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    The Irish Luggage Show

    in Comedy

    Alright Luggers! Shows are booked, tickets are moving out the box offices pretty quickly. I am working alongside great comedians such as Tammy Pooler, Maine's Sweetheart of Comedy, Stephen Cloutier, the Beast of Comedy, Bryce Hanson, notably the most intelligent comic on the East Coast and my partner in crime from the big City of Boston Ms. Colleen McCauly Coughlan -
    On todays show we will get into a few things regarding the summers here in Maine, the downhill popularity of camps, and the best ways to get rid of your complaining roommates.
    Don't forget to call in for your information on ticket times and location

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    The Irish Luggage Show

    in Comedy

    Big Daddy Irish is coming to you live with all nothing but the best in comedy, updates and freebies. Got a funny joke, give us a call and let us be the judge of that.  Funniest Joke of the night will be awarded.
    The Irish Luggage Tour 2012 is a band of brothers and sisters with big hearts bring the comedy show to you, your hometown, your charity and your funny bone.
    Check out the tour information at:
    and also like us on Facebook at:
    See you on the air my little Luggers

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    Luggage & Laptop with Monika Mileva - Episode 2

    in Motivation

    On this edition of Luggage and Laptop we will be talking about mindset, limiting beliefs and positive thinking with mindset coach and psychologist Kelly Fryer.

    For those who don't know Kelly - she is a fully qualified and accredited solution focussed Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. She works with both corporate clients and small businesses using tools and techniques from Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and Neuroscience as well as her own research.

    Kelly will give you an insight in what makes us tick, how to change our beliefs and attitudes and how to keep thinking positively, while building location independent lifestyle businesses.

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    Why The TSA Is Searching Your Luggage For Cash To Steal

    in News

    Jim discusses the shocking new tactics being used by the TSA to find cash in luggage so they can confiscate it, why Donald Trump is rekindling his feud with Megyn Kelly, a new Bitcoin alternative is launched with promises of even greater privacy, Bitcoin prices above $400 bring back hope for the cryptocurrency's future, why criminals want to steal your Uber account, how Jim gets several days of free birthday meals each year, and how to sell your used electronics and books back to Amazon. 

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    in Travel

    Worried about losing inflight luggage? On Travel Itch Radio this Thursday, Gabriel Menkin, CEO of Blue Ribbon Bags, explains how his company gives travelers peace of mind when checking luggage with an airline. Listen live at 8p EST on iTunes or BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    Luggage & Laptop with Monika Mileva - Episode 3

    in Motivation

    I will be talking to Louise Armstrong, a wonderful Women's Midlife Coach who will share with us how we can create a location independent lifestyle once we hit middle age. For many women starting a new lifestyle sounds very scary, and especially at that age. But Louise will give you the tools for your transformational change.

    Join Me and Louise for this intriguing show. .

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    10,000 Motels & Where's My Luggage?

    in Culture


    Tonight we have Van Roldan with Albert's Adventure lnn in Burnsville, North Carolina. In our quest for the best of motorcycle adventure lodging we found this little gem located on NC Hwy80 near the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you appreciate oldschool hospitality you will want to listen in to learn about what makes Albert's a "must stay" when you are touring the backroads of Western North Carolina.

    Then it's onto our feature segment with Michael Walshaw of BritKit LLC, exclusive distributors of Kriega luggage. Kriega is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of luggage solutions and equipment offered solely for motorcyclists. In addition to his association with Kriega, Michael has a long history in public relations and support roles with IOM TT, MotoGP, World and British Superbike teams. 

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    Luggage & Laptop with Monika Mileva - Episode 1

    in Motivation

    We will go in general what a location independent entrepreneur is.

    We will talk about the advantages of being location independent and how having a lifestyle business can enrich your life. Why are people swapping office jobs to become lifestyle entrepreneurs Why is it so important to lead happy lives?

    We will discuss the 5 ways you can become location independent. How to learn new skills. How to capture your current skills, knowledge or talent and create a thriving business. How to create an online business or even how without skills you can start traveling. 

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Pakistan Again!

    in Politics

    The impressive Bernie Sanders 3-sweep win was put on the back burner as Muslim radicals again launched another furious attack against innocent victims in Lahore, Pakistan. Of course 50 dead does not toll the survivors who will now spend years learning to walk again, being fitted with artificial limbs, deal with loss of hearing and eyes, or come to grips being completely crippled. For some survivors, death will seem preferable.

    Why exactly do Muslims believe that random murderous attacks against non-combatants pleases God? How could the savage killing of men, women and children with luggage filled with nails, for example, which thereby tears the legs of its victims to shreds -- be part of the Lord’s plan?  Or how could rounding up groups of virgin teens and repeatedly raping them be a continuation of the work of Jesus, as the Muslims claim it to be? Didn’t Jesus say, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? And where does Christ extol rape? Or how about the beheading and killing of non-believers?

    WHERE in the New Testament does the Messiah direct his followers to remove the heads of, blow up, drown or shoot non-believers?!! In fact, in the same Bible the Muslims claim as their foundation, Apostle John writes ...Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. So where is the God of Love in Islam?!!

    Friends, we have a crisis on our hands. And whoever becomes the next president must wisely guide the world’s free countries to take on the murderous horde known as ISIS and not feel he or she is too busy, or inconvenienced or indifferent about fighting to save civilization from going back to the dark ages. Will this happen in January 2017? It’s too early to say definitively. Stay tuned, sportsfans!


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    The King Me Show: Relationship baggage! How much luggage are you carrying?

    in Radio

    What kind of baggage are you carrying? Do you have check in luggage bags that are so big that you can't even carry them around or you struggling to carry them from relationship to relationship? Or do you have carry-on luggage that portable crap that you bring with you in every situation. What causes relationship baggage? How do you get rid of relationship baggage? Do many of us walk around with relationship baggage and don't even know it? Do some of us have closets full of baggage? How do we get rid of the luggage?

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    How To Pack To Avoid Luggage Fees

    in Self Help

    Holiday travel is almost upon us. Whether you're going by land, air or sea, there are luggage fees to be paid by all who overpack:
    at the airport if your bag is overweight in your arms as you lug heavy suitcases to the car or room extra tips to the porters in gas purchases as the weight of your car affects the amount of fuel it consumes If you want to avoid these fees both now and in the future, join world traveler and organizing professional, Janice Russell as she discusses:
    what factors lead to overpacking so they can be avoided the perfect formula for how many clothes to pack so that you have enough but not too much the steps to a perfectly packed suitcase and more! In addition to listening to this show, you can find more tips in her ebook How To Pack To Avoid Luggage Fees available on Amazon, Smashwords and iTunes.