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    Health Plan Comparison and Private Exchange Financial Management

    in Business

    On this program, hosts Doug and Brent will first discuss the challenges that consumers and employers face today around escalating health care costs and will look particularly at plan selection tools and analytics. For the second half of the program, they will look at financial management considerations for private health insurance exchanges. 

    In the first segment, Dr. Adrian Rawlinson, chief medical officer of Obeo Health, will join the program to discuss the challenges that consumers and employers face today around escalating health care costs. Consumers are often confused and suspicious when new plan offerings are presented to them. Tasks such as picking a health plan, choosing a provider and understanding medical bills can be a frustrating and bewildering experience. The team at Obeo Health has set out to change that with sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools that highlight the benefits of HSAs, CDHPs and allow consumers to model out-of-pocket expenses. These tools combine Big Data prescriptive analytics with personalized health information to provide unprecedented insight into – and influence over – health care choices and expenses.

    For the second segment, the hosts will welcome Brian Ridder, VP of business development at Benaissance, back to the program. In this interview, Brian and the hosts will discuss Brian's upcoming Private Exchange FORUM workshop, "Optimizing Employee and Employer Needs in a Private Exchange – From Enrollment to Premium Billing." To learn more about this workshop, visit the Private Exchange FORUM website.


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    Enlightenment,Self - Love and Distance Healing

    in Spirituality

    Please join Nicole Smith as she discusses enlightenment and self-love.  Please feel free to join in!  Nicole has a private practice in Olympia, Washington.  She is available for in person or distance sessions.  Nicole would love to hear from you if you have any questions,comments or would like to chat further.  She can be reached by phone or text at 541-450-1250, email, che@chenergy.us or her website at www.chenergy.us.   Thanks for listening!

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    Bhyy - Learning to Love Yourself

    in Culture

    Love: We are commanded to Love Yah above all else, and to Love our Neighbor as we Love ourselves *(Matt. 22:36-40)*

    BUT…What if we don’t Love ourselves?

    Before we can Love Yah and those who are of Yah, we have to begin with the woman in the mirror.  If we are to change ourselves, we have to first know and accept ourselves for who we truly are. Tonight we are talking about:

    · Understanding who you truly are

    · Accepting who you truly are

    · Preserving Time for Yourself

    · Battling Depression

    · Teaching People How to Treat You

    · Maintaining Humility

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    The Heart of Love Radio Show with G. Wright

    in Entertainment

    Come through and listen to some inspirational music and conversation and leave refreshed and encouraged.

    Today's Message: "Can you stand to be blessed?"

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    "The Art of Attraction" Identifying the Red Flags of Mr. & Ms. Wrong

    in Relationships

    Kingdom greeings and Welcome to The Essence of My Love for Fuzzy Fridays, with your Hostess, Shawna Romance Coach Davis. It is an honor to share with you. As we are studying from the Song of Solomon. 

    Last week, we were discussing, The Art of Attraction ~ What type of Magnet are you? Why do you attract the same type of person. Why are you drawn to the same person that has the character of your ex?

    Share this broadcast with someone. Invite someone, as we invite you to join us at the following times.

    Broadcast Schedule:

    2 pm EST

    1 pm CST

    12 pm MST

    11 am PST

    To join us live on the Air, please call into (347) 637-1509 

    Studio House Rules:

    1. Please do not use your speaker phone feature.

    2. Please be sure when speaking live, that you are in a quiet setting.

    3. Please keep your questions & comments focused on the topic of discussion.

    4. Please be mindful of others in your time. Keep your time 2-3 minutes. (Unless given the okay to speak longer)

    5. Get your Bible and be prepared to embrace the change. 

    You may now visit our website, www.theessenceofmylove.com and you may also e-mail me at Shawna@theessenceofmylove.com.

    Thank you for your love, prayers and support and faithfulness.

    In His Service, 

    Essence of My Love Romance Team 




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    Bill Martinez Live-Great guests-Politically incorrect thinking-WE LOVE AMERICA

    in Politics

    Bill Martinez Live-Great guests-Politically incorrect thinking-WE LOVE AMERICA

    Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, hosted by an unapologetic AMERICAN U.S. Marine of Mexican descent who knows why people come to America but demands that immigrants come through the front door and that the rule of law be respected. Bill Martinez Live waves just one flag and has no use for hyphenated hearts torn between the Stars and Stripes and some other foreign banner.  We put the United States over party politics and broadcast our unstinting praise of this great land to 250 American cities through CRN, BML syndication and the ever popular Blog Talk Radio platform. 

    Republicans & Democrats have lost a grasp on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for America. Bill Martinez Live helps us regain it. Listen in to the show to hear every facet of the issues but keep your eye on God and the exceptionalism to which he has urged on America and its people. Our nation is at a crossroads but remember your solemn birthright fellow Americans as "We the People".   Would YOU like to be a rapid fire guest? Contact my producer Bill McIntosh at 305-396-2806 and leave a message if he doesnt pick up or email a 30 word intro of yourself and send us your land and cell phone numbers (if you have both) to: ocasomedia@gmail.com

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    Love of Heart Movement-Melinda Cooper-Founder/CEO of Living the Dream Magazine

    in Motivation

    Sheryl Jones-Queen of Hearts interviews Melinda Cooper-Founder/CEO of Living the Dream Magazine

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    Love is On The Air with Author Michele Gwynn on Reverie Radio

    in Books

    Join host Lori Hays for the conclusion of Love is On The Air, on Reverie Radio.

    The week, Beau Coup Publishing Author Michele Gywnn joins us for a conversation about her books.

    Michele E. Gwynn is an author and freelance journalist from San Antonio, Texas. She has worked writing features and covering events for newspaper, magazines, and also contributed to various sites online to include Examiner.com/AXS Entertainment, OpenSalon.com, and Film Industry Network since 2006. She's interviewed a slew of celebrities from actors to HGTV Hosts, and has authored seven books in genres ranging from Erotic suspense to horror, and mystery to a children's illustrated fiction. She enjoys travel, and loves meeting new people. She's also the crazy cat lady owned by four felines named Precious, Sammy, Oscar, and Pip.

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    "Melba Moore Live on The Mike Tee Show"

    in Romance

    We have a treat in store for you on The Mike Tee Show this week.  Actress and R&B Legend will be chatting with host Mike Tee about Love, Life and her new album "Forever Moore." Join Us LIVE! 

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