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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - Peace and Prosperity Now

    in Spirituality


    I turn the focus of my awareness on the Now of Now. This is the moment in eternity when my heart meets the Eternal Presence at the center of my being. In this now moment, the past, the present and the future  are joined in the sacred unity of That Which Is Forever the Source and Substance of All That Is. I remember now that there is only One Power and One Presence, One Source and One Creator of All-That-Is.  The burning bush of Divine Consciousness  blazes in me, saying Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh” - I AM that I Am.  I re-cognize that the Great I AM of all that is in the Cosmos HAS BEEN, IS NOW, and SHALL FOREVER BE THE PERFECT GOOD throughout all eternity and time. As I go back to my remembered past, I see beyond my mistakes and the mis-steps of others. Even in those moments of forgetfulness, Infinite Life and Love have always been fully present as my soul’s Eternal Reality. In the Sacred Mind of the Infinite, I  AM created in the likeness of The Living One—the Ancient of Days. I realize that the One Presence, expressing Itself as All-that-Is, is only Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Intelligence, Creativity, Abundance, and Ever-Expanding Good. These Qualities are All that is Real in my Life and in all of my relationships. Anything else in appearance is a phantom projection of false ideas and misunderstandings. Today, I look into the past and allow the “false evidence appearing real”  to be restored to perfection in the Eternal Light of Truth. My life in the Eternal Now is Perfect. I open the space in my consciousness for the Perfection of the Living One to be expressed in me, through me, and as me. ~ Maisha

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    'Fighting' Terrorism With Peace and Love

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    In light of recent events and my heart goes out to those and their families who have dealt with tragedy in San Bernadino, CA, Paris, and of course those afflicted worldwide. This idea of 'Terrorism' is a very hot topic and has been for the better part of 20 years and more here in the US. This podcast is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in 911, and other recent events as well as their loved ones. I truly believe the only solution is Peace and Love.

    Vibrating Peace and Love to the best of my consciousness level,





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    When Love Takes Over the World will achieve Peace

    in Lifestyle

    If the people of the world live in a place of pure love can the world achieve peace and balance? Although most of us seek love on a daily basis, why is the idea of love so difficult to attain?

    Join us Tuesday Dec 15, 2015 at 7:00pm Est Usa as Miss Raina discusses the idea of bringing peace and balance to the world through the idea of Love. Miss Raina will share a few tricks on how to shift our consciousness on a daily basis to so that we can learn to come from a place of light. This idea of love has nothing to do with our romantic relationships, but focuses on a higher universal vibration.

    Speak Live with Miss Raina: 310-861-2341

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Physical Balance

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder and CEO of Miclknight. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker and passionate about healthy and balanced living.

    Why is Physical Balance so important?

    ex.: Jr.'s story from when we took him in (November 11, 2009, prior 2 years convalescent home after amputation of left leg) to when he passed away (September 21, 2015 at 92 years and exactly 8 months) 6 years of learning, challenges, solutions, (vegetable, reduced meds with Dr.'s knowledge, interacted with him, healthier nutrition, better hydration, started swimming after 5 months living with us, increased swimming to 1 mile a day, sometimes 2 miles!)


    ex.: my story November 5, 2015

    What does Physical Balance prevent? What are the benefits? How can we achieve them? 

    No marathon needed! Consistent, daily exercise makes a big difference, not just physically, also emotionally, spiritually and what we'll see next week, mentally. Even passive exercising is better than no exercising.

    Gift:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPXGVscQmT4

    Contact Info:




    Until next week! Stay happy, healthy, balanced and empowered!

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    Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace?

    in Relationships

    Many ladies get an engagement ring for Christmas -- and couples begin to plan their wedding.   This year I did a wedding ceremony for a couple who wanted to have a very traditional wedding ceremony - including speak now or forever hold your peace and what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.   I will go into some of the reasons why these words were originally spoken and ask some questions to see if perhaps we might start to say some of these traditional words again!!!     

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    Love, Law, and Character Development

    in Goals

    Tune in each and every Tuesday 8am PST/ 9am MST / 10am CST /11am EST

    Live life freely in love, know the various laws of life, and always continue to develop a positive character ~ Issa

    Believe in yourself right now ~ even though it may be hard. You do not have to be up, to look up. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by darkness, surrounded by negativity or give in to despair. None of these things improve your life. Do not give yourself permission to feel sorry for yourself, or give up your power. Start right now to take massive action on your own behalf to move your life forward. You can do this! Keep your mind focused on the outcome you desire. It takes discipline of mind, heart and spirit to create your breakthrough. What you think about you bring about. Despite your circumstances and all of the challenges you are facing, know this. Now it is time for you to believe it! Make it happen. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you! ~ Les Brown

    Life has two rules: #1 Never quit #2 Always remember rule # 1 – Unknown

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    Healing with Love Peace and Harmony

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of the Oracle Treehouse we are continuing our tribe the healing of breast Cancer Awareness Month and talk about using a Love Peace and Harmony to healing.

