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    Love Story Part 2

    in Christianity

    VALENTINE'S DAY 2015 is behind us, but tonight, on Ministry Along the Way Radio, we are still talking about L-O-V-E, LOVE!!! 

    Last week's topic opened up a dialogue about LOVE that we would like to continue. We talked about LOVE vs LUST and how to recognize the difference. We are talking about relationships so tell us your LOVE STORY!! We are still asking the questions...What has LOVE moved you to do for the special person in your life? What has LOVE moved them to do for you? We also want to know what LOVE has taught you.

    Married, Single, Separated, Divorced...we want to know what LOVE looks like to you. Have you "lived and learned" or "been there and done that"? Tell us about it! We want to hear your FUNNY VALENTINE'S DAY stories and SWEET ANNIVERSARY stories as well. LOVE is STILL in the AIR on Ministry Along the Way Radio! 

    Dial (347) 637-3604 to join us in this moving conversation about relationships past and present and even hopes for the future. Can LOVE really last a lifetime?

    Ministry Along the Way Radio is "live" each Tuesday at 7:00 PM CST.

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    Love Story Part 3

    in Christianity

    Tonight on Ministry Along the Way Radio, we will continue talking about L-O-V-E, LOVE, and the relationships between men and women. This has been an intriguing subject that has sparked an on-going dialogue even off the air. In this third conversation in the series "LOVE STORY" we will be joined by life coach, Marsha Dixon. Marsha struck a chord with many of our listeners when she joined us last week. She brought much insight and common sense to the table on the subject of LOVE and relationships and we can't wait to chat with her once again, this Tuesday night, February 24th at 7pm CST.

    You are invited to call in and share your thoughts on LOVE with us, our special guest, and the listening audience. Tell us your LOVE STORY. Remember, this radio program is all about sharing the journey and helping each other Along the Way, so dial (347) 637-3604 and share with us some of the insight you've gained through experience, observation, and God-given revelation over the years.

    This is Ministry Along the Way Radio and we are "sharing the journey"!

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    The Love Story

    in Christianity

    Yesterday, we celebrated Valentine's Day with our love ones. We expressed our love with flowers, candy, gifts and cards, and today Pastor Douglas will go into depth on the subject of love in the message entitled, The Love Story. Join us as we travel down lover's lane. You don't want to miss it! Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13.

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    "We Are Spirit; An Immortal Love Story" with Author Kenneth Comerford

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds will be interviewing Author Kenneth Comerford.  They will be discussing Kenneth's book "We Are Spirit; An Immortal Love Story."

    More About Kenneth Comerford;

    Kenneth Comerford was born in Cortland, NY in 1934.  His diverse higher education includes studies at Universities in Arizona, California and Colorado in the subjects of Human Communication, International Relations and Trade, Law and Psychology.  As a cryptologist he served in USAF Intelligence during the Korean Conflict and Cold War with Russia. He earned
    a BA from Arizona State U. and an MA in Communication and Leadership in the Organization from U. of Northern Colorado, each with honors.

    He had an extensive career as VP for Institutional Advancement in Higher Education, religious and non-profit organizations. He was a National Representative, serving the American Cancer Society for thirteen years.              

    Ken most values his relationships with Native Americans, with convicts to help them build better lives and in service to cancer patients who were rehabilitating themselves  He has been a member of MENSA, the high IQ Society for many years.

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    Marriah and Bhakti: Our Love Story... Your Love Story

    in Spirituality

    On May 30, 2014, Marriah and Bhakti met at Dance Friday. 

    This is a story that is truly stranger than fiction... 

    Bhakti's side: She has always received intuitive "hits" about important people in her life. She has also received guidance from Tarot Card reader Izolda Trakhtenberg.  During the Spring Solstice in March 2014, Izolda did a Tarot reading and said Bhakti was about to meet her partner. On May 1, Bhakti received an intuition that she should do a month-long cleanse to prepare to meet her partner. On May 30, she received an intuition that she would meet her partner that day...


