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    55 ~ Your DreamVisions Now with Eva & Duane

    in Dreams

    The Natural Environment - Chemtrails,

    Seeing is Believing,

    Flying in Dreams, Dreamining in Color, Hearing,

    Recognition in the "dream",

    Reaction, Cause & Effect,

    The RealAwareness, Life's ISness,

    Test The NU-U, Learn to get your  own answers,

    The Systems of Control, Gods of Man - Churches, Prayer, Petitioning, "Dreams" in the Bible,

    The Sharing of RealSide Experiences,

    Getting through one's own Creations and Restrictions,

    The Sun is always Now,

    The Passing Dream - The Simulator,

    The Controlling Authoritarians,

    Storytime with Eva - Lila & Lu, part 2

    WakeUP and Pay Attention to what IS Real. Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today.

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    The B & Z Show

    in Sports

    Check out Blake Bange and Lazarius Decatur as they go live.

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    in Radio

    Luxy Lu aka Louie The Monsta Female Rapper with over 200,000 Views and a Single in Rotation on Kiss104.7 and 100 Other Online radio Stations including 1st Fam RadioYou may remember her from  the 1st fam radio Cypher Group 6 will be joining us tonite 6/27/15 (9:30pm til 11:30pm eastern) Listen Live www.blogtalkradio.com/theuntouchable1stfamradio and on Demand www.1stfamradio.com  Call in Live to Speak with us (917)889-8297   


  • 53 ~ Your DreamVisions Now with Eva & Duane

    in Dreams

    A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic (Lance White),

    One-Dimensional Viewpoints, Emotional Attachments,

    The Natural Environment in the Technological Age, Polution & Poison

    Human Farming - Analogy,

    Jupiter Ascending,

    RealFood, Clean Air, and Water,

    Storytime with Eva - Lila & Lu, part 2

    WakeUP and Pay Attention to what IS Real. Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today.

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    in Education

    Today we talk about the Anunaki and Sumerian Doctrine and how it relates to us as a people. Let's talk about our Cosmic Nationality.

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

    in Music

    This evening, I will interview jazz vocalist Lutalo Olutosin and play tunes from his CD, Sweet Lou’s Blues.  After 35 years in the US Military, Colonel Lutalo Olutosin decided to pursue his musical dream and introduce his musical talents to the world.  He is known as jazz vocalist, Sweet Lu Olutosin. On his recent release Sweet Lou’s Blues, we hear Jeremy Pelt, Jerome Jennings, Tivon Pennicott, and Mike Carn.   This year,  Sweet Lu completed the first of two 2015 European tours where he headlined the Frank Sinatra Centennial tribute show "Cheek to Cheek" with the Antonio Ciacca Orchestra.    

    Born in East Chicago, Indiana.  Raised during early life in Gary, Indiana, Lutalo (Lu) moved to the Deep South (Madison, Mississippi) in the mid 1970.   He was heavily influenced by his family of gospel singers and musicians. While in the US Military, he embarked on a music career that included performances in Jazz, R&B and musical stage productions, across South Eastern United States.  Lou blends straight-ahead and modern Jazz styles with bossa nova and soulful rhythms during his performances.  Join me as we discuss his career and explore his music.  Jazz Notes keeping jazz alive!

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    52 ~ Your DreamVisions Now with Eva & Duane

    in Dreams


    Zombies with Cell Phones,
    Val at The Zucchini Fest
    Hope for Earthlings?
    Testing The NU-U,
    Are the RealGuides "Spiritual"?
    Exchanging of Ideas,
    Gods of Man, KEK Systems (Kontrolling Earthly Korporations),

    Storytime with Eva - Lila & Lu, part 1

    WakeUP and Pay Attention to what IS Real. Test The NU-U for yourself, meet with Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, and begin your own 'Journey to RealFreedom' today. 


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    Slingin Dirt on Slicks n Sticks

    in Sports

    Slingin Dirt on Slicks and Sticks is bringing dirty back....yes, the dirtiest show on the internet is LIVE every Thursday Night! Kristina will be talking dirt track racing and focusing on the battle here in Central Pa. Each week, Kristina will interview some of the Slicks and Sticks Motorsports clients and get the fan perspective!

