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    After Marching, Rioting, & Looting...WHAT WE GONNA DO NOW!?!

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    Dr.Nebkheperure Speaks

    After Marching, Rioting, & Looting...WHAT WE GONNA DO NOW!?!

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    GAGS Radio - Nick Groff Tour: Ashmore Estates and Ohio State Investigations

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    Welcome and thank you for tuning in to the GAGS (Ghost Adventures Ghost Stalkers) Radio! Your number one source for all things talk on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures and Destination America's Ghost Stalkers and hosted by Bryan Gorman and Karli Shoop!

    On this episode, Bryan talks about his experiences during the Ashmore Estates investigation with the Nick Groff Tour. In addition, Bryan and Karli will be taking your calls and reading your posts about both the Ashmore Estates and Ohio State Reformatory investigations!

    Guest Call-In: (323) 580-5703

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegagsnetwork

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGAGSNetwork

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    GAGS Radio Welcomes Back Robbin Terry - Owner of Ashmore Estates

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    Welcome and thank you for tuning in to GAGS (Ghost Adventures Ghost Stalkers) Radio! This radio show is your #1 source for all news and talk on Travel Channel's hit show "Ghost Adventures" and Destination America's "Ghost Stalkers". This show is hosted by super fans Bryan Gorman and Karli Shoop.

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    Weird and Wacky Laws

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    Weird and Wacky Laws

    Let’s have some fun discussing the ridiculous, outdated and just almost-too-funny-to-be-true laws that exist in the US. This 30-minute show will be fun, and provide legal trivia that’s perfect for a water-cooler conversation or to stump your friends!

    Just in the presenter’s home state of Florida:

    The Florida State Constitution allows for freedom of speech, a trial by jury, and pregnant pigs to not be confined in cages.        
    Laws in Florida include:

    It is illegal to sell your children.
    It is considered an offense to shower naked.
    You are not allowed to break more than three (3) dishes per day.
    And in case you think it is ok to switch to breaking cups in Florida, be aware: chip the edges of more than four cups or saucers, and you are breaking the Law!

    Keep in mind that this radio show is for entertainment... it is not advisable using the mentioned laws as evidence in court, unless you'd like the judge to laugh you into jail!

    The Presenter is “LADY LAWYER LIVE,” Cynthia Rignanese. Ms. Rignanese has been practicing law in the city of Winter Haven in Central Florida since 1990. Her practice focuses on estate planning, business, corporate and real property law. She can be reached live on the air. Following the show, her office number is 863/294-1114.

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    Wine Industry News & Topics for This Week w/Ron

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    Stay up-to-date on what's happening in the wine industry.  Tune in for news and topics with show host Ron, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery in Land O' Lakes, FL.


    We are looking for guests!  Discuss your vineyard/winery on our show - your wines, events, climate, area & more.  Contact All About Wine for details and to schedule your appearance.

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    The Free American

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                 Mr. Harley Schlanger has been Executive Intelligence Review magazine’s Southwest Bureau Chief for more than 15 years. In the recent years he has become a national spokesman  for Lyndon LaRouche’s Political Action Committee. As Bureau   chief he had written numerous articles including on the mid-1980’s Savings and Loan crisis, the looting of pension funds and in September 2008, the illegal bail out the investment funds such Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the Federal government .s an investigative journalist Schlanger has contributed to a number of books published by EIR. Some of the research was incorporated in The Ugly Truth About the ADL, Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, for example. Schlanger himself made a run for the U.S. Senate in 1990, receiving 250,000 votes in the Texas Democratic primary.He was born in 1949 in Marietta, Ohio, holds a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, and an M.A. in European History from Rutgers University, where he was a National Defense Education Act fellow for three years. 

    Everyday more and more basic freedoms and good American jobs are being removed from America. The very best cure is to completely decapitate the WZs from their source of FIAT Money-power by “nationalizing” the Federal Reserve System, seizing all its assets, arresting all of its Directors, trying them for RICO Financial Fraud, Sedition and Treason.

    Support the man who has been telling you the truth for 25 years or more. Clay Douglas has been right on for years. www.freeamerican.com www.shop.freeamerican.com

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    The Violence In Baltimore From A Kids Perspective

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    The nation has had its eye on Baltimore because the violence, looting and attacks on police. But have we ever thought to stop and think how the kids feel? Please join our FB group by clicking the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/1615819348630372/

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    The Collision of Faith and politics! Avoiding and Surviving Riots in YOUR town!

