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    Praying With Love

    in Spirituality

    We are praying with Love tonight. Thank you for listening to the Love Lift Jesus Ministry where Jesus shines with Love.

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    What is Love all about? Come join me as I give you the purpose and plan of God. Walk with me in the water as we touch on the new book: Heavenly Investments: Revelation of God: Baptizing the Church!

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    Praying with Power and Love

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we are praying. We are praying to God for the NFL Draft and we are pray for breakthroughs in the name of Jesus. We are praying for broken hearts, minds and the need to feel God. We love God with all of our heart and want to bring him the highest praise.


    We are praying tonight, you may come and bring someone with you.

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    Praying With Love

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    Pray with Love on today!


    We are praying unto God for the desires of our hearts!

    Join me tonight and bring someone.

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    Praying with Power and Love

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as we pray with power and love. We are praying that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing that we won't have any room to receive. Continue to pray and believe that God can and will open and close doors and. less God for the formation of each door and the opening or closing of each.


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    Silver the Nationally Known Author

    in Spirituality

    Silver A.Lee, started  her career as a writer at the age of 18 years old, writing about her daily life and, experience. Silver A. Lee was born in Los Angeles California even though she wrote journals she became an official published Author in year 2009 " Breathe: based on a true story following Amazing bedtime stories, and The Lost Little Boy starring Josiah Lee series 1,2,3,4,5 &6." Silver A.Lee graduated from high school, and holds a certificate in creative Writing. She also drop her first album " My Destiny Is Not Fate, and Silver Hummer" in year 2007. Silver A. Lee famous quotes to say " I love being alive on a day like this" and " Live Learn, And Keep On Like Living". Currently, Silver A.Lee has her continuing stories in publishing, and more.

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    Praying with Love

    in Spirituality

    Join me tonight as we pray with Love.

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    Praying with Love

    in Spirituality

    If you want to join us tonight as we pray, feel free to do so! Many things change when one begins to pray! Pray until something happens and continue to pray. One song writer said stop talking to God about your mountain and tell your mountain about your God. It is going to be okay. Hang in there!

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    Tomorrow's interview is with Mr. Keith Douglas:@5pm CST


    Keith Douglas was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Los Angeles CA. He knows he has what it takes to make it in society. Moving to Los Angeles, he saw where he wanted to take his journey and from there he learned the system at hand. With years of experience and patience, Keith decided to develop his own company with his law partner Joseph Gellman something that will not only speak to the music industry but allow opportunities as well.

    From there RKD Music Management was born. He has been in the music and entertainment business for 15 years managing, advising and giving aid to the inquiring and talented minds of today. In addition he is also responsible for music on the movie ‘This Christmas" soundtrack which released in 2007 with Chris Brown, Loretta Devine and Idris Elba. 

    Keith was co-producer of the film  “Jada” in 2009 which is now on DVD in stores. The film featured actors Clifton Powell, Rockmond Dunbar, Sienna Goines to name a few. RKD Music & Talent Management has recently launched Speakers Bureau Institute (SBI), an agency catered to actors and musicians providing a platform for speaking engagements and appearances. Keith is a spokesman for many Gospel, Youth and Empowering Conferences. He is Executive Producer of The Book of David: Transition CD project by Dave Hollister which was nominated for a 2007 BET Gospel Album of the Year 

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    Dr. Love Unscripted Anointing

    in Spirituality


    Child of God, daughter, sister, friend, stage play director/writer, leader, former army service, community advocate radio host, national speaker, writer and promoter, Love have commenced on the journey of improving current conditions that cannot wait. In 1997, Dr. Love attended and graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Education (English) and Kinesiology. Upon graduating from Baylor University in 2002, Dr. Love went on to pursue a Master’s Degree (Education Leadership)at Prairie View A and M University, with some special emphasis on planning and instruction at Texas A and M. University. Since Love would not wait a year or two years to go back to school, 2005 proved to be the year that Dr. Love would work toward obtaining her PhD (Education Leadership), which she did.

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  • Top 15 Countdown on Alfredaloveshow.com

    in Spirituality

    10pm tonight only on blogtalkradio.com

    Top 15 Countdown on Alfredaloveshow.com
    1. Psalmist-Tamela Mann-This Place
    2. Psalmist-Eddie Ruth Bradford-Too Close to the Mirror
    3. Bishop Rance Allen 
    4. Pastor, Cesear-Jesus 
    5. Psalmist Dottie Peoples-On Time God
    6. Psalmist Laurie Vincent-My Deliverer
    7. Psalmist Yolanda Adams-Battle Not yours
    8. Psalmist Erica Campbell-I Luv God
    9.KeKe Sheard-Free
    10. Musician-Jonathan Nelson-Called to be
    11. Psalmist Vickie Winans-How I Got Over
    12. Minister-Beverly Crawford
    13. Minister Kathy Taylor-Oh How Precious
    14. Musician-James Fortune-Live Through it
    15 Psalmist Angela Blair-God is Able

    — with Alfreda Love and Freda Love.