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    The Luciferians on Freedom's Wings Thursday

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    The Luciferians, who are they? Satan has organized an army of humans to do his bidding on planet Earth. They flash their symbols everywhere and infilitrate everything from governments to money systems to religion. From the roots of Babel to our modern age, we will discuss their achievements and plans. And the major news of the day! Conservative libertarian irreverent commentary on the current events in news and politics! Your home for common sense.

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    #ShitPoliticiansSay on GUERRILLA RADIO , Join Austin Thomas and Liberty Lisa as we take a look at Shit Politicians Say....Bwahahahahhahahahahahahahaha.......#ShitPoliticiansSay

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    Fighting The Luciferians on Freedom's Wings Tuesday

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    Many people wonder what we can do to fight back against the evil globalists or Luciferians. We've focused quite a bit on their tactics, origins and symbols and we will continue to do that, but today I want to put the focus on YHWH and Yeshua. Particularly because today is Passover: the day when the once for all sacrificial lamb was put to death, only to rise in victory three days from now. Satan was defeated today! We will discuss spiritual warfare and what we can do to fight back. Satan actually defeated himself in putting Christ to death. That and the news of the day! The Freedom's Wings Show is your home for common sense where we pull back the curtain and reveal what is hidden behind it as well as offering irreverent conservative libertarian commentary on the current events in news and politics!

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    Organized Religion - Nothing But Legal Child Molestation

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    What up the ELECT of TMH? And all children of TMH who weep and mourn for righteousness sake. This is going to be just a chop it up Tuesday. My Mothers Day was the greatest. I was so grateful and happy as those who love and honor me came and paid their warmest respects and of course ate MAMAS home cooked good food. LOL  So allow me to give a hearty and blessed, belated Mothers Day Shout out to all the  9MIND Mama's out there. Thank You eternally for all you do and I really wish Blk & Brwn MOTHERS where HONORED more than we are. I will be reading some of my FB post and again i will have to address these go back to Africa Blk Agents who use FB to talk the talk but not walk the walk. You know the ones who talk, sell  and promote all things Africa to we of brwn indigenous American Ancestry but somehow (never) manage to move back, yet airplanes fly from there everyday bringing motherland AFRICANS over here to this land with (no problem) and yet those here who lament how bad America is will not uproot and permannetly move as if they need a parade and a national Blk movement in order to go. 


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    The All Seeing Eye and The New World Order

    in Christianity

    In this week’s episode we’ll be covering the All Seeing Eye and the coming  New World Order . This journey through the Bible and the Occult will display what’s been in front of you this whole time, hidden in plain sight.

    There is an agenda being executed by Satan and his followers, but this agenda isn’t new. Have you noticed the course that this world is on? Maybe you haven’t, but it’s no accident how things are escalating like a woman in labor. After all, that’s what Jesus said would happen.

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    It's Later Than You Think

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    It's later than you think. If you are holding to the belief that everything, from the economy to the state of geopolitical affairs, is normal or that we will be just fine, then either listen to this broadcast or go back to watching whatever "reality" television program you wish. We are living in very disturbing and troubling times, and many of our guests suspect that this fall is a time to "watch" for major events that will direct the trajectory of our country. While we cannot and do no "date-set," we see many harbingers that point to a series of events this fall that will not end the world - just the world in which you live.

    The coming criminalization of cash, the further restrictions of free speech, the legalization of homosexual marriage, unchecked immigration that is changing the demographics of America and allowing in Muslim terrorists... the list goes on. There is a covert (and emerging overt) agenda of the globalists – the Luciferians – that is directing our controlled demise. The "New World Order" is about to be implemented.

    Tune in to this broadcast as we offer a deeper analysis of key events we’re watching.

