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    The Life Of Love Radio Show with Lakisha Thomas

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                                                             "ITSFUN FRIDAY!!!"

                            Life Of Love L.O.L will inspire you to Laugh, Live and Love!

    L.O.L will give you practical application to achieve the ultimate Relationship Goal. What is that? Your Relationship with God. 

                                        ****LISTEN LIVE  FRIDAY AT 12:00p(est)****

    Our relationship goals are to grow in relationship with The Lord. The most effective way is communication with Him. The program runs in real-time every Friday at noon, EST. 

    Do you have a prayer request? Email LifeOfLoveLol@gmail.com Don't forget to Follow us on Instagram @_LifeOfLoveLol and Facebook: LifeOfLoveLol *

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    08/05/2015: Love Moments with John & Lisa Caston

    in Christianity

    Love Moments with John & Lisa Caston is a KBLS Original Radio Broadcast. John and Lisa Caston are the co-pastors of Heart of GOD Ministry in Chicago, IL. and are committed to sharing the Word and Love of God to every soul. Thank you for joining today's broadcast


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    50 Days Of Prayer, Fasting & Miracles - Victorious Praying [34] (224)

    in Christianity

    This devotional Bible study scheduled for September 4 2015 is based on Mark 10:46-52.

    This study is part 34 of Radio Shepherd's new 50 Days Of Fasting, Prayer, The Word Of The Lord & Miracles Series.  E-mail us at manna4today14@gmail.com to receive daily outlines corresponding each Bible study.

    Please spread the word about this Christ-honoring, soul-inspiring radio program by telling your fellow church members, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers about it!

  • Let's Talk: Love, Sex and Nutrition

    in Self Help

    What do these 3 words all have in common...Manifest...Attraction and Orgasm?
    The universal law of attraction was made most popular by the movie "The Secret". Author, Rhonda Bryne was featured on Oprah, Larry King Live and other talk shows speaking about the power and magnetism of visualization and positive thinking to attract the things and people you want in your life. This Secret, literally changed the lives of millions but also left others feeling cheated because it wasn't producting the results they wanted to see manifest.  Well Honey, Let's Talk Love, Sex and Nutrition is about to throw some extra "stank" on your manifested destinies!

    Join us as we welcome guest, Janine Ingram, Author of Born To Be Rich and host of The Love Journey, Inc, as rocks the shocks us with her sexy tibits on how to spice up your sex life and use the power of the big "O" to make your dreams come true.  You don't want to miss this intimate conversation. 
    So get your wine and open your mind, cause it's about to go down baby!

    Question is... how low do you want to go!


  • Ending the turmoil to find love, joy and happiness.

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels Diane Bucci; angel coach, author and motivational speaker will discuss moving out of turmoil and the possible influences of astrological movement. How can you see ahead and embrace the changes in your future?

    The show starts at 11 am.

    Dial 760 890 7143.

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    The Father has bestowed toward us an incredible love through our rebirth in Christ. How does love really flow in fellowship to others and to our Father? What are the significant differences between lust and love? What does I John 4 tell us about practical applications of love?  Why is the whole Body necessary for the fullness of Christ's love to be fully manifested?  How and why does love cast out fear?  

    Join us as we see how our Lord demonstrated love. 
    The phone lines will be open for your questions and/or comments live on air at: 
    (347) 996-5426. 
    See you there!!! 

  • Psychic Tapestry's Love Show

    in Spirituality

    This is Psychic Tapestry's new show with Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio, focused on the topic of Love. For the three Saturday's in February, Toni was a guest on Psychic Tapestry, taking your calls on love, and offering her intuition and guidance, along with using her Angel Cards. The response was so overwhelming, that we decided to make a separate show completely devoted to that topic - finding love, attracting love and learning to love ourselves. We'll be here every Friday at this time, answering your calls and your questions from the chatroom, Facebook and Twitter!

    Programming note: Toni has a special family event this Friday, so Spiritual, Intuitive Transpersonal Practitioner Julia Hoffman has graciously agreed to fill in!

  • Health and Wellness Show - 4 September, 2015 - Alternative Medicine Overview

    in Health

    Today on the Health and Wellness show we'll be doing an overview of alternatives to mainstream medicine.  Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Orthomolecular Medicine, and more. While discernment is necessary, and it's not black and white that "alternative is good, big pharma is bad," there are many conditions for which natural remedies are safe and effective.  Please join us for a discussion framed around these possibilities.  Included as always will be Zoya's Pet Health Segment.

    Tune in weekly on Fridays at 10am EST!

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    Kingdom Culture w/Willie & Debbie Landy

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    Kingdom Culture w/Willie and Debbie Landy will help you understand the process of God in that it has always been God's purpose that man would live in the image and likeness, the character and power of God as He shares dominion with mankind.  The Culture of the Kingdom is a culture of love and submission to God, love for oneself and for your neighbor as well as for your enemies.  Living Kingdom Culture is living according to the Word of God by the power of the Spirit of God through the grace God has provided for us to succeed at life on His terms.

  • How To Fast Successfully Part 1 Why should I fast?

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

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    Psychic Correlation with RH- Factor&Psychic Questions

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    I will discuss the RH- factor and the correlation of being psychic.  This is ust oneattribute of being RH-.  Everyone has a blood type as you know, however, everyone also has a RH factor.  It can be negative or positive.  I will discuss the RH- factor.  Most people are RH+.  So, where did we come from if we are RH-?  I studied this as I am RH_ and read a lot from Dr. Zachariah Sitchin.  His perspective is that our DNA was tampered with from aliens which were depicted on heiroglyphics in Sumeria which is now modern day Iraq.  

    Being RH- there is a greater risk of miscarriages or spontaneous abortions.  If the fetus or embryo is RH+ and this is your second pregnancy your body rejects the embryo or fetus. It looks aat it as a foreign body.  I will tell you what you need to do if you have this problem. 

    You may have been pregnant and miscarried very shortly and you didn't even know it.  You may have thought you were just late with your menstruation and when it did happen that's all you thought.  Perhaps, you were pregnant even for one week.  If that embryo was RH+ and you are RH- your subsequent pregnancies will spontaneous abort if the next pregnancy is RH+.  I believe this was the case with my mother.  You would need to get a special injection which I believe is called Rhogam.

    I will also take your psychic questions. 

    Love and Light,


    For a detailed reading by phone or email contact me at mia0899css@gmail.com