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    The WRITIVIST* commemorates RWANDA. Answers by Louise UWACU

    in Current Events

    NOTICE : The first half of this show is in English. The rest of the show is in KinyaRwanda. This is a special broadcast for this Sunday April 7th...
    Our Host, Louise UWACU will soon be releasing a new book;
    << THE WRITIVIST* WAR IS WRITE>> and She will be answering all your Questions about it LIVE on Air.... 
    This is also the season of commemorations of all those innocent victims of senseless wars, massacres and genocide of Kamita, Nubi, the one known as Africa today....
    We Remember Rwanda. We Remember Congo. We Remember Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Somalia.... the list goes on. We Salute and Congratulate Kenya, for choosing UHURU (FREEDOM) in AMANI (PEACE)... May the Spirit of the Light of Kamita live on....
    U&I will mostly talk about what ever else will come up... since the show will be based on the Questions we receive...
    TUNE in... CALL IN .... [ +1- 347- 324-5765 ].
    SEND US your Questions and Louise UWACU will answer as much as possible...
    Special Thank you for the captivating book cover image Art Drawing and Illustration done by Maduta Ma Mudi [ MMM ]
    Visit : http://uwacu.com/
    TUNE into The U&I TALK SHOW...

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    The Answers 2 YOUR QUESTIONS 2 Louise UWACU

    in Current Events

    NOTICE: the 1st half of the show is in English and the rest of the show is in French. MERCI. THANK U.
    On today's show, We shall answer all your Questions submitted to the U&I TALK SHOW... Starting with the professional questions...
    Such as; What is MARKETING ? Which role did "Marketing" Play in the presidential campaign and its outcome? What role Can Marketing play in my own life?
    TUNE in...
    AND of course we will also answer the daring questions that our listeners sent to our Host Louise Uwacu through several social medias.
    You wanna stay around for this one...
    We got some funny questions, and some smart questions. We promise nothing but fun answers, or at least simple and sophisticated as usual !
    TUNE in...

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    in Politics Progressive

    1.louise Mushikiwabo arashyira mu majwi ibihugu mpuzamahanga mu guteza umutekano mukeya mu karere.

    2.Ikibazo cya FDLR, ko nta ngufu ifite ndetse ko nta kigazo iteye u Rwanda.

    3.Genocide imwe mu ntwaro Leta y'Agatsiko yifashisha.

    4.Paul Kagame ari Dubai mu nama aho asobanura ko yavanye abanyarwanda mu bukene. 

    5.Police irameza ko Ifunze umunyamabanga wa FERWAFA Olivier Murindahabi.

    6.Police iratanganza ko hashize imyaka igera kuri 7 nta munyarwanda ushaka gutunga imbunda muburyo bwemewe n'amategeko.

    7.Abaturage barashimangira ko batavuga mu Rwanda.

    8.Ntwali William yafunguwe byagateganyo





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    The Douglas/Canady Family & Friends NTWK

    in Friends

    What up Family,TONIGHT Tuesday 9 Feb., 2016 your invited to join Co-hosts Darlene Douglas, Edna Tulip Louise Mathews, Donald Shaw and Myself for an Exciting yet Informative show!! Black History Month is here and we have BLACK HISTORY, pre-slaveships until the current times. Also, tonight we welcome Mrs. Rosetta Spann, she have a special message to the Family you can't miss. Lastly, we open up the phone lines to hear from your family and we have important announcements about Belize Cruise and the New Orleans getwaway. There's MUCH MORE.... See u there!! . Shalom (Peace)

    The Douglas Canady Family & Friends NTWK
    Show times 8-10pm CST
    Tonight's show link http://tobtr.com/8289553

    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind.


    Call phone# (914) 205-5590 to listen. Remember to press "1" to comment. These shows are recorded, you may click on this link and listen later, fast forward and rewind

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    "Jesus My Autobiography" with Channel Tina Louise Spalding

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Channel Tina Louise Spalding, Friday February 5, 2016 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show will focus on the third book she channel entitled Jesus My Autobiography. This will be a special 2 hour show giving callers the opportunity to call in with questions for Tina and Jesus.

