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    MMWHP presents Lori Ruff, the LinkedIn Diva

    in Lifestyle

    On April 28th, we celebrate our 250th show and welcome welcome The Linked-In Diva Lori Ruff, to the show

    Lori , CEO of Integrated Alliances shows how to tap into LinkedIn and Social Media to achieve key business objectives.

    Lori is on numerous lists including Forbes Top 50 Global Social Media Power Influencers, Forbes Top 20 Woman Social Media Power Influencer, CEOWorld’s Top Social Media Power Women, AGBeat’s Top 50 Industry Influencer, Moody’s 50 Favorite People of 2012 and Webbiquity’s #Nifty50 Top Twitter Women Writers.

    “The LinkedIn Diva” authored: Keep it Real, Rock the World™ with your Online Presence, and hosts InfluenceRadio.net and co-hosts RockTheWorld with LinkedIn.



    Positive People, Information and News! That is all you will find on Marvelous Mondays with Harry & Phil. Join us each and every Monday night as an alternative to the nightly news and to end your day on a positive note! :-)



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    in Politics Progressive

    Donald Trump is the last man standing. Governor John Kasich finally drops out and Senator Ted Cruz has been vanquished. Democrats fight on as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders slug it out for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Who is the real Progressive? Who has the better chance to defeat Republican Donald Trump? President Obama is in Flint, Michigan as he leads the fight for Justice for the poor people who were wronged in the Flint Water Crisis. What are your honet opinions and thoughts on Governor Rick Snyder?(Please don't hold back?) 

    As we move to the next round of primaries, can Bernie Sanders force a brokered convention or will Hillary steal a win and seal the nomination? Hypothetically speaking, what will happen if Hillary Clinton is brought down by the FBI? Will Bernie be given the nomination or will the Establishment Democrats nominate someone else? Talk is of Vice President Joe Biden being that person. It is for the Democrats to lose as many regular voters have registered as Independent in protest to the DNC. Bernie or Bust will never support Hillary if she is nominated. Can she win without their votes? Can Bernie Sanders defeat the biggest political machine in the history of American politics?

    Let's talk about these topics and anything else on your mind. The stakes have never been higher. Join us as we're not anti-social but just anti-stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!

    CALL IN AT (619) 789-1959. Press 1 to speak LIVE ON AIR. Say first name and where you are calling from.Thanks for pressing LIKE, SHARE, REMIND & FOLLOW buttons.

    "Proudly Representing EVERYTHING RWNJ Hate In America"

    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    Sondra And Marcus Ray Part II

    in Spirituality

    The conversation contiunes, as Reverend Joanna and Reverend Lori present Part II of a conversation with Sondra and Markus Ray.

    Sondra and Markus Ray are master teachers, healers, and practitioners of Liberation Breathing. In this first of a two-part interview, they will explain their methods for finding inner peace though deep healing of core issues that effect us in body, mind, and spirit.  

    Sondra and Markus travel the world with deep devotion to their spiritual path and their dedication to helping people find peace and healing. They will be in South Florida in May for two different workshops, both of which they discuss during our interview.  (details can be found on their website: www.sondraray.com)

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    InternationalThursday MRI-Ruff&Smooth

    in Music

    Monsta International Show with Ms Lovely

    Tonight is the night we expose international artist. We will have artist from all over the world checking into show us what there big buzz is about.

    TONIGHT SHOW - We will interview promoters & artist from around the world

    Special guest interviews *M'S. LOVELY WILL GET THE EXCLUSIVE ON Ahkan Ruff N Smooth, Bullet Ruff N Smooth!

    Sponsor: Global Light Records

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    Let's talk about overcoming challenges with Lori Karpman!

    in Motivation

    Lori Karpman is a dynamic and articulate businesswoman with essential professional designations and over 25 years of real-world business experience in a variety of corporate and not-for-profit environments. A strong leader and valued team-player with outstanding interpersonal skills, Lori understands that communication and respect for human values is the key to productivity and bottom line results.

    But her story is not complete without an understanding of the trials and tribulations of her journey to success. Lori’s struggle with abuse, the lost her health to Crohn’s disease, her divorced after 20 years of marriage, and  the tragic loss of both her parents, were all challenges that would set anyone back. This motivational session is always well received as it motivates others to move forward and past whatever their blockages are.  Her drive, positive outlook on life and sheer will lead her from defeat to glory. Lori’s personal story is one of personal human interest and has both touched and motivated audiences.

