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    Life Extension-Anti-Aging For Our Precious Pets

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    Greetings and welcome to Radio Time Productions, with host, Valerie Jarrette Bass. We will be discussing Anti-aging Tools - Techniques - Technologies that can heal, and extend the life of your Precious Pet(s). Discussions and call-ins welcome. Studio Call In 347.857.245

    This is the launch of an ongoing series about our Precious Pets, In honor of Precious my beautiful Pomeranian that went to The Rainbow Bridge two years ago this day...I miss her still and always will. I want to celebrate all the beauty she brought into my life. I am developing a website for our precious pets and would like your submissions that meet the guidlines for Preciouspets.info. Please contact me to be a contributor or call-in to the show. Take a look at my slide show.

    God Bless you and your pet(s) 

    Valerie Jarrette Bass, MA. Executive Producer, Host @ RadioTimeProductions Phone: 561.755.7068 valbass.producer@gmail.com - Boca Raton, FL




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    Artists You Should Know in Photography with William Innes

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    Artists You Should Know is all about people who are doing exciting things in the photographic industry. These people are the movers and shakers of photography and often set the pace on new ideas, techniques and trends in marketing and imaging.

    Today's new podcast is with William Innes an outstanding wedding photographer, writer and instructor. However, today's discussion is related to two points in William's life. First, we're going to talk about some of the key things William did when starting his business. He made the transition from being an executive in the aerospace industry to a full time photography business. There are so many artists who have difficulties making the transition from their "day jobs" to a full time career as a photographer.  Many of William's marketing and business skills came out of his business experiences long before photography became a passion.

    Another aspect of William's skill set as a photographer is his focus on great gear. He recently became a member of Panasonic's Luminary team and his guest post about building rapport with clients through an engagement shoot features images captured with Panasonic's new LUMIX GH3.

    Interested in checking out more of William's work? Visit his website and then check out his work in the LUMIX Lounge.

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    Building Your Network with Kristen Jensen

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    Building Your Network is all about people you should know in photography. They're artists, teachers, authors and business managers. Their skillset and diversity sets them apart from other photographers and each one is somebody who should be on your radar.
    Skip Cohen is your host. In this episode he talks with photographer, Kristen Jensen.
    Ten years ago Kristen was a Ford model, spending her time in front of the camera. Today, she's an incredibly accomplished photographer. She's utilized her outstanding sense of style, business and marketing expertise to build her brand.
    Skip and Kristen talk about the transition she made out of the modelling world and into running a successful business. Just take a look at her website and you'll see one of her primary goals from the very beginning, to strengthen her skill set and always capture/create outstanding images.
    Today, she not only runs a successful photography business, but she's a spokesperson and photo educator for Panasonic's LUMIX system.
    Images shown, copyright Kristen Jensen, all rights reserved.

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    Building Your Network with Suzette Allen

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    Building Your Network is always about people you need to know, but it's time to raise the bar and start talking about concepts and technology that's available for photographers today.
    Everything is changing...again...almost as much as they did from black and white to color...then from film to digital and now from digital to mirrorless technology and hybrid e-products.
    In the process. there are some serious pioneers you need to know. We're going to use Building Your Network to help you stay in touch with people you need to hear about so as the train leaves the station you're on it instead of chasing after it!
    Today's guest is Suzette Allen. She's an outstanding photographer and one of the industry's leading experts on Photoshop, but here's a side of her most of you haven't met. She's fast becoming one of the leading experts on utilizing mirrorless technology and Hybrid e-products to create an entire line of incredible products for her clients.
    She's been working with Panasonic's LUMIX GH3 and it's changing her life and her business!
    This is all part of a trifecta on the SCU site. Listen to her podcast then listen to what she has to say in the Video Training Center in her video,  "Why mirrorless?" and then scroll down and watch "Jenny's Hope Story".
    Now ask yourself if you have the skill set to bring this level of technology to your clients!

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    On This Show We Talk About The Game Guitar Hero 3
    We Talk About ITs Flaws Its Perks and Every Thing Like That So If YOu Like IT Hate It Call In Or Go TO The Chat

  • What You must know about the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera

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    This is maybe its greatest advantage over the older digital camera designs which featured only small viewfinders and provided you only a obscure wish that the pictures would end up perfectly. Using a clear Liquid crystal display, such as you’ll find around the Nikon Coolpix L24 requires the guesswork from your pictures, as you get a precise preview of the items the image is going to look like. (for further information regarding great dslr cameras and equipment have a look at this webpage at Click This Link). The Nikon Coolpix L24 is really a digital camera that you’ll most likely be able to run with ease correct from the package, irrespective of how a lot encounter you might have with digital cameras. Some people are more comfortable with menus, while others like to just push buttons to create issues work. Even on the little display screen, in case you are used to a brilliant phone then you ought to be great at menus. Either way, the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera is designed for each kinds of people with buttons and moving menus.

  • The Features Benefits of the Nikon Coolpix L24 Digital Camera

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    A single important factor if you are capturing a photo is to make sure you don’t play a role in digital camera shake. You need to be very nevertheless or the caliber of your image will not be good. Unless of course you’re utilizing a tripod or relaxing the camera on a surface, it can be difficult to hold the camera steadily, and movement can create blurry pictures. The Nikon Coolpix L24 has a Vibrations Decrease Picture Stabilization System to reduce the effect of shakiness when pictures are used. This makes this camera ideal for novice photographers who aren’t even aware that digital camera shake can ruin their shots. (for much more info on wonderful digital cameras and equipment check the following website page at http://camerareviewsandsales.com).