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    Author Mary Kay Berg Yoga & Ayurveda - The Only Way Out is in -Daya Devi-Doolin

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    Mary Kay Berg is visiting with me again today to talk about her book and Ayurveda Plus Yoga.  Mary Kay Berg, E- RYT, is a dynamic and creative Yoga teacher who is registered, certified, and multi style trained. She began practicing Yoga 12 years ago to relieve stress from a life in corporate America. She became a Yoga teacher 10 years ago because she passionately believes that this practice is the best method of purification for body, mind, and spirit. Her classes incorporate flowing poses, fun music, and an opportunity to work introspectively to relieve stress, move energy, and improve the quality of your life.

    Mary Kay has studied with some of the best and world-renown teachers at various conferences and workshops through out the U.S. She continues to further her education to enhance her skills as a teacher and a practitioner.

    Mary Kay teaches classes, workshops, and YA teacher training in Orlando and the Central Florida surrounding area, at several different locations. You can visit her web site at mkyogini.com. We'll learn what is your Dosha?  Eating with the Seasons  The 21 Day Yoga and Ayurveda Plan  Upcoming workshops to address this...

    Daya Devi-Doolin's latest book: Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Growth for the African American Community: If You Can Breathe, You CAN Do Yoga and Find Inner and Outer Peace - The Ultimate Yoga book for Beginners and the Young at Heart!  Published by Amber Group Communications, and purchased through www.amazon.com; www.amberbooks.com.  Retails for $14.95 

    Meet Daya Devi-Doolin by attending her next Yoga event and book signing afterwards.  Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 11 am Daytona Books & Metaphysics in Daytona Beach, FL 32117.  Cost Pre-registration $25 without book, Pre-registration $39.99 includes book and Yoga event, at door $45. (386) 532-5308 to register.

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    Lymphatics, EIS, Dr William Brown & Dr Michael Dunn

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live
    With Dr. William Brown
    & Michael Dunn
    in Lymphatics & the Electro Interstitial System

    Friday Night, 4 December 09
    From 7 – 9 pm, MST
    On Spiritual Image Production’s BlogTalkRadio

    Dr. William N. Brown is an internationally recognized Holistic Health Practitioner and teacher of nutrition and the Lymphatic Arts. He is the "CURATOR OF THE ORIGINAL VODDER TECHNIQUE”. He is a nationally certified and Licensed Massage Therapist. He has worked as a Holistic Health Practitioner and teacher for 20 years in Tonsberg Norway, Santa Monica California, Sedona Arizona, Atlanta Georgia, and Cleveland Ohio. His prayer in writing “The Touch That Heals” is that the thousands of people who now exist in the darkness of pain, may know the joy of healing in the love and light of Lymphatic Manipulation.

    As a Wellness Consultant with over 27 years experience in the holistic health field, Michael Dunn applies a wealth of knowledge to support achieving your health goals. With his international experience in health, spiritual & medicine, Dunn’s undying passion for the healing arts reflects his dedication and compassion to his patients. As a result, it was during his travels that Dunn developed the first Acupuncture at Sea Program for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

    Andrew Aloha

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    Lymphatic Stagnation and Immune System Health

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    The lymphatic system is one of the most underrated functions of the body. It is responsible for removing metabolic wastes from tissue, as well as a major center of immune system activity. Often stagnation in the lymphatic system preludes chronic illness. This can include chronic infections, tonsilitis, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, thyroid disorders, cysts, polyps and illnesses related to the reproductive area.

    Organs of the lymphatic systems (spleen, appendix and tonsils) are often thought of as suplerflorus or unneeded, when in fact they play an important function in terms of long term health.


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    Misconceptions in Nutrition and Natural Health

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    We will continue our discussion of supplements that are both under used and over used.

    Supplements we will go over include:

    HCL and digestive enzymes

    Herbs for the immune system / lymphatics including Red Clover

    Minerals including lithium and calcium

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    Jordana with Lareece Long LYMPHATIC SYSTEM

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    Lareece Long, a Colon Therapist Instructo and certified BELD . (Bio-photonic Energy Lymphatic Detox/Drainage) Global Lymphatics Practitioner will be Speaking on the benefits of paying close attention to the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.
    M eet Mr.  "LYMPHY" looks like the human Lymphatic system, in which the Lymph fluid is a clear golden yellow water when the body is healthy. As the blockages occur, the lymph fluid changes color and the healthy body changes.
    Lareece Long <lareecegee@gmail.com>
    The Fountain of Youth is within US from her book
    Dr. Tapzyana B. Thomas , author

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    You Were Born To Bounce

    in Health

    Did you love to jump on your bed as a child? Were you bounced on your parent's knee? Rremember the wheeee of the swing? Where did our love of bouncing begin? What's behind the wheeee? Explore the magic of bouncing and why you were Born To Bounce!
    Special guest, Kim Hall, Certified Reboundologist, will discuss how working with and against gravity can help to cleanse and strengthen each cell to build health. Chris Velder, from NEEDAK Rebounders will explain why NEEDAK rebounders are the safest, most shock-free units to use.

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    Your Body Can Heal Itself

    in Health

    Special guest: Hal McDonald, probiotics researcher.
    The human body has the ability to heal itself when its cellular needs are met. Band aid approaches that cover up symptoms do not restore health. Let's explore, instead, rebounding -- the ideal exercise, the immune system,  colon health,  real cell food, spiritual awakening, and how these "bottom-line" tools supply the body's needs so true healing can begin.