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    "Love Triangle?"

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    Have you ever been involved in a 'love triangle' or known somebody that has?

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    Ep. 2 The "Love Triangle: Sex, Music & Sports" Show

    in Romance

    Thanks to everyone who listened & called into the LT Show last wed for the Premier.
    TONITES TOPICS: "Long Distance Relationships" Do they work? Can they work? & "Faking Orgasms" Do only women fake orgasms? Do men? Is it ever ok to fake it? Plus celebrity news & juicy GOSSIP :)
    Call us up & join the discussion 347-826-9875. Join Zo-Hefner, Lady Mo & Dee Racks for another episode of the Love Triangle: Sex, Music & Sports Show. Follow the Show on Twitter @lovetriangle619

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    Ep. 4 The "Love Triangle: Sex, Music & Sports" Show

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    TONITES TOPICS: 1. ONE NITE STANDS: Have you done it? Were you a victim of a One Nite Stand? Did you like or dislike it? Have you ever seen or heard from them again?
    2. JUST FRIENDS: Can males & females ever just be STRICTLY friends? Have you ever had feelings for a mutual friend? Have u ever had sex with someone you considered to be just a friend?
    Also our Hate It or Love It song of the nite will be Trey Songz "Inside Pt.2", plus all the juicy celebrity rumors & gossip.
    Join Zo-Hefner, Lady Mo & Dee Racks for another episode the Love Triangle: S.M.S. show. Follow the show on Twitter @lovetriangle619

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    Ep. 5 The "Love Triangle: Sex, Music & Sports" Show

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    TONITES TOPICS: 1. Booty Calls. Do you still have a list? Do you still recieve those late nite calls during Booty Call hours? Do you men still carry the old "Black Book" lol?
    2. What Is The True Definition of Playa? Why is there a double standard when it comes to single women dating multiple guys?
    3. First Dates. What would be a deal breaker? What would be a impressive First Date? If going out to eat, does the quality of the resturant matters?
    And we have a special surprise tonite from Kimmy Leaks...You gotta listen to find out exactly what it is that she does, trust you don't wanna miss this :)
    Plus we have our Hate It or Love It song of the nite by Tank ft. Chris Brown called "Lonely" 
    Join Zo-Hefner, K.O. The Voice, Lady Mo & Dee Racks for another episode of the Love Triangle Show. Follow the Show on Twitter @lovetriangle619

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    Ep. 3 The "Love Triangle: Sex, Music & Sports" Show

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    TONITES TOPICS: 1. New Nookie / D*%$ vs Same O Everyday Nookie / D*%$. Is having sex with that 1 (or multiple) person enough? Or is occassional new nookie / d*%$ needed from time to time?
    2. In House Nookie / D*%$ vs Out House Nookie / D*%$. Is it always a good thing having in house nookie / d*%#? Does the sexing increase, stay the same or decrease over time?
    3. Does Size Really Matter? Do ladies really want a man with 10inches or more? Can a small dick willy guy really satisfy you? Big or small, ladies what do u prefer?
    Plus all the juicy celebrity gossip & Rumors. Our LT Jam of the nite will be "Climax" by Usher. Call us up & voice ur opinions. Join Zo-Hefner, Lady Mo & Dee Racks for another episode of the Love Triangle S.M.S. Show. Follow the show on Twitter @lovetriangle619

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    "Run at Destruction - A True Fatal Love Triangle"

    in Books

    Author Lynda Drews talks about the very personal journey for her in reliving the death of her close friend in “Run at Destruction – A True Fatal Love Triangle.”   This true crime story takes place in the mid-1980s within a close-knit group of avid runners in small-town Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lynda had a front-row perspective on this case, and 25 years later she became an unbiased narrator in taking a reporter's approach to analyzing the evidence.   While researching the book, Lynda gradually uncovered new insight about her friend Pam and herself. Surprisingly, she discovered that her previous beliefs about Pam's death had changed.   Hosted by true crime author Mike Dauplaise, “Behind the Bookshelf” brings you the stories behind the books and the authors that write them.   “Run at Destruction” will be featured on Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Affairs” program on August 31 and September 1, 2013.   Click here for the paperback version of the book.   Click here for the Kindle version of the book.   Interested in getting some help with your book? Check out Mike's coaching and publishing program.  