    Also we will feature content from Bill McIntyre from the centralparacingscene.com who is also the administrator for the Central PA 358 Points Series which we are a proud sponsor of and enjoy promoting the division. http://www.centralparacing.com . It has been a great privilege and honor to be a part of the Central PA 358 Points Series and working with Bill. 

    August is going to be the month we bring you some more new talent to the air waves, promote a big race, showcase more of Bill McIntyre and Kristina Chambers hard work. shine those driver spotlights brighter and get dirtier! We have some of the most exclusive interviews and take pride in it as well!!

    Tonight's Central Pa 358 Spotlight Driver of the Week is Seth Kearchner! Seth has been on some good momentum the second half of the season with getting a win at Trail Way and breaking into some top 10 and top 5 finishes as well as a few hard charger awards! We are delighted to have Seth join the show!

    Keeping with our "Streak" we are going to have Selinsgrove's latest winner, TJ Stutts on the show! TJ has been on a tear this season with the 360 sprint car and he has done well with the 410 too. TJ is the first 360 driver to make the show and we are going to talk about the big Mach 1 360 National Open race that is happening this coming weekend and get his thoughts overall on the season.

    This week's 410 Sprint Series Spotlight Driver is a young and budding star coming off his best finish of the year, Robbie Kendall! Robbie is one of the shining stars of the future!

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    RA: Mãe do activista Benedito Jeremias fala sobre brutalidade da Polícia

    in Radio

    Rádio Angola (RA): Pedro Gonga teve o privilégio de entrevistar Deolinda Luís, mãe do activista Benedito Jeremias, espancada pela polícia e mordida por um cão durante a repressão policial no dia 8 de Agosto. Deolinda Luis, foi uma das vitimas da marcha das mamas no sabado ultiomo para exihir a libertacao ja dos 15+2  presos políticos

    Por Florindo Chivucute

    As perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    "Journey with Mary" -- Back to Dong Lu, China ... and beyond!

    in Religion

    Join host John Carpenter, a psychiatric therapist, and co-host Donald Hartley, "the Catholic Defender" as they travel back to China and other places in the world where reports of appearances by the Virgin Mary have occurred.  John has researched 87 of these appearances -- which is only 3% of what has been recorded in history.  But those 87 appearances give us a wealth of detail and understanding as to what these visits are all about.

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    Victoria! Empress of the Universe - Episode 6

    in Entertainment

    VICTORIA! EMPRESS OF THE UNIVERSE - Episode 6 - "And Death Shall be Triumphant"

    Story Synopsis: This is the Season Finale! All the events so far have led to this huge 40 minute climactic conclusion!

    Make sure to listen after the Credits!

    Written, Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius

    Cast in Order of Appearance

    Viktor Aurelius as Admiral Sh'Ka, Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard as Major Lu'Schay, Elie Hirschman as the Venusian Captain, Jeff Niles as Sherlock Holmes, Elie Hirschman as Dr. John Watson, Joel Nisbet as Captain Marcus Bowman, Bryan Reid as Prince Victor Edward Albert, Jeff Niles as Mycroft Holmes, Michael Breckenridge as Commander York, Peter Heimsoth as Lord Perrington, Jonithan Patrick Russell as Clancy the Robot, Alex Gilmour as Doctor Neville Heath, Mat Weller as Lieutenant Booth, Viktor Aurelius as Lieutenant Fox, Chris Scott Marcellus as the Voice of Tyros, Rachel Rumler as G-7B, Caith Donovan as the Venusian Soldiers, Jeff Niles as Horus Bush, David Schütz II as the Martian Technician, Ted Wenskus as the Ship's Crewman, Lesa Dyer Cross as Queen Xynea, Kae Woo as Queen Victoria, Jeff Niles as Leader X, Joel Nisbet as the Interviewer, and Dan Gerics as Sir John

    Music by Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/ )

    Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

    © The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2015)

    Vistit our website at: http://the4077th.blogspot.com  for MORE!

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