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    Fun Friday

    in Lifestyle

    get you drinks ready and let us entertain you of  corse every fun Friday is different so you have to tune in to luagh at our next crazy thing. tune from 8pm to 10 to trip with us y'all know what time it is 

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    Let's Talk With Shantae 3 Year Anniversary Special

    in Entertainment

    It's that time of year agian where we celebrate the Let's Talk With Shantae internet blog radio show right here on Blog Talk Radio Network.


    Wow this is year #3!!! Can we get a #HipHipHooray


    Many thanks and blessings to all who have tuned in throughout the years and look forward to more episodes.


    December 4, 2010 was the day that LTWS, began. Nearly every day an episode posted. Not knowing always what dierection the show would take while airing LIVE to the lsitening audience, Shantae has always provided resourceful , fun and exciting information. Every episode has its own presence and piurpose.


    Check out the archives, you're sure to get a luagh, shed a tear or learn something new (or refresh that good memory of yours).


    Once more much gratitude for tuning in!  ~Shantae Sexy - Host of Let's talk With Shantae


    Will there be Special Guests, well you wait and see!  :)

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    The Experts - Sports Talk With A Bang!

    in Sports

    Come on in as Tarvino, Scorekeeper and Couch look at all the news in sports today.
    They will be talking about NFL NBA MLB, and NHL, and more. Join them as they blow your mind with their wit and wisdon...yea right!
    Anyway if you need a good luagh come on in!

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    The JaSam Round Table (JRT) EP 3. Cry, Laugh & Love

    in Entertainment

    Welcome back to EP.3 of JRT with everything that went on with The Morgans and GH what can u do but Cry, Luagh and Love. What will happen next we can only guess. Share your views and join us on JRT. And as always WHAT IT DO.

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    #70: All Good Things Come To An End

    in Video Games

    This is the Seris Finale for WWW, for Josh/ Silverbeard. I think its time to leave radio for real as my mark is never forgotten, for sure. No man is left behind and we all love things that make you luagh, cry, horny or none of the above. Derp, im still playing, but radio is now the thing of the past as RL is catching on quick. I said this before back in Augest. Just RL issues cuased me to flip out in rage with the stress of getting layed off. I must persure my life dreams and some day. Someday eRep radio is going to be a bomb ass time when I return to the microphone girls and boys. 
    Anyways, in tonights show, my good freinds and fans shall join the best programing yet. ffs, its worth it.

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    The CURE for the Common Workplace

    in Management

    ONE OF THE MOST CONSISTENTLY PRODUCED AND LISTENED TO SHOWS ON BLOGTALK RADIO, JOIN US! Today we are talking the connection between health and business success. Wellness one of the 5 keys to managerial excellencce. Howe to live abit better and enjoy life a bit more. Direct connection to business success. Tune in learn luagh and well learn and laugh!

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    New Year Jams to play for the new year

    in Music

    come join us to be on air with ishat ali and djjc and benny bling we will be playin the new jams ever tha hottest songs so come join the show and be live with us luagh and give us your input on the tracks we play maybe you might get a free cd to be sent to you on air from gripalot or from AMW Records to call in is (718)664-9177

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    special show tonight

    in Radio

    tonight theres a special show