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    The Helios Biblios(The book of the Sun) Hour : Egregore minds of the people

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    Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.It wasn’t until the luciferian mind – the kabbalistic group of light bringing entities – decided to create this 3 dimensional illusion, that ATOMS even existed. Atoms formed the first human ADAM, hence the name and play on words. Of course, the first Adam created was actually ADAM and EVE, who were created for breeding purposes, or the regeneration process. (See the home page of this site). Atoms are the result of divided light, literally ripping apart the truth, and dropping the illusion of matter through the orbiting characteristic of the electron to create a magnetic attraction with the proton, which initiated the sex act. This illusion of matter is the subliminal message of themaster hypnotist that makes us believe the 3D illusion.This 3D illusion isn’t real, nor is matter, nor energy associated with matter. We are led to believe that we are simply energy, and energy can’t be destroyed. However, energy can be eliminated, because energy is an illusion, a fabricated lie. Energy, creating the illusion of matter, is an illusion of scientific magical thought, and is already finite, or limited. This energy with the illusion of matter in the atom has no relevance to the eternal state of ecstasy.What we believe to be OUR MIND and OUR THOUGHTS, is actually the luciferian conjured up illusion of OUR MIND. This is THEIR MIND and THEIR THOUGHTS.

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    Does The World's Elite Believe In God and Satan & everything in the Bible ?

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    This Saturday night - tonight  at  9 PM. Eastern Standard Time  -  And the call in line is ----->   (347) -826 - 9733  .           Our Special Guest again is former high Illuminati member now Free Christ , Doc Marquis  . For anyone who would like to call in, we will take calls on the second hour of the show. Tonight's topic is on whether the world's elite believes in God and Satan and everything in the Bible. We are well aware that the world's elite are high level luciferians who hate Jesus Christ, so why do they continue their pursuit of a New World Order under satan's rule if, ultamitely, Christ destroys each and every one of them? Find out this answer and more as former-Illuminati luciferian Doc Marquis sheds light on just exactly what the NWO protocol is for these "elitist" scumbags.  Here is Doc Marquis website that has movie's / dvd's  that  Doc made himself that are very very very   eye opening about the things that are really going on for real !     Seriously !         Here is his website -  http://www.itsagodthingproductions777.com/

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    Lucifers trust

    The worldwide activities of the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, are dedicated to establishing right human relations. The motivating impulse is love of God, expressed through love of humanity and service of the human race.

    The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based.

    The Lucis Trust is non-political and non-sectarian. It sponsors no special creed or dogma.

    The Great Invocation

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the centre which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.


    Written by Alice and Foster Bailey, Founders of Lucis Trust, 
    which USED to be called LUCIFERS TRUST!

    Dr. Will Rogers; Masterteacher33


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    War between the Luciferians and the Level Above Human

    in Atheism

    This series of episodes will focus on the war that is in progress between the Luciferian Space Aliens and The Members of The Evolutionary Level Above Human that humans on Earth are in the middle of and are each given continuous choices of which group to be in allegience to.
    The name Luciferian at this time is a catch all name for all those who in a previous age (civilization) had some elementary tasks for the Evolutionary Level Above Human, in short the Next Level because of the way it's a potential next step humans are offerred periodcially to advance beyond mammalian seed bearing temporary plant like life forms.
    Everytime this Next Level step is offerred humans, by one of the Older Members from the Next Level comes undercover (invisible to humans) with their Crew that involves elder students in progress to graduate the human condition the Luciferians step in to distort the TRUTH about the reality of this Level Above Human into a spiritualized religion. Thus atheists are correct in that religions are made up, but wrong that anything happens on Earth or anywhere else without very consciously (intelligent) direction.
    The Luciferians play all angles to wrought confusion but it's part of the design to provide humans the total choice of what to believe and stand for. A big  part of what the Luciferians do is to find suseptible humans to be their contactees so they can present a facsimili of what they had learned were the WAYS of the Next Level Older Members in their gardening efforts so when these Older Members come undercover to prepare and then take human vehicles to perform their task through, humans who are not prepared will have a very difficult time recognizing who among the human recipients is from the Level Above Human and who has been seeded by the Luciferians. (i.e. Jim Jones and the Solar temple groups were some of the facsimilis.) 

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    Goblin Cannibal Cake

    in Religion

    AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd accused of hiring a hit man to commit murder.  Teen suspected of murdering his brother who he thought was a goblin.  Cannibalism report comes in from London.  Co-founder of Pirate Bay sentenced for hacking.  Atheistic booklet looking to be distributed in Florida school district.  Cake drama among the gays.  Would religion be gone in one generation?  Annulments in the Catholic Church.