    Contact Lori at LoriKarpman.com and find great resources at www.enliten-ment.com

    Contact Tina or take the pledge to love yourself at 40DayLoveFest.com


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    Special 2 hour Correllian Family Hour (Beltane and Lustration)

    in Spirituality

    Every Friday at 9 PM Central you can join Host Rev Donald Lewis for the ~Correllian Family Hour~ as we explore the exciting world of Correllian Wicca.  News and views, interviews, and information on the Correllian Lifestyle.

    Tonight join us for a Beltane Ritual and afterwards a discussion of the recent Lustration and Investiture of First Priestess Co-Regent Stephanie Neal

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    Open Book: "The Pilgrim's Regress" by C.S. Lewis

    in Spirituality

    Maybe you've heard of "The Pilgrim's Progress," an allegory by John Bunyan...now hear the other side of the story! Brilliant author C.S. Lewis (writer of the Narnia books, among others) chronicles his own voyage from disbelief to Christianity in the book "The Pilgrim's Regress." Journey with John the pilgrim as he moves through towns like Claptrap and Puritania to finally finding peace through the ultimate leap of faith! Lori and Alice, your book club mentors, will discuss topics like faith, hell, Providence and making sense of your own spiritual journey. Don't miss it!

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    The Net Live 4/25/16 - Golden Weekend Edition

    in Sports

    Two former TNL Nettie Award Winners sit in on the broadcast.  That's a record!

    The Men's College Super Six field is set.  Get reaction to a terrific week of college volleyball from our AVCA College Volleyball Weekly crew.  Hear predictions for the tournament and reactions to the week's events.  We will celebrate Jay's victory in proper fashion despite the fashion choices of the EIVA.

    Plus, Last week you heard from Doug Beal, CEO of USAV.  This week hear from President of the USAV Board Lori Okimura on what's it's like in an Olympic year, how the BOD is approaching the search for a new CEO and what her plans are for the future.  

    All that and more on TNL

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    RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "TAG TEAM 2*4*5" introducing 4 new RRBC members!

    in Books

    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB's BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "TAG TEAM 2*4*5," where Co-Hosts Bill Ward and John W. Howell, are joined by new member AUTHORS: LINCOLN COLE, MEG HAFDAHL, LORI SOARD  and MAUREEN TWOMEY. Join us as we become better acquainted with some of the newest additions to our RRBC family, and their books.

    This segment of TAG TEAM 2*4*5  is sponsored by SHELLEY WILSON , the author of  "GUARDIANS OF THE DEAD."

    If you'd like to know how you can get your own recorded commercial to air during one of our shows, please visit the RRBC site. 

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    in Spirituality

    4th Friday of the Month at 8 PM Central you can join Rev Ravenwolf Greenfield's new show:  Raven's Den Hour (subject is exploring philosophical subjects)  This Friday Ravenwolf will discussing the Awen and Baeltane history.  It’s a Druid themed show tonight.  Join us.

    Every Friday at 9 PM Central you can join Host Rev Donald Lewis for the ~Correllian Family Hour~ as we explore the exciting world of Correllian Wicca.  News and views, interviews, and information on the Correllian Lifestyle.

    Tonight Enjoy a replay show with Rev Donald Lewis and guest Rev Kai Aidan to discuss charitable activities and Children Are The Future, A Correllian Tradition Formal Shrine with an emphasis on Pagan Parenting and Children.

    10PM Central join Rev Stephanie Neal for Correllian Deep Waters

    ~Correllian Deep Waters~ presents teachings by Rev. Stephanie Neal.  Join Rev. Stephanie Neal in another replay show tonight from May 2015 as she teaches about the Correllian Shaman / Trees.

    “The Correllian Tradition’s deeper teachings of the adept are found within the World Walkers’ Order.”                                                                                                                            
    M. Rev. Chancellor Don Lewis-Highcorrell 

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    Welcome to Katara's Cafe featuring Author Lori Titus

    in Writing

    Summary for the Link: Ladies and Gents I added another show to  the Tru Radio Network called Katara's Cafe.  This show is where I'll be interviewing and promoting author's work. Unlike my other show Katara's Spot this is a very relaxed show. This is my way of giving thanks to my author friends that have asked me to read their ARC (Advanced Reading Copy)gifted me with books, and gifted me with other prizes. This week I'll be interviewing the lovely Lori Titus. We will be discussing 4 of her many books she has out and we will also discuss her being a ghost writer and editor . So grab your tea or decaf coffee and.......
    Turn on, Tune in and Turn up!!

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