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    Love Talks with GG Renee!

    in Religion

    Today I'll be conversing with GG Renee the author of The Beautiful Disturbance and Wallflower. GG is a self proclaimed introvert who found her voice and is inspiring and helping other women to do the same. 

    If you visit her website allthemanylayers.com you'll see her intro of herself as follows: Author, Coach. Feeler. Overthinker. If you are a crazy beautiful complex free creative inspired love drunk woman, then you are in the right place. I write to inspire you. Here, we explore all the many layers of being a soulful woman. 

    As women we feel the spectrum of not being enough to being to much and GG and I will discuss how to get to a place where you explore and know all of who you are and love her fully.

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    Love Talks with Zo Brown!

    in Religion

    Zo’s formal education includes a BA in Journalism/Mass Media and Sociology and an MA in Social Work (MSW) — both from Rutgers University. Zo’s professional experience ranges from training, adolescent services, anger management, counseling and everything in between. Zo has spoken in schools and churches and participated in various panel discussions within the community.

    Zo’s mission is to connect with individuals in an effort to intensify their development. This is why he created Zo Brown Speaks, LLC a company that provides speaking, coaching and consulting services with a focus on career, family and self-development. He also created Zo Brown Speaks TV, a YouTube video series that provides practical “how to” tips on various topics. Zo’s one-on-one coaching packages and his development workshops reflect his mission. He is sought after by entrepreneurs and professionals for advice and business solutions. His core message is cemented in helping others find success by encouraging the development of their most authentic lives.

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    Love Talks with Pastor G from Lifetime Church

    in Religion

    George Searight II will be joining me on Love Talks today for a candid conversation about walking by faith, building a family and now a church in Orlando, FL. 

    Pastor George just launched Lifetime Church in February after leaving his family and place of his birth to obey God's call to expand the Kingdom of God.  We'll talk about that process and how he hears God speak in his everyday life.  A husband to Nefray and father of Tre' (George Searight III) and a soon to born son, Pastor George has blessed many, especially through A Life, a college campus ministry held at Rutgers University, and continues to walk out God's favor upon his ife in Florida.

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    The Prayer Project on Love Talks

    in Religion

    Blogger for A Love Perfect, Saunya Shelise, will be my guest and we'll converse about The Prayer Project which is an amazing initiative that promotes conversations with God, healing in relationships and wholeness in individuals. 



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    Love Talks with Unplugged NYC!

    in Religion

    Today I 'll be joined by the Host and Special guest artists of Unplugged NYC happening tomorrow night at:

    Tammany Hall 152 Orchaerd Street New York, NY 10002 Doors open at 7:30pm starts at 8pm Admission is $10

    I'll be joined by Brian Garrett who is hosting this open mic, songwriter series as well as the featured artisit Yummy Bigham and The Sisters to talkl about this amazing night of artistry! 

    Brian is a song writer and singer who is looking to promote the real music in a generation where it seems to be a dying art form and refering to sex, drugs an alcohol are the main themes of what we hear on the radio. We'll hear his heart and the voices of theses amazing singers tonight live on the show!


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    I'm Winning iPromise on Love Talks!

    in Religion

    Diana Anosike authoered the book, I'm Winning iPromise about her journey to contentment in singleness where she highlights her journey to wholeness as she became ok with the question, "Why are you still single?" With chapter titles such as Distractions, Who are you re-presenting?, Would you like a drink of water, and I've found no greater love, this conversation will be very encouraging for every person who is single and for those who know people that are single and may have had a struggle or 6 with remaining content. 

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    Tea Time on Love Talks!

    in Religion

    Today I'll be joined by Connie Chris better known as Ms. Berry the winner of the second season of For the Love of Ray J and we'll take our time discussing several topics over a cup of tea like ladies do! So listen in and hear a mature conversation between women about sisterhood, healthy relationships and Men!

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    Love Talks & Veracity Magazine

    in Religion

    I'll be joined by Founder of Veracity Magazine, an online publication, Veracity.com, Maya Chung. Maya is an amazing writer and she's a brilliant young woman who is making huge strides for the Kingdom and having a lot of fun doing it. Maya also uses her magazine to promote other talented writers, ministries, singers and testimonies to help people be delivered and encouraged. 

    Maya has a great testimony and will be sharing along with a great journey she is going to begin as a student at NYU. 



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    The Who, What & Why of Love Talks!

    in Religion

    Welcome to Love Talks With Dea! Today's show will feature an interview with your host, DeaLana Woods about this new broadcast on the various ways God speaks to us in our everyday lives. This first broadcast will provide an opportunity for you to hear what Love Talks is all about! You can expect transparency, enthusiasm, candor and comedy as the voice of God is explored through experiences, interviews and panel discussions. God is always speaking but are we listening and obeying what we hear? Please join us and invite your friends to hear Love Talks because God is Love and He speaks!

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    Love Talks Healthy Platonic Relating!

    in Religion

    Do you think having friends of the opposite sex is poosible, or even necessary?

    Have you ever been confused about the way your friendships with the opposite sex are going?

    Have you ever liked a friend more than you should have or had a friend feel more for you than you were comfortable with?

    I will have Kimo Richardson and Yodit Kifle on to discuss this most riveting subject and share about the importance of healthy platonic relationships and how they can enhance, benefit and propel our lives or how they can be a detriment, disruption, or deterent to where we are destined.

    Kimo Richardson is the author of When The Ordinary Won't Do, and well versed in the discipline of leadership training and coaching. He works with emerging leaders and corporations. He has maintained a great balance in platonic relationships and knows how to teach us how to also. His website is peopleprofitconsulting.com

    Yodit Kifle is the author of Every Day With My Maker, has a women's ministry that connects women with each other to promote godly living callled Within and Disturbed 2 Deliver where she along with co founder Beckie Vasquez, bring awareness to human sex traffikking in the Unitred States. Her website is yoditkifle.com   

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    Love Talks with Glenys Clarice

    in Religion

    I have the pleasure of conversing with Glenys Clarice, my cousin who is a mentor in the Atlanta area and has been inspiring, encouraging and motivating women to live out their dreams and theire best life.

    As one of the founders of Relaunch Your Life Now she has a voice for this generation and you'll be encouraged to hear her story and seee that you can pursue your passion to help others progress in life also.

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