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    Love and Relationships...

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    How do we get over someone? When do we call it quits? Is there a way to know someone is "the one"? Lets be honest about love and relationships....Are you in an amazing relationship? Cant seem to find the right person? CALL UP AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION.... 347-855-8692(PRESS 1 TO GET ON AIR)

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    Interracial Relationships in 2016

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    In today's society we see so much going on. There is the climate of black vs white, with that do people still believe in "Interracial Relationships"? Does your upbrining have a imapact on your decision to date another perosn of a different nationality? Who does it benefit? Why do we see more "Black" men dating/marrying "white" women? Is there a pychological issue behind it all? Listen as we address these issues. #I94Podcast

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    Valentine's Day - Love and Relationships in a Spiritual World

    in Spirituality

    Tune in tonight at 8pm EST to hear renowned Canadian clairvoyant Dr. Douglas James Cottrell for a special Valentine's day show centred around love and relationships and how to have a spiritually full relationship.

    The number to call in is (718) 766-4421, bring us your burning questions!

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    Black Love & Relationships: ARE YOU PREPARED?

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    The climate and times that we are living in have changed.If you have been paying attention this has been quite evident for some time now. If an emergency were to happen, would your family have the means to withstand power outages, extrememe heat or cold? Flooding? What about a lack of food because the grocery store has run out? Do you know how much water you should have per person in your home? What about a means to purify water? How much of your perscription medication do you have as back-up because the pharmacy wont be giving you anymore? It is important that you learn what to do in the event that SHTF...and believe me people.. it will! Just ask the people in St. Louis what happened a week ago...Do you think they expected the major flooding that just happened? Don't under estimate the writing on the wall. Brothers and Sisters, it is time to develop a serious alliance to battle the upcoming events that could take you out no matter your race, color, creed, religion, age, or financial status.

    Joining us this week will be guest David Wren of the Thando Radio Show. He will explain in detail what you need to learn, do , and teach in the areas of survival and preparedness. 

    We will also be joined by Ms.Yolanda Spivey of Michael Whitney Insurance. This Black-owned company will inspire you to take a look at your current insurance policies, and modify them according to what your current needs are concerning your family and preparedness.

    Join us by calling in at: (917)889-2830 PRESS THE NUMBER 1 TO BE HEARD.







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    Love and Relationships- How to take responsibility in your relationship

    in Motivation

    Kathryn Tornquist is a nurse-Psychotherapist, Certified Energy Medicine practitioner, and Consciousness Coach. For the last 30 years, Kathryn has been working with individuals, and couples in her quest to help people understand themselves in order to achieve more fulfilling relationships in their lives. Kathryn is passionate about working with couples, and believes that so much of the pain that grows in relationships, can be prevented.

    In todays show, we will explore the idea of taking responsibility in our relationships. We will look at the spiritual perspectives of Jon Gottman's love maps and 'the sound relationship house'. 

    For more information about Kathryn's work visit: www.ktornquist.com


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    Intention: The Key To Success In Life, Love And Relationships

    in Relationships

    How do you get what you want in life, love and relationships? Well, here's what does not work: merely wishing for, wanting, needing and/or deserving it. On this edition of Grown Zone Radio, learn why you can't succeed without intention, and why it requires investment from you in four key areas:

    Your Time.  Are you intentionally investing it in reading books, attending seminars and other activities (many of them free) to enhance your personal growth?  

    Your Attention. How much focus are you intentionally giving to challenging your beliefs, considering healthier choices and learning to love self?

    Your Energy. How much effort are you putting into new habits and behaviors in order to intentionally achieve better outcomes for your life and relationships?

    Your Money. What percentage of your income is invested in information, education and training to intentionally achieve your goals? 

    Check out this edition of Grown Zone Radio to learn why your intention matters, and how to commit to it TODAY by signing up for our free 21 Days of Grown Zone: Intentional Personal Growth at GrownAdvice.com.

    GIFT: Get this FREE ebook NOW —> 9 keys To Finding Healthy Love Even If You Have No Idea Where To Look!

    Buy the Book: LovingInTheGrownZone.com

    Official Site: GrownZone.com

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    Why People Cheat in Relationships ?

    in Romance

    A sad reality that many must face in relationships is that we can’t control what our mates do.  Even though you might do your best to fulfill their needs, ultimately it’s up to them if they’re going to be faithful.  But, if fidelity is simple as it seems?  Is it merely just a choice, or are some people more prone to infidelity?  

    Well, thanks to the study of many scientists, psychologists, and sociologist, we will look at several studies that dissected fidelity and the myths along with it.  Remember, that with science all these things are theories, and it’s not indicative of every person that you date/marry. 

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    "Left For Dead" on"Relationships and You"

    in Family

    YES!  We are talking about "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" on "Relationships and You" with the WONDERFUL Radio Talk Show Host....Robin Manley!


    It's sad but its true!

    Let's TALK ABOUT IT on "Relationships and You"

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    Black Love &Relationships: We Can Do It For Ourselves

    in Culture

    Join SiSi Harry and Co-Host Robert Miner at 6PM PST/8PM GMT/9PM EST.

    Call in to be heard at (917)889-2830

    Press the number 1 to be heard


    Black Love and Relationships is a place where we promote love and unity among melanated brothers and sisters. Our commitment is to promote love, peace, and unity between all of the survivors of the global diaspora. Every week we will bring you hot topics that delve into the Black experience.


    This we we will interview the brothers and sisters of Black Tradelines. Our discussion will detail how their contribution is so crucial to adding structure in the area of economics to the Black community.

    Next we will speak with Mr. Don Daniel creator and CEO of the P.I.L.L. Method. Mr. Daniel has been successful in teaching individuals how to re-structure their finances, therefore paying off debt much earlier.

    Join us by calling in and pressing the number 1 to be heard.


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    Frank Relationships: Corporal Punishment w/ Drs. Robert Larzelere & Lisa Fontes

    in Romance

    Is spanking a good thing?  A bad thing?  Is it effective?  Is it legal?  During this show we are joined by Robert E. Larzelere, Ph.D. and Lisa Fontes, Ph.D.  Find out the answer to many of the questions related to corporal punishment on this edition of Frank Relationships. 

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