    "I have come at this time, in this place, and through this being to speak my truth, to speak the story of my life -- the true story of my life."

    "The purpose of this book is to clarify, to tell the truth, and to share my energies with you so that you can begin the transformation of your mind and, therefore, the transformation of your heart and your world. It is in the misteachings that have been associated with my name that much death and pain has been caused and that much guilt and self-recrimination has been expressed. That was not my purpose; that was not my lesson.

    I talk about the truth of my birth and the truth of my life. I cover some stories that are recounted in the Bible and tell you the true story of those events. I describe some of my personal traits, my human traits, and I define what I am, who I am, and why these things happened. You will be able to understand the truth, and you will begin this reconditioning, this retooling of your mind -- of your thoughts and beliefs -- on this subject of my life, my meaning, and my purpose, for it is a long process. The time is ripe. The need for a spiritual revolution is here."

    -- Jesus, Channeled by Tina

    For more information visit: http://channelingjesus.com/

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    Music Monday with WBT Always Patsy Cline Stars Erin McCracken & Susann Fletcher

    in Performing Arts

    The 194th Production at The Westchester Broadway Theatre is Always...Patsy Cline the true story of singer Patsy Cline and her friendship with one of her fans, Louise Seger.

    This lovely story is brought to life by Erin McCracken singing 26 Patsy Cline songs that are woven throughout the show by Susann Fletcher, who plays Louise Seger with warmth, humor and heart-breaking love. The two of them are just magic and you have the chance to learn more about them on Music Monday here on WoMRadio. We will be sharing them live February 8th at 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive.

    Find out more of the personal story and perfomances for Erin on here site ErinMcCracken.net and Susann at SusannFletcher.com.

    For those of you in the tri-state area of NY - run, don't walk, to the WBT for this limited run of Always...Patsy Cline. For ticket information call the box office at 914 592 2222.

    Thanks to our sponsors Safety Bags LLC and their new division StadiumBags.com and Breanetta Productions. Meet them and all our sponsors in our mompreneur marketplace at WordofMomRadio.com.

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    Spot Readings With Caroline Sutherland ~ Call In!

    in Health

    If you have ever wanted to speak to a medical intuitive, now is your chance. Medical Intuition is the ability to see beyond the normal levels of perception. Call in to Caroline's Radio Show and have a spot reading done for you or a member of your family. Known worldwide for her expertise and spot-on insights, let Caroline introduce you to the fascinating world of medical intuition and answer your health questions for the full hour!

    TONIGHT! Join Caroline on her Monday Night Teleconference ~ Caroline answers your health questions and provides Spot Readings for you and your loved ones! Are you struggling with a health issue? This call is for you. 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET. Register for call-in information here! Listen to all archives, by topic, here.

    “I’ve been a Caroline Sutherland fan ever since the first moment I met her in the ’90s. In fact, she fulfilled a dream of mine. At our first meeting, Caroline looked at me, clearly saw my deficiencies and nutritional needs, and on the spot designed a special plan for my particular body. I felt understood for the first time.” - Louise Hay, Author of You Can Heal Your Life

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    Dr. Rita Louise: Medical Intuitive With A Love For Spirituality & Antiquity

    in Spirituality

    On the February 3, 2016 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Dr. Rita Louise who is the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. She is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field. Her unique gift as a medical intuitive and clairvoyant illuminates and enlivens her work. She is the author of the books Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods , Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4 , Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities and The Power Within.  

    She has produced a number of video shorts who’s titles include:  Ancient Aliens, Genetic Engineering & The Rise Of Civilization, The Truth About The Nephilim Giants, Deceit, Lies & Deception:  The Reptilian Agenda, Paranormal Phenomena:  Attached Entities – The Bad Kids Of The Spirit World, Ghosts, Gods & Myth, The Secret To The Law Of Attraction and Reincarnation:  Have We Been Here Before?

