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    Jagged Little Edges With Author Lorelie Rozzano

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    My guest, Lorelie Rozzano, exemplifies what Growing Up Chaotic is all about!
    In this special episode we will be speaking with her about how she took her own life experiences shackled by the chains of addiction and turned them into a series of compelling fictional novels.
    "Lorelie Rozzano is dedicated to helping others with their lifelong struggle against addiction.  Rozzano hopes her books become a vehicle to get people thinking and talking about addiction and examining the role it plays in their lives."  Good Reads
    Her novel, Jagged Little Edges, is available for purchase on:

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    Lorelie Rozzano

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    Author, Lorelie Rozzano, has taken her own life experience shackled by the chains of addiction and is turning it into a series of fictional novels that weave first-hand experience into compelling stories. The first in that series – Jagged Little Edges

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    Gracie's Secret - A Book For Children of Addicted Parents

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    "Children of addicted parents are the highest risk group of children to become alcohol and drug abusers due to both genetic and family environmental factors." NACOA

    Today I welcome back to the show, for the third time, author Lorelie Rozzano. Lorelie is back to discuss and celebrate her third book called, Gracie's Secret.

    "Gracie's Secret is the perfect book for a child with a difficult home life. Divorce, addiction, mental health issues and more can cause children to feel alone, anxious and afraid. Gracie's Secret addresses this by showing kids they aren't alone, and that they can feel better. With a workbook section for kids to understand their own issues and a message that talking to a safe person will help, Gracie's story can help kids cope."

    Click Here to purchase a copy of Gracie's Secret

    To learn more about Lorelie's other books Click Here

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    Life Changing Insights - Awaken Your Body & Live in a World of Hope

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    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg with his guest Phyllis Gambone & Lorelie Rozzano


    Phyllis E. Gambone has been in the wellness field for more than 20 years. Her passion is to educate and share what she has learned in her journey to recovery.To maintain proper nutrition and healthier food choices are a main factor in todays world.. We can not look to food alone for all of the nutrients that our bodies need on a daily basis. You may be taking life day by day or even hour by hour.  It can be hard looking at the whole picture and even down right overwhelming. We will take neverything one step at a time. Before you know it your destination, felling great, happy and empowered, will be in plain view. Our goal is to simiplify lifestyle changes so that living life fully feels manageable and easy.

    Lorelie Rozzano is a recovering addict. She is also a mother, sister, grandmother, foster parent, wife, and daughter. Lorelie works a program of recovery herself, and understands first-hand the benefits of a healthy family. She began working at Edgewood Treatment Center in 1998 and has had the privilege of working with both patients and their families. In the past few years, Lorelie has written three fiction books: Gracie's Secret, Jagged Little Edges, and Jagged Little Lies. Her hope is that the honesty of her books will help those dealing with unhealthy behaviours and addiction. Lorelie is currently working on book three in the Jagged series. Please check out her books at www.jaggedlittleedges.com.



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    Real Talk - Addiction: Relief in becoming well verses Relief in the Addiction

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    Good Deeds presents Lorelie Rozzano is a recovering addict. She is also a mother, wife, grandmother, foster parent, family counselor, author, small business owner, sister, aunt, daughter and friend.

    For Rozzano, a phone call to her parents when she had reached her lowest point, out of work, money and friends due to her addictions, turned things around and brought her to treatment. She has now been living clean and sober for 17 years. And it is this success and desire to share her knowledge and the possibility of help to others that led to the creation of her first book Jagged Little Edges, and then her second, Jagged Little Lies, for she has now found what she needed to soften those edges that were destroying her life.“The relief I had in becoming well was actually what I had been looking for in drugs and alcohol,” Rozzano explains. It was in treatment that she discovered her strong inner core and learned how to examine her life and behaviors in a brutally honest fashion and to admit just how her addictions had ruled her life for so long.Rozzano now works at the center she sobered up in and is dedicated to helping others with the lifelong struggle against addiction.

    And perhaps for someone reading the bleak, painful truths in the Jagged series, Jagged Little Edges, Jagged Little Lies, or on her blog, www.jaggedlittleedges.com there will come a moment of clarity and self-awareness that can help that person also get ready to change. “After all, Rozzano states, if I can get sober, anyone can.”


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    CoffeeHouse on Magick Blvd. guest Lorelei Douglas

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    Today I am please to say that my guest today on "CoffeeHouse on Magick Blvd." is Lorelei Douglas, the creator of "The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot". This deck is beyond amazing and it is not by any means a novelty deck. Lorelei took the time to join us from Australia. She is so warm and lovely to talk to. 

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    Lorelei Carlson In Demand

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    Lorelei Carlson an indie who is multi-talented has performed on broadway in "Babes On Broadway", "My Fair Lady" Lorelie has sang "I Turn To You" at the Philadelphia World Aids Day, joins us as she chats with us about her future projects.

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