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    From Concept to Open for Business with Louis Ellman

    in Self Help

    Louis is a teacher, author and patent and trademark holder who helps start-ups from initial concept to open for business. My books encourage and teach how to take charge of the entire process.

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    in Hockey

    4/29- NHL Playoffs 2nd Round Western Conference Preview and, if time, more 1st Round Recap!

    NHLBreakdown hosted by Scott Levy, w/George Kurtz of RotoExperts.com covering all the on & off ice NHL action!  Including the Fantasy Reports (IR, Line Combos, Goalie & Waiver Wire reports), that will help keep your fantasy team a constant hockey league threat!


    Shows twice a week:  Mondays @ 5 pm/Fridays @ 2pm (September thru May)

    **Mondays only (@ 5 pm) (July & August).

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    Blackhawks Will Fight Salary Cap Again, Bears Have Options in 1st Round of Draft

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    The Blackhawks will try to return a championship contending roster next season, but it won't be easy. GM Stan Bowman will have his back against the salary cap again, and it might mean losing more of the fans' favorite players. The NFL Draft begins in Chicago tonight! Who are the Bears looking at taking with the #11 overall pick? It better be somebody to help their defensive front seven. Call in @ 347.327.9183! BECAUSE CHICAGO LOVES SPORTS. 

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    Not So Mad Science #HaroldMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Science

    Hosted By: Harold Muhammad

    Harold, an eclectic and voracious reader, began his venture in the world of the written word as a child of 2 years.  Scraps of paper, candy wrappers, dictionary's right through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Yet Harold was driven to books of the sciences. Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, he met them all with great wonder and fascination. He delved into each discipline as if his very life depended upon understanding its depth.

    It was not until the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the essence and understanding of the sciences began to have true purpose and meaning. He said, "all there is to know is written in a book, read".

    Harold began his collegiate pursuit at Hampton Institute; he then forayed to Fairleigh Dickenson University. At FDU the practice of the Social Sciences, public activism, and public speaking became a trusted part of mental fabric.

    Harold is the husband to Celestine Muhammad, and the father of 10 extraordinary children, and 8 grandchildren. Harold has the benefit of having the most exceptional and wondrous teachers to whom he owes all that he has learned, will learn and knows to this very day, The Most  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, his Father Alfred Eatman, and his Grandfather  the Late Captain, Harold D. Hook. 

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    Talk! with Marie Presents Sara Siegel Mass Poetry

    in Writing

    Today's featured organization is Mass Poetry. Marie interviews Writer/Program Director Sara Siegel about Mass Poetry's various initiatives and upcoming Mass Poetry Festival in Salem, MA. Sara directs Mass Poetry's programs, including Student Day of Poetry, Poetry on the T, Common Threads, U35, and Professional Development, and manages the volunteers and interns who help make Mass Poetry run smoothly.

    Sara Siegel is a lifelong writer and crafter based in Somerville. After graduating Washington University in St. Louis and working at women's health organizations in NYC, she moved to Burlington, Vermont to earn a Masters in Public Administration at UVM. Sara's short stories have been published in Wild Violet, Vantage Point, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal and Cleaver Magazine. Her sketch comedy group, Mister Bismuth, regularly performs at ImprovBoston in Cambridge.

    Sandra Beasley • Martha Collins • Mark Doty • Edward Hirsch •Marie Howe • Ada Limón • Greg Pardlo • David Rivard • Charles Simic • Ocean Vuong

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    Song "In The Light by Musician/Songwriter James Olmos

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    UCB Radio: April 27, 2016

    in Sports

    Redbird Dugout's Jon Doble and About.com Sports' Kevin Reynolds talk about the latest in Cardinals baseball. On the first weekend of the month? What?

    United Cardinal Bloggers
    Redbird Dugout
    St. Louis Cardinals on About.com

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    Cardinals fan and writer Andrew Weaver joins The Dose

    in Sports

    Introducing DrewManiac, a writer, photographer and baseball fan. 

    Adam Wainwright still isn't right. What is wrong and can Waino fix it?

    Why are Matt Adams, Ruben Tejada and Seth Maness still on this team? 

    Should Aledmys Diaz hit eighth?

    What do you think of Mike Matheny? Win because of or win despite him?

    Where do you see this team going


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    Who Did It To You? Roundtable Discussion with Sis Pamela and Dr James Jones

    in Current Events

    Prince—The Essence Of Beauty The soul of the man that we know as Prince was beauty. The manifestation of his many gifts was a manifestation of beauty. The essence of his being, in the way Prince gave to others, serviced others through his gifts and skills was a thing of beauty. 

    THE UNSPOKEN DIVIDE AMONG AFRICAN-AMERICAN MEN Make no mistake about it; there is a significant divide that exists between African-American men. In many ways it is amazing that the alluded to divide that cuts across areas such as educational level, socioeconomic status, political leanings, and religiosity/spirituality has not been commented upon more frequently.

    Squashing ‘Beefs’ City By City With Conflict Resolution NEW ORLEANS— Student Minister Willie Muhammad of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 of the Nation of Islam has not slowed down in carrying out the orders of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to establish Conflict Resolution Centers (CRC) in Black communities throughout America.

    Dashcam Footage Shows Fla. Deputies Discussing Whether to Rescue Drowning Girls in Stolen Car  Dashcam footage released shows that sheriff's deputies did not try to save three Florida teenagers who were drowning after driving into a cemetery pond in a stolen car last month,

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    How to Get Along With Family

    in Family

    I had a mini family reunion this past week in St. Louis.    My show today discusses some ways to get along in the family!

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    Can Min. Farrakhan's Meeting Help Black Boys Become Better Men?

    in Women

    On Saturday, April 30, the Nation of Islam is hosting a meeting entitled, "Let Us Make Man." It is a call for boys 13-18 to come and hear a special session with Min. Louis Farrakhan, designed to address the special issues facing African American and Latino youth.  Will this meeting deter youth from the self destructive behavior that lands them in prison? Will it give them the foundation to create a different code of morals and ethics to live by? Will it steer them toward an emotionally secure adulthood? Will it enable them to develop healthy relationships with the opposite sex? Will it lead to a rebuilding of a culture of marriage and family in the future? We'll discuss the teachings that men receive from the Nation of Islam that may have the power to unlearn the slavery conditioning that has destroyed generations of African Americans and Latinos living under American racial oppression. Bro. Toure Muhammad, editor of Bean Soup Times, joins us to take a look at the transformation of men who are exposed to true knowledge of themselves.

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    The Female Solution: Can Min. Farrakhan's Meeting Help Boys Become Better Men?

    in Religion

    On Saturday April 30, 2016 the Nation of Islam is hosting a meeting entitled "Let Us Make Man" in which Min. Louis Farrakhan will be addressing black and Latino youth age 13 to 18 in a session many hope will result in the redirection of this targeted group, and prevent the negative outcome of drugs, gangs, prison, and death. Can Min. Farrakhan steer these young men toward rebuilding a healthy culture of marriage, family and community?  What kinds of things are taught in the Nation Of Islam that help men undo the psychological damage of slavery and racial oppression.  Can one session make a difference or should families commit to a long term process of reprogramming in order to combat the negative influence of hostile economic and political forces that deliberately target black and latino youth for destruction?