    Marriah's side: He had done "The Wisdom Hour" radio show for 2 years, 3 hours every day. Starting in January 2014 he decided to stop doing the radio show, deactivate Facebook, and go within as he figured out his life. He got divorced March 27. He started going out to physically meet people. He started communicating with his stepmother about what they had experienced over the past 30 years. After many failed attempts to meet a new partner, Marriah decided that his future was in Tucson, Arizona, his home town, not in Boston, Massachusetts. So, he decided to move back to Tucson in mid-June. He gave up on ever meeting his partner in Boston, or anywhere else in the Northeast. He went to a Memorial Day Bar-B-Que and met a friend, a French woman named Leela, and told her "I'm leaving Boston in mid-June, let's have fun together until I leave. What do you have in mind?" Leela invited him to go with her to Dance Friday on May 30. So, Marriah went to Dance Friday, which happened at the exact same time as his 15-year college reunion. He arrived early and was about to leave to go to the reunion... 


    This is our love story.


    What is your love story?

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    Multiple Sex ~ Your Ultimate Love Story!

    in Spirituality

    "It's time we introduced the six varieties of Greek love into our everyday way of speaking and thinking." Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma and Philautia! "The Diverse Greek system of loves can also provide consolation. By mapping out the extent to which all six loves are present in your life, you might discover you've got a lot more love than you had ever imagined---even if you feel an absence of a physical lover." Join Rev. Goddess and explore your ultimate love story in the way you have expressed love in your life and in the way you have allowed others to treat you! NOW, learning about EROS and the many styles of MULTIPLE SEX, you can choose to enhance, rewrite, remove or evolve your story! Rev. Goddess will guide all listeners through a release ritual and calling in LOVE ritual! Goddess Blessings 



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    in Entertainment

    They were both looking for love. She is a bisexual woman, he is a transgendered man. What could possibly go wrong? The answers Wednesday, April 29, 3 pm ET when joining Halli at her table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is the author of a profound new book WHEN MY BOYFRIEND WAS A GIRL, Sunshine Mugrabi.

    In her mind-blowing memoir, Mugrabi shatters any preconceived notions you have about gender, relationships, and love. Part love story, part Rorschach relationship test, and a psychological mirror for everyone who has ever been in love -- WHEN MY BOYFRIEND WAS A GIRL gives readers an extremely rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of transgendered people and those who love them. Sunshine Mugrabi has a B.A. in Philosophy from Vassar College and a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University. She has been a freelance and staff writer for such publications as Red Herring, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Curve Magazine, and The Daily Hampshire Gazetter. Her short story, “The Last Time,” was published in The Lullwater Review. 

    Bruce Jenner gave us one side of the story, there’s another. WHEN MY BOYFRIEND WAS A GIRL on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show with the wife of a transgendered man, Sunshine Mugrabi Wednesday, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    A True Love Story with John Bevilaqua

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to this Valentine's Day special! John Bevilaqua is a Sports Marketing guru who recently completed an inspirational book about the relationship he shared and still shares with his deceased wife Mary Alice. Our conversation delves into the nature of true love, soulmates, coping with loss, and our ability to use our spiritual connection for personal growth and healing. Listen and learn about ways in which John Bevilaqua was able to maintain the spark in their relationship even after Mary Alice took her last breath. Mary Alice's memorial site can be found at www.maryalicememorial.com

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    TJ and Tish's Love Story

    in Christianity

    Have you ever asked the question why wait til marriage to have sex?  If so, you will find the answer in today's program. TJ and Tish, a young Christian couple's love story will share the reason and the glorious benefits of choosing to obey God. If you choose this path, you will receive instruction how to be successful.  First and foremost, having a relationship with Jesus!  TJ and Tish gives insight into effective communication and setting boundaries.  Listen and enjoy!  And we hope today, you will decide God's way is the Best way!

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    A Minor A Love Story of Music and Memory

    in Health


    Margaret Ann Philbrick’s upcoming novel, A Minor, is a beautiful love story exploring the power of music to bring spiritual and emotional healing to those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

    Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with author Margaret Philbrick.  Tami and Margaret will talk about how she came to write this book and how she did her research.  Additionally, they will discuss her creative process, the role of music and dementia and the unique features of her book.

    I will ask Margaret to answer the following questions on the show.  Please feel free to share your responses on facebook:

    What music do you love? How has music impacted your life with significance? Share a favorite musical memory.

    Clive quotes Leonard Bernstein, “Music is the only art which does not require the censorship of the brain before reaching the heart.” Do you agree? Is there any other experience in lifethat fulfills this description?

    Learn more about Margaret Philbrick by checking out her website here.

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