Channel for his expertise. He has also been a featured guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

      Founded in 1994 by Dave Considine, one of only a few lay religious demonologists in North America, Phantasm Psychic Research is an organization dedicated to aiding individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the supernatural and preternatural realms.

       Since its inception, Phantasm PSI has helped many persons who have found themselves in the grip of the beings that inhabit that realm of existence.

       Phantasm PSI investigates and corroborates accounts of supernatural activity, and helps to bring closure to these instances by working with the proper authorities, usually the clergy.