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    Al Diaz, Lue Maxwell "Body, Mind & Cupcakes: A Love Triangle"

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Lue Maxwell share their insights on "Body, Mind & Cupcakes: A Love Triangle"

    Monday, January 13th  10am PST

    Lue Maxwell – an engaging facilitator, host and holistic wellness coach,  – believes there are delicious ways to optimize your wellness without deprivation and medication. Lue will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your health, and live your best life.

    After many years of battling “hereditary” illnesses related to the digestive system and a bum shoulder,  Lue finally managed to make the connection between how she felt both physically and emotionally with the foods she ate – enabling her to alleviate many health problems and other emotional barriers. Armed with her experience connecting nutrition with mind-body health, Lue works with people who know what they need to do, but are so busy helping others they don’t make their own health the priority it should be. www.cascadeholistic.com 

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    Hoops Lounge 060 The LeBron Wiggins Love Triangle

    in Basketball

    The Hoops Lounge 060

    Marc Griffin, Phil Boileau, and Mota Elb talk Andrew Wiggins, Kevin Love, Klay Thompson mega trade rumors in NBA Free Agency:

    What is the Cavaliers best move?
    Who does Flip Saunders and the Timberwolves want most?
    Why is Klay Thompson asking for a max extension?
    Why is Andrew Wiggins not signed yet?
    Why did LeBron not mention Wiggins or Anthony Bennett in his Sports Illustrated article?
    How about a 3 team trade between Cleveland, Minnesota, and Golden State?

    In The Post: NBA Playoffs 2014 Mega Trivia:

    Phil Boileau and Mota Elb battle head to thead in NBA Playoffs trivia. 6 questions. 24 seconds on the clock:

    Who lead NBA Playoffs in triple doubles?
    Did Michael Jordan practice with Bobcats?
    Blazers or Nets—who went further in post-season?
    DeAndre Jordan’s Playoff free throw %?
    Who played more total games this year: Andrew Bynum or Greg Oden?
    How many times did Russell Westbrook outscore Kevin Durant in Playoffs?

    Bonus Questions:

    Who led the Playoffs in Technical Fouls?
    What time intensive basketball thing did Stan Van Gundy do when hired by Detroit Pistons?

    Join the conversation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoopsLounge

    Follow us on Twitter: @montrealmarc @SportingPhil @MotaElb and @HoopsLounge

    Talk basketball with us on social media using hashtag #HoopsLounge


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    Coffee with the Girls: STRANGE Love Triangle!!!!!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Host Reese's Pieces and Co-host Mo for another wonderful episode of Coffee with the Girls!
    This week we will be discussing the CRAZIEST LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!!! One Woman married to One Man who was involved with 2 other woman, 23 men and now a transgender woman who wants a REALATIONSHIP with the husband!!!!!!! What should the wife do? Leave him or seek counseling and honor her vows? Call us at (347) 934-0471 let us know what you think she should do

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    Movies to Love: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

    in Film

    Take a step back in time in the1967 Movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? This one is filled with laughs and lots of shocked faces. A couple truly deals with Joey’s (the daughter) challenges of bringing home a black fiancé, Was this love or rebelion?  The Drayton’s and the Prentice must come to terms in a true coming in of liberal situation it stars with  Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn. True gifted acting. Tune in Saturday at 6pm and test your truthfulness of being liberal at that place and time

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    The Love Zone USA.com - Merry X-Mas Countdown Show

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tune in to hear the top 7 songs of the last 7 days with the Producer of The Love Zone USA.com Toney Diamond.
    The Love Zone USA countdown with the best in Hip Hop, RnB and Reggae

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