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    Empire Season 2 Episode 10 Et tu, Brute

    in Lifestyle

    Join me SistaSistaSister, Crystal J and Stephanie Wallace of LAID as we discuss Empire Episode 10 Et tu, Brute...

    The Betrayal of Lucious Lyon, Rhonda's Fall, Camilla's Return and Cookies Concert.  

    Time 5:30 cst - 6:30 est

    Date December 6 2015

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    ‘Empire’ Season 2: Episode 10

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    Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) join forces once again as the volatile pair come together in an attempt to save the Empire. This comes just after Mimi (Marisa Tomei) makes a motion to remove Lucious as CEO of the label.

    The backstabbing move is shocking for Lucious who just recently made a play for Swiftstream, the music-streaming service he’s been working to acquire all season. The move is another step as Lucious tries to become the most dominant figure in the entire music world. However, the mogul’s ego comes crashing back down after Mimi’s motion and, now, even his future within Empire is up in the air.

    Meanwhile, Hakeem’s (Bryshere Y. Gray) love life continues to be a bit of a disaster. He’s still in a relationship with Laura (Jamila Velazquez), unaware that Anika (Grace Gealey) is pregnant with his child and, for good measure, Camilla (Naomi Campbell) is back. That’s a lot for anyone to deal with, let alone a guy who is still dealing with the repercussions of being kidnapped.

    As for Jamal (Jussie Smollett), the final moments of last week’s episode – you remember, he kissed Skye (Alicia Keys) – will continue to have a major impact on him. Jamal’s sexuality has been a major point of the entire show and plenty of viewers were, understandably, confused with last week’s turn.

    See, we promised there would be drama.

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    'Empire' Season 2, Episode 9 preview: Rosie O'Donnell, Vivica A. Fox raise the d

    in Pop Culture

    In Empire Episode 9, Jamal connects with a new Empire Records artist Skye Summers (Alicia Keys), who apparently has secrets. She tells Jamal if she ever sung about her truth it could affect how her fans see her.

    Meanwhile, Cookie (or Lauretha) and her sister Candice are looking for their other sister Carol and Cookie notes that their family didn’t have much concern for her while she was in prison.

    Anika is still vying for Hakeem's attention; however, he still doesn’t know she is pregnant,. Lucious is excited about being a grandfather.

    Cookie will supposedly find out the truth about her beau Laz (Adam Rodriguez); however, Laz has now truly fallen for her and is more invested in their relationship than the scam.

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    Empire’ recap Season 2, Episode 8: ‘My Bad Parts’

    in Pop Culture

    There are still two more episodes left before the midseason finale and a lot is likely to go down before the events of the finale unfold. Cookie's (Taraji P. Henson) sister Candace (Vivica A. Fox) will be introduced in episode 8, while Hakeem will have an epic rap battle against Lucious's new prodigy Freda (Bre-Z).


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    Empire' Season 2 Episode 6 'A High Hope For A Low Heaven'

    in Pop Culture

    Lucious and Cookie must put aside their differences and work together as parents to protect their family and keep them out of danger. Jamal does his best to get back in the studio and break away from being defined solely as a gay artist, while Hakeem struggles with how to feel and act like a man. Meanwhile, Andre works to shut down a division at Empire, until he discovers a disciple in the midst of Lucious' Gutter Life records in the all-new 'A High Hope for a Low Heaven' episode of EMPIRE

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    The World of Big, Luscious and Amazing Women Pt.3: How To Think BIG Properly

    in Education

    How do a plus size woman suppose to think big properly, and not get used?

    Think courageously?
    Think vivaciously?
    Think critically on what you want and where you are going and who you want?
    Think creatively of how you want the world to view you
    Make the Creator your source and learn what is your rights in it.
    Think love and love yourself; think of yourself as a powerhouse, when it comes to wisdom to know your worth and defend your throne. You rule it!

    When people put you down and hate on you because you got something the wish they had (A good head on their shoulders). Smile with more bounce! You owe it to yourself to live the life you always wanted...to be free to be you! Own it, its your crown of glory, queens. 

    Mind over Matter. Your life matters...walk it!!!

    Come join me and a third time return guest Lela BLAQ as we discuss how to help our plus size queens think big properly and stop being a victim.

    Call in and make a stand 347-884-8684


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    Empire State of Mind (repeat epidosde)

    in Television

    J'Wan Yvette will be back live next week.  But this week let's go back a few weeks to the season one finale of EMPIRE - the music, the cliffhangers and a preview of season 2. 

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    After show‘Empire’ Season 2 Episode 4 Spoilers: ‘Poor Yorick’

    in Pop Culture

    In the fourth installment of "Empire" season two, the Lyons have all been busy trying to outdo each other but as the rivalry between Jamal and Hakeem continues to heat up, a truce is called when the brothers agree to collaborate on a music video that will be shown in the "Poor Yorick" episode. According to International Business Times, Hakeem's new album gets leaked and the siblings decide to set aside their conflict to capitalize on making a duet. The music video's theme borrows from the "Mad Max" movie where the brothers are placed in a fiery setting with a steel cage. Speculations are rife whether Hakeem is just taking a shot at Lucious for taking away 


    Cookie will be preoccupied for much of the fourth episode. She will be meeting with a concert promoter who will get close to her. It could possibly lead to romance but before that could happen, Cookie will be arrested and it will not be a surprise if Ford is the brains behind it. She is desperate to find reason to put Lucious back in jail and for good.

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    The Lyon family has reunited after show follow me on FB the spencer show

    in Pop Culture

    Hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment, Lucious Lyon, has always ruled unchallenged, but a medical diagnosis predicts he will be incapacitated in three years, which prompts the sharks to circle. Without further damaging his family, he must decide which of his three sons will take over. His favorite, young Hakeem, is a gifted musician but values fame over hard work. Middle son, Jamal, is talented and shy but gay -- embarrassing to Lyon. The oldest, Andre, is business-minded but lacks charisma. The reappearance of Cookie, his ex-wife, complicates things; she says he owes her for taking the fall for the drug-running that financed his early career.

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    Justified Madness Empire Premiere Party

    in Television

    Tonight is the season 2 premiere of Fox's hit show Empire and J'Wan Yvette is having an EMPIRE PARTY!  Call in to chat it up about the show, the music, Cookie's unique style, and the explosive happenings to come this season!  If you're having an Empire Party at your house, call in and tell us about it.  Tonight it's all about EMPIRE!

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    GAYS IN HIP HOP on Gut Level Talk - Radio

    in Entertainment

    I was watching the news on Wednesday night after Empire. I noticed that the news castors were talking about Lucious Lion's son being an openly gay hip hop star on the show. They went on to say that his character hopefully broke down doors for opnely gay rappers to come out and I guess market themselves as gay rapper/rappers. It seemed like it was really important to them that somebody, anybody come out and own being gay and and rapping at the same time. I just thought it was a little funny that it's such a priority with them. Anyway this week we going to dice this up. Plus we gonna talk about Kim Davis and her marriage license fiasco in Rowan County, Kentucky. Hit up the link or listen call 646 716 7053 and listen live on the phone.