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    What is LSI and How To Use it To Rank Pages Better

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    LSI is part of the Google algorithm they use to help ensure the correct placement in rankings of given webpages. LSI is a way for them to associate different words, such as synonyms, with others. In other words, if your site is about Windows the operating system, Google will understand it's about the microsoft version of Windows instead of those for your house if they also see keywords within your content such as XP or vista.

    It's easy for webmasters to take advantage of LSI when they are performing search engine optimization on their pages. One simply has to go to Google's free keywords tool online, place the main keyword for the page into the tool and do a search for additional keywords. LSI is demonstrated by Google supplying synonyms to that key word that do not have the actual keywords in them.

    For example, Google shows the term fish oil when doing a search in the keyword tool for supplements. This demonstrates that Google associates those two terms together. Therefore, when optimizing pages, it's important to look at Google's free keyword tool and see the synonyms that Google has already associated with given keywords. LSI is a powerful tool everyone should be aware of and know how to take advantage of when performing SEO on their pages.

    Google's free keyword tool makes it very easy to take advantage of LSI. Webmasters can build relevance and trust with Google's algorithm by also supplying additional words and phrases that Google has already associated together.

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    Web Page Optimization: Use LSI For SEO

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    When webmasters understand how Google uses latent semantic indexing for page rankings, they will be better able to optimize their site's pages and rank better in the search engine results. LSI is a part of the Google algorithm that allows the search engine to associate words and topics and provide more targeted search engine results.

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    Leadership Talk w/ Elaine Greaves with Holly Duckworth

    in Business

    Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is an experienced business leader delivering powerful business strategy insight and consulting to association clients across the US. Leadership Solutions International (LSI) her company drives sustainable leadership, volunteer training and strategic planning for trade association and non-profit groups. Through LSI’s training program Board of Director University ™ and ongoing chapter coaching your organization will increase board skills and business performance to thrive in today’s challenging business climate. Holly is passionate about the transformation and development of people through volunteer coaching, collaborative goal setting, data analysis and business feedback that demonstrates results. Her clients appreciate her focused attention to detail and honest advice. Holly truly is a partner with her clients driving them to success and delivering membership value. A dedicated member and volunteer Holly currently President Elect for Oregon National Speakers Association and Chair for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Component Relations Professionals.