    I know you may be thinking love peace and harmony to heal? Yes. It’s just that simple. Add this practice to your daily routine and experience the benefits.

    Tune in to discover more.  I will also be taking your calls for free live on the air readings.

    As the Healer, Medical Intuitive and Oracle/Tarot card reader and Lady of the Oracle Treehouse, I provide a place for those with and open mind and heart about the spiritual world to learn and grow. I welcome you. Here we learn, explore and experience the spirit world, we learn, teach how to heal ourselves from the inside out, and develop our own intuition.  

    My shows are for informative purposes.  My show is just the catalyst to spark, point the way and or get started or look into more. If you have questions, ask here, google and/or find other resources.  

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    Healing4innerpeace Announcing Love for All Hatred for None Day A Global Event

    in Spirituality

    Announcing Love for All Hatred for None Day  A Global Event


    For more information:



    Love is the one thing that can bring us all together.

    To serve that purpose, the Global Mission of Peace (GMoP) announces the first international Love for All, Hatred for None Day on Sunday, January 31, 2016, a day of sharing, caring and celebration.

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveforallhatredfornoneday. Refer to this page to see what others are doing.

    On Love for All, Hatred for None Day, if you are aware of a group that has been insulted, injured or otherwise hurt by words or deeds of hatred, you can take action to apologize and make amends on behalf of the community. For example, bring flowers to the injured parties. Another idea is to organize a fix-up event to repair vandalism.

    The Global Mission of Peace feel that such acts can bridge the gap between people of all faiths and can defuse the hatred and fear that’s been fomented against so many God-loving people.

    For more information and to see the Love for All, Hatred for None Day activities promoting caring, tolerance and acceptance, see our Facebook page above.

    In addition, we’re encouraging people in all the world’s religions to join in peace and love by giving the prayer below for reading at worship services to be held on January 31 or held on days leading up to that day.


    Thank you for considering this gesture of caring and reconciliation.


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    Blessing Circle... peace, love, thankfulness and joy.

    in Women

    Our intentions are pure....

    This is an invitation to experience hope and peace as we pause and experience beautiful moments that become extraordinary with Simply Grace Founders Diahana Barnes, Mikki Lessard and Nancy Feth.  Your soul will be soothed with reflection and a blessing, honoring ourselves, each other and humanity.  The simple hope to know; peace, love, gratitude and joy... 

    The moment faith becomes a reality in our vision, we begin to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and do the incredible... Breathing grace into our hearts and our very being. Grace is the light, the love, the hope, the faith that fills each of our souls with peace. Moment by moment notice the extraordinary, life is a beautiful wonder...feel its divine miracle.  This is Simply Grace...

    Simply Grace Community
    Simply Grace


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    Peace, Love and Poetry: PLP Radio Edition with Suite Franchon Ep 5

    in Poetry

    From the stage and page to the radio mic... Artist, Promoter, Entrepreneur Suite Franchon brings light to Master Griot Radio as you and she manifest Peace, Love and Poetry on the radio. The PLP Radio Edition welcomes to the mic the founder of the GENIUS IS COMMON movement, BRUCE GEORGE. Bruce also is co-founder of HBO's Def Poetry Jam, a Peabody Award Winner, author, poet and activist.

    CALL IN to promote your art and business as we focus on highlighting artists and entrepreneurs whose work and artistic expression demonstrates values of love, peace, hope and positivity.

    Peace, Love and Poetry, affectionately called PLP, and the PLP Soul Opera Edition, are unique quarterly showcase concerts that have become favorites among the Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, and Philadelphia communities and beyond. The PLP production promises an organic and quality experience of live performances featuring the area’s uprising talent.

    The PLP: Soul Opera Edition is a hometown bragging rights favorite that features seasoned professional performers from the tri-state area. Soul Opera is Telling stories of Love and Life through poetry, music and song! Customized universal and unique themes at every show! SuiteFranchon is the Founder, Creative Director, and Host of Peace, Love & Poetry. PLP4Life!

    AND you ask, Who is SUITEFRANCHON? VISIT:

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    National LOVE Day - Tell someone you LOVE them tonight - BE MY VALENTINE!

    in Entertainment

    Have you ever loved somebody and missed the opportunity to TELL THEM?  Don't miss this chance for a special moment to make this happen Live on the Heart to Heart with Christy Love Show, Then ask them to be your VALENTINE.