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    Ansarudeen Islamic Center keur baye New York

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     Presented by Camara Mou baye Ansarudeen Islamic Center keur baye New York  


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    The assassination of Malcolm X was preceeded by the assasination of all of the associates he had gained in his efforts to unify African Americans and Africans. Patrice Lumumba was the first.  "In early April Brown, one of the mercenaries, was captured by UN forces, at which time he tried to bargain for his freedom by confessing his role in the assassination of Lumumba .   Based upon Brown's confession, Tshombe was placed under house arrest on April 26, pending a UN investigation. 

      The UN COMMISSION, which issued its findings in November the same year, concluded that Lumumba's body would never be found.  Three weeks after Lumumba's death the CIA  agents in the Congo  cabled Langley headquarters to notify Dulles that Lumumba had been  "liquidated."  The February 10 cable from. CIA officers involved the plot stated: Lumumba's fate is best kept secret in Katanga. 

    The assassination of Lumumba wasn’t confirmed in the international press until a month later, on February 16, when the New York Times reported that Tanyug, the official Yugoslavian press agency, had rung an article claiming that the Belgian mercenaries played a role in Lumumba’s assassination.  On February 13, shortly before the story before the story broke, Tshombe told reporters at his home in Katana that he had notified the UN that he would refuse to deal within commission investigating Lumumba’s assassination. 

    The reports confirming the murder evoked worldwide riots against symbols of the United States, France Great Britain, and Belgium.

    Embassies were sacked in Egypt, Poland, France, Great Britain, Ghana, Iran, India, Moscow— practically everywhere.  African Americans threw eggs at Belgian Embassy officials in Washington, and Nigerian students in Chicago staged a demonstration at the Belgian Consulate."  Judas Factor by Karal Evanzz

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    This week as some of our African Brothers and Sisters celebrate the independence of their countries we are still in bondage.  The reason being that we are the landless, Malcolm taught us that the basis of all freedom is LAND.  This is why the tenth point  in our plan says , “We want LAND, BREAD, HOUSING , EDUCATION,CLOTHING , JUSTICE AND PEACE.  And as our major political objective, a United Nations-supervised plebiscite to be held throughout the Black colony in which only Black colonial subjects will be allowed to participate, for the purpose of determining the will of Black people as to their national destiny.”

    tonight we shall see what the cost of Revolution is and how the American bullies the CIA AND FBI interfered in the development of the African country of the REPUBLIC OF CONGO and what it cost us as a people. “Sen. Frank Church (Democrat of Idaho) said he hoped “it will be possible to establish a legitimate government in the Congo without including Lumumba.”  Washington Post, Feb.& 1961.  “There is enough countervailing testimony… to preclude the Committee from making a finding that the President intended in assassination effort against Lumumba.”  alleged Assassination Plots Against Foreign Leaders Church Committee Report, 1975.

    Today, anyone can read published official American sources which show, right to the day and the hour, how Washington planned to …exterminate the head of the legitimate Congolese government.”  from Memoirs, by Andrei Gromyko “ Even Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic Party’s candidate for president, saw the frailties of the nation’s approach to Africa.” Judas Factor the plot to kill Malcolm X. Karl Evanzz

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    Ansarudeen Islamic Center keur Baye New York

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    Islam is our way of life

    Presented  by Camara Mu Baye

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    Contradiction and Doubting Thomas with Jeremiah Camara

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    It is no secret that people are leaving the organized church in record numbers. There are a number of reasons for this but many are beginning to question their faith and belief systems. Author and documentary film maker Jeremiah Camara has chronicled this issue across the country. His documentary "Contradiction" addresses the issue of the over saturation of churches in black neighborhoods is contributing to the socioeconomic conditions that plague many of those same neighborhoods. Camara is also the author of the books "Holy Lockdown" and "Doubting Thomas." Jeremiah joins Pastor Neal to discuss these and other areas of doubt and faith concerning Black America. 

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    Ansarudeen Islamic Center keur Baye New York

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    Ansarudeen Islamic Center keur Baye New York 

     Presented By Camara mu baye Niasse 

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    It’s Turn up Time, Support Parole for the Move 9 Sisters

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    Tune in to George Jackson University Radio on Wednesday 1/13/2016 8est.  Our guest for this week’s broadcast will be our beloved Pam Africa and Orie Lumumba.  They will join us to give us all updates on the ongoing Struggle to FREE THE MOVE ORGANIZATION POLITICAL PRISONERS.  Call in 347 8267332 or log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/georgejacksonradio It’s Turn up Time, Support Parole for the Move 9 Sisters.

     This Coming May our sisters Move Political Prisoners Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa will be making an appearance for what will be their seventh time before The Pennsylvania Parole Board and we intend to turn the heat up over this. The Pennsylvania Parole Board since 2008 has worked consistently with the Fraternal Order of Police and This Government to ensure that not only Move Members remain in prison but to ALSO DIE IN PRISON as per the death of Phil Africa in Early January 2015. We have serious work to do as we cannot afford to let another one of our family and political prisoners die in the prison system. The Time is now to bring them home all of them home.

    Our Family’s now going into their 38th year of unjust imprisonment. Our sisters were framed for the Murder of Officer James Ramp as well as our brothers and each given 30-100 years but the thing that we want to point out is that our sisters none were never given weapons charges when tried and convicted. For The now 38 years that committed Move Members have been in prison they have set a Strong Revolutionary Example of Love, Commitment, Unity, and Hard Work all instilled in them by JOHN AFRICA THE FOUNDER AND COORDINATOR OF THE MOVE ORGANIZATION. This example has earned the respect of prison officials throughout the state of Pennsylvania.


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    Move 9 (Political Prisoners)

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    ***Official Call for Parole***

    Our Family from Philadelphia was connected to the teller of their story, Honorable Mumia Abu Jamal! These Strong Minded Family Members has a rich history under the teachings and guidance of the Resting Father, The Honorable Mr. John Africa!
    The system locked these Beautiful People away and has refused to release them for over 3 Decades...and today we say no more!!!
    Join us as we hear the details of this Family of ours and then see how we can assist with the Freedom trail for our Africa Fam...in Love & Service