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    Looking for love

    in Spirituality

    Understanding the types of love and not just a feeling.

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    Where Are You Looking for Love and Peace?

    in Spirituality

    We are taught that peace and love reside outside ourselves and we must obtain them. In this show, we'll notice what happens when we supply ourselves with love and meet our own needs.

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    Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

    in Romance

    Everywhere you look, you see and hear messages telling you to think about love. We are culturally and emotionally conditioned to search for love. But where? Many of us believe that love is something that we find in another person. But do we love ourselves, or are we berating and negating ourselves in various ways?

    Do we proudly say that we are our own worst critics? Certainly to a degree, being able to learn from a realistic review of ourselves and our accomplishments can help us improve and grow. But to regard yourself as something that needs constant fixing, that you are inherently not enough? Bad idea. Do you allow yourself to celebrate and rejoice in who you are and what you do? Sure, we can oftentimes do better, but do we acknowledge ourselves for daring to try?

    Truthfully, we can only find love when we love ourselves first. The love of my life likes to tell the story of how we met. Some years ago, he was hurting from the dissolution of his marriage. He was feeling miserable about himself and his life. He found his work and daily life blah and meaningless and himself as less than adequate. He judged himself as a bad person for failing in his primary relationship. Instead of learning and growing, he was reprimanding himself and dwelling in the "should haves." Only when he was out on the ocean kite boarding did he find any inner peace or joy. Being a reflective, he analyzed why that was so. The answer helped him shift his attitude and created the mindset that allowed for us to connect and develop the loving and nurturing relationship that we have now shared for years.

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    Looking for love.....

    in Self Help

    Everyone needs love. Where do we look? Where do we find it? Why does love seem to elude us?

    Join us tonight as we get down to the core of love, with best selling author and relationship expert Daphne Rose Kingma.

    Make sure you check out her website and tune in!!!



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    Are you really looking for love? Part 2

    in Romance

    Hot topics from my book Life Hills, the ups and downs we go through in life and relationships. With chapters on love,mistreat,cheating,and life and goals. On this show we are talking about, are you really looking for love?

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    Are you really looking for love?

    in Romance

    The topic for this episode is, why the ones that mistreat you them the ones you love? Hot topics from my book Life Hills, the ups and down we go through in life and relationships. With chapters on love,mistreat,cheating, and life and goals.

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    Are you really looking for love?

    in Romance

    Hot topics from my book Life Hills, the ups and downs we go through in life and relationships. With chapters on love,mistreat,cheating,and life and goals. On this show we are talking about, a lot of topics dealing with life and relationships.

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    Looking For Love In All The Right Places

    in Relationships

    Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places?  My name is Caterina Barregar and I am YOUR Love Spark Coach, Relationship Coach.    How to find love without looking for it.  Where do you think you will find it?  Listen in!  You might just find what you have been looking for! 
    Excerpts from "Looking For Love In All The Right Places" by Caterina Barregar

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    Looking for love in all the wrong places? It's closer than you might think!

    in Entertainment

    Hey y'all!  Welcome to the Thursday's episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char!  Tonight's episode is about L.O.V.E.  The one emotion that we all share, need it desperately but have the hardest time finding!

    Join me as we talk with Psychologist, Certified Neurosculpting Facilitor and #1 International Best Selling Author, Zemirah Jazwierska about her upcoming book "Shangri-LOVE, living your love story with you".  She will expand on how and why we chase something that is already dwelling within us but seems to evade us every day and her strategy for finding it!  She will be looking for volunteers (only 5) so you need to listen in to take advantage.  You can find Zemirah over at her site Shangri-LOVE.com.

    In keeping with our theme, our music tonight is by an Australian based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Peacock (so cute...he asked Mama Char why she called him "baby boy")!  Andy's song "You deserve to be loved" is crisp, clean and spot on with tonight's episode.  Learn more about baby boy, Andrew Peacock at facebook.com/andrewpeacockmusic, iTunes and his website andrewpeacock.com.au.

    And as always, you can find me at mamachar.com or on ALL social media sites as @mamacharblessed.

    I look forward to getting your feedback on this and any episodes aired on The Quirky World of Mama Char.  That is how I know if you are being blessed OR NOT by this show.


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    Are you looking for Love? Creating Happy Relationships!

    in Entertainment

    Tune in and turn on to happiness.Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?  Forgive and be happy!  If you want love and be that love that you are looking for.  Love is the essence of our being.  Be the love that you want.  Join us in one of the most powerful conversations of our time.  Listen to A Happiness Index and find the love that you are looking for.  Remember that what we are looking for is always with us and within our grasp.  

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    Author Melissa Lee Visits Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert

    in Family

    Welcome to another exciting guest on "Through The Looking Glass With Kinia Colbert"

    Join me this week for a beautiful story by author Melissa Lee as she introduces her book: "Emmeline at Commander's Palace", you and your children will not only love the message from this really cute book, but you'll enjoy listening to Melissa Lee as she shares some of her most memorable moments when writing the story of Emmeline.

    Emmeline at Commander's Palace  Emmeline is a precocious little girl who lives in New Orleans and always has some kind of mischief going on! Join her as she spends the day, or at least tries to, at Commander's Palace, the famous Garden District restaurant. Complete with simple French recipes any child can follow, you'll fall in love with Emmeline.



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