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    Dontá Morrison: My Story (unedited)

    in Lifestyle

    Over the last 15 years I have presented at conferences, workshops, and forums across the country. In all my public speaking rarely have I ever shared my full testimony. Recently, one of my close friends asked if he could interview me on my show. I chuckled at the idea but after some convincing I agreed to the idea. Tonight I will share my experience being an author, growing up in church, dating, relationships, living with HIV, and the challenges I face when trying to educate the community about HIV/AIDS. This will probably be the rawest interview I have ever done. Hope to have you in the audience. 


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    The Beautiful Soulfilled Music & Miracles of Jeff Morrison Of Morrison Hawkes

    in Self Help

    Finding the rhythm and song of life has helped Jeff Morrison overcome some very significant challenges. 

    jeff morrison is a songwriter and visual artist whose artwork has been exhibited and sold around the world. Musically, he began playing the piano at age 9, and by high school had composed a number of original songs. in 1977 jeff suffered a paralysing spinal cord injury. undaunted by the daily challenges of quadriplegia, he continued to draw and paint, write lyrics and compose melodies. he met tim in 1984, and together they have been writing and recording ever since. jeff sings lead and backing vocals, and plays harmonica.

    Morrison Hawkes has an amazing CD out of wonderful and original Christmas Music - Here is the link to check it out


    Please note that 25% of the sale of every CD goes to charity!  


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    Interview with Anna C. Morrison for The Green Gooey Goop

    in Books

    A little girl is presented with a different sort of a meal when her mom serves her green gooey goop. Interesting and icky ingredients appear one by one as the little girl decides what's in this noxious-smelling concoction. The little girl creates a flood, and her dog's fur turns green. Suggested age range for readers: 0-8

    This book was written to capture the moment when a child is confronted by healthy food that, while nutritious, may not appear to be delicious.  Many children react imaginatively to new foods, and the child in this book is no exception.  She envisions the ingredients as other than what her mother describes in the first part of the book in an attempt to get out of eating the food.  When she realizes she must eat it anyway, it spills onto the family dog, who may or may not be green forever!  
    I hope you enjoy starting a conversation with your child about the value of eating healthy foods that also taste delicious.  Thank you for reading Green Gooey Goop!

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    SEX!!! Let's NOT talk about it.

    in Lifestyle

    The absence of in-depth sexual conversations within communities of color is something that my co-host Shanta and I have noticed. We attend sex related conferences and workshops on a regular and are oftentimes in the small percentage of Black attendees. Why is that?Tonight we are going to discuss sex within the Black community; things we learned at  SHE (Sexual Health Expo); and ways to enhance your sexual experiences. 

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    Writing Royalty Radio - "Valuing Your Honey......When In The Industry"

    in Books

    Topic:"Valuing Your Honey......When In The Industry"

    Special Guests: Author Mary B Morrison

                            Author/ Radio Personality Cyrus Webb


    Author Mary B Morrison, New York Times best-selling author also writes as HoneyB. She has 17 novels including her newest release, If I Can't Have You. 

    Author Cyrus Webb, is the President of Conversations Media Group (home of Conversations LIVE Radio, Conversations Magazine and Conversations Book Club) and Shadow Play Entertainment. Since 1999 he has used his love of the arts and books to create a brand that has not only showcased his own work but that of others around the United States.


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    GAY: Clarifying the myths and misconceptions.

    in Lifestyle

    I have come across so many people who place all gays in the same box. They assume that because a man is gay that ALL men are his type. They assume that gay men really want to be women. They assume that gay men are soft, feminine, and lack testosterone. Where did those misconceptions come from and what needs to be done to change them? On tonight we are going to discuss and clarify those assumptions, as well as shed new light on the gay 'experience' (for lack of a better word). 

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    Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes Former WWE Superstar, JOHN MORRISON!!!

    in Wrestling

    Cheap Pop Radio Welcomes Former WWE Superstar, JOHN MORRISON!!! We will be chatting with former WWE Superstar, John Morrison regarding a new project he is apart of, Lucha Underground, Live on The El Rey Network!

    We will find out what he has been up to, plus make sure you check him out on Twitter, @TheRealMorrison

    Check out the brand new wrestling company taking wrestling by storm, Lucha Underground!! Live every Wednesday night at 8:00PM

    Former WWE Superstar, John Morrison joins us LIVE right after the debut of LUCHA UNDERGROUND!!

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    Financial Freedom: A Master Class

    in Lifestyle

    Steven Morrison is back on Life is a Sacred Journey to talk about his new project "Financial Freedom Once and For All: A Master class. 

    As Steven puts it, "There is no shortage of 'abundance' information out there for people who are struggling finnacially. Most of us have digested the lessons: visualize, believe, let go, etc. But then the nitty-gritty of making ends meet on a daily basis consumes us and the lessons go out the window." 

    Steven is creating a groundbreaking Masterclass to help break this cycle by showing you "how to create financial freedom for your Self and your family, once and for all, by learning how to change how you think about the situation". 

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    Celtics vs Blazers: Post Game Show | Toll Free: 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show, powered by Lynda.com/CLNS will be live immediately following the late night action to break it down after the action.  Calvin Chamberlain and Chris Morrison will have you covered with everything you need to know for the game tonight.

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard and you can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook.

    Don't forget to download CLNS Radio's FREE MOBILE APP for a chance to win Celtics tickets! Get #OnBoard today - iPhone/iPad FREE APP OR Download FREE Android APP.

    Support CLNS! We are now entering our 6th year servicing Celtics fans. Support CLNS for less than $1.99 and receive tshirt, travel mugs and/or entry in to our monthly autograph drawing. Click here for more info! 

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    Neil Morrison at Lunch with DriveThruHR

    in Social Networking

    Neil Morrison @neilmorrison at Lunch with DriveThruHR @DriveThruHR with @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @bryanwempen (Emeritus), @williamtincup and @thehrbuddy The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.






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    PETER BLACHLEY debut album, Nevada Sky.

    in Entertainment

    Nevada Sky documents a life of inspiration, reinvention, and marks a profound coming together of many of the facets of Blachley’s life ,family, photography, music, loves won and lost, and professional and personal aspirations.In Blachley’s journey, he’s been a carpenter and served in Vietnam. His second act was being a music video pioneer through making culture-defining videos with the Stray Cats, George Thorogood, and Duran Duran as an executive producer/marketing visionary. During this time, Blachley worked at Capitol/EMI, and he went from mailroom up to being a music marketing exec before cross-fading to EMI’s Picture Music International as music video executive, content producer and marketerer. At 50, his music business tenure ended, and he reinvented himself as a gallery owner, co-finding the fine art music photography gallery the Morrison Hotel Gallery with partners Richard Horowitz and iconic photographer Henry Diltz.“There is hope in the fact that you can always reinvent yourself. Reinventing is about finding something you want to do everyday, something that makes you happy, and finding a way to make money doing it,” . For his third act, Peter Blachley is emerging as a captivating singer-songwriter with his debut album,Nevada Sky. It’s one of those storyteller albums that instantly feel like an old friend. It recalls the work of CSN, John Stewart, Neil Young, Waylon Jennings, Ian Tyson. It stretches across the highways of high lonesome country, confessional folk, and swampy rock n’ roll and it authentically evokes the rugged mountains and big open skies of the West, and the burly swagger of the big cities of the east it is pure Americana through and through.Nevada Sky folds family stories, personal and professional journeys, and lifelong dreams into one Americana storybook. Blachley says in conclusion “With this album, I’ve left my legacy "

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