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    Radio Show for Monday, May 11th, 2015.  Avoiding and Surviving "social unrest."  Riots. Looters. Marauders. 

    Welcome to the Collision of Faith and Politics!  THIS ISSSS THE FASTEST 2 HOURs IN RADIO!!!

    Rioters are marching down YOUR street…  Right now…  What do you do?  Better yet, You become aware of a police arrest that, in the past, in other places in the country let to social unrest, protests, demonstrations, and riots.  Why did I say “Riots” last?  Isn’t that the FIRST thing to be wary of?   No.  Where do riots start?  No, not a part of the city you live in….  Where do riots, how do riots, at what point do riots start?  They start with unrest, protests, demonstrations, no matter how peaceful, riots start with gatherings of people.  

    I teach you step by step what to do, and what NOT to do in order to protect yourself and your family.  Notice, I didn’t say “your property?”  There is a reason why….  

    How should you prepare for when the inevitable riots come to your town?  Why one of the biggest elements of your preparation MUST be mental toughness and why your Internal Dialogue (That self talk that no one but YOU hears, or so you thought!)I don't just mean being or becoming a "positive thinker" and how that exclusively positive thinking can and will get you and your family killed!

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    This Week: Wine Industry News & Topics w/Ron

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    Stay up-to-date on what's happening in the wine industry.  Tune in for news and topics with show host Ron, VP and General Manager of Florida Estates Winery in Land O' Lakes, FL.


    We are looking for guests!  Discuss your vineyard/winery on our show - your wines, events, climate, area & more.  Contact All About Wine for details and to schedule your appearance.

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    Freddie Gray & The Science of Black "Riots" in America from Slavery to Baltimore - DR. ALLI MUHAMMAD

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                                                                                         JUSTICE FOR FREDDIE GRAY SPECIAL SERIES
    The scientific History, Reasons, Roots, Psychology & Origins Of Black-African Slavery Rebellions ("Riots") -  A Complete  History of ("Race") Riots In AmeriKKKa

    Dr. Alli Muhammad CGIC-RBPP goes deep into the sciences and history of riots and rebellions in America and the Black-African role and involvement in them. The psychology of "burning" and "looting" and the ongoing struggle for freedom and repair of oppressed people! "REMEMBER WE MOVED FROM ONE-PLANTATION TO ANOTHER, ARE HOLOCAUST VICTIMS WHO HAVE NOT RECEIVED REPAIR (REPARATIONS)..." Dr. Alli Muhammad CGIC-RBPP

    Baba Osagyefo Olugbala Revolutionary Goon, General Dr. Alli Muhammad M.S., PhD, MD AKA "Super Nigga". Fights for us on many battlefields he is our BOLD REVOLUTIONARY BLACK POWER WARRIOR GENERAL. Dr. Alli Muhammad is the Chief-General-In-Command of the RBPP,  the General in Command of the Black Race, Community, Nation and movement. BLACK POWER!!!!!!

                                                                                                                         STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO 

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    Today we have a lack of understanding of what revolution should be and what we are doing today.  It is apparent that Black African People all over the world are fighting against police brutality that is imposed on us.  We have become reactionary revolutionaries and that is not good. We must establish a firm revolutionary base and find a theater of war in order to fight this battle agains the righteous People of the world. We must establish a firm Pan African Forum to address the issues which we are faced with daily. We African Americans claim, by rights of heritage and reparations,  the Deep South: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida and Texas . In these areas Blacks and Brown skin people already constitute a numerical majority. One set of these counties lies along the Mississippi River from Memphis to the Louisiana border and constitutes a contiguous territory containing more than 15,000 square miles – a territory  called the Kush District . Here is where the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Africa should open its struggle for land and independence. Land that we settled and worked for. We must create a system which is diametrically opposed to the system under which we are now living.  We must create a system that is based on a Cultural Revolution because the major preoccupation of a revolutionary is not to be a Reactionary but building and creating. From the ashes of the old to create the new.  Burning and looting has its purpose in Revolution to put things into perspective the destruction of business in our neighborhood that destroy our business and our families. The fact that in Black neighborhoods there are Liquor Stores on every coroner and drug dealers that destroy the Black Family.  Black owned Business that are being undermined by White Establishment Corporations this must cease.