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    Look And Live Youth Ministries Talk Radio

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    "Where The Truth  Is Heard." Look and Live Youth Ministries Talk Radio
    (Youth Host) Founder/Leader Youth Minister Cortney Wilson

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    Look And Live Youth Ministries Talk Radio

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    Look And Look Youth Ministries Talk Radio Bring News From Around The World With Special Guest And So Much More And We Do It All