    Dr. Louise credits early childhood influences for the direction her life would take.  By the age of 8, she began searching for spiritual self-discovery pursuing topics including health and wellness, philosophy and the esoteric arts and sciences, including a deep interest in ancient traditions, culture, archeology and human origins. Dr. Louise is a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute where she studied meditation, energy medicine, and learned how to perform clairvoyant readings.  After graduation, Dr. Louise returned to school full time, earning a degree as a Naturopath and then her Ph.D. in Natural Health Counseling. She has also earned the distinction of Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist.

    Dr. Louise's site: http://soulhealer.com

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    in Politics Progressive

    Nyuma yuko  raporo y' Impuguke za ONU isohotse mubinyamakuru, i Kigali haravugwa impungenge zidasaznwe nubwo idashaka kubigaragaza. Gusa na Louise Mushikiwabo wamenyekanye kubwo kuba intyoza mumagambo arengera amafuti ya Leta akorera, ubu noneho Prezida Kagame ngo yaba yaramwihanije kubera ko yari amaze kwiha Ngenda kandi baramuhaye Butamwa gusa. General Karenzi Karake nawe ngo yaba atazi aho ahagaze muri FPR. Impuguke za ONU, nyuma yuko raporo bakoze mukarere ko mubiyaga bigari igaragariye mubinyamakuru nubwo itarashyikirizwa akanama gashinzwe umutekano ku Isi, ubu ngo muri FPR baradagadwa bibaza ikizakurikiraho, banibaza niba batazafatirwa Ibihano.

    Rwigara Assinapol amaze umwaka yishwe. Aho gukora Iperereza kurupfu rwe Leta yahisemo kunyaga imitungo ndetse inishima hejuru y' Umuryango wasigaye. Ibi nibimwe mubyo tuza kuganiraho, hamwe n' Ibindi byinshi.

    Iki kiganiro kiraba kiyobowe na Jean Paul Turayishimye 

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    in Politics Progressive

    1. U Rwanda mu gushyigikira inyeshyamba zirwanya Pres Nkurunziza

    2.Raporo shyashya yagaragaje ibimenyetse zimusiga biregwa u Rwanda 

    3.U Rwanda rukomeje guhakana ibyo birego

    4.louise Mushikiwabo arahakana yivuye imyuma ibyo intumwa za UN zatangaje 

    5.kuki Pres Paul Kagame akomeje kwitwara nk'inyeshyama mu karere

    6.Didier reynders ati Belgique turiteguye kohereza ingabo mu Burundi

    7.fosse commune mu Burundi birashimangirwa na Amnisty International 

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    Fully Persuaded Presents An Evening w/ Apostle Louise Baker

    in Religion

    When it comes to Apostle Louise Alston Baker, the half has never been told.   She is a dynamic and highly anointed woman of God who dares to walk and reach by faith.  She has inspired and propelled others forward to do the same by her life’s example and through mentorship.  By her faithfulness to God and the call on her life, innumerable individuals once bound have come to know God, been set free, healed and delivered.She accepted her call to ministry in 1982 and served on the ministerial staff at St. Paul, a member church of the United Church of God, Inc., in High Point, NC.

     God called her to the office of pastor and in 1996 she became the founding Senior Pastor of Temple of Prayer, Praise and Deliverance, Inc., in High Point.  In her role as pastor and Apostle, she ran a successful radio show entitled “Just A Voice”, extended her outreach to prison ministry, began a weekly outreach to the elderly at a nursing facility, and focused her energies on helping to groom and develop young ministers in the ministry, all while continuing to evangelize in revivals.

    Apostle Baker is married to Frank Baker, and they have two daughters, Crystal and Bridget who are married to Minister George Gatling, II and Rev. Richard Hayes respectively.  She has four adorable grandchildren:  George III, Chloe, Richard Issa, and Sovereign.  Eyes have not seen nor have ears heard all that God has planned for Apostle Baker in life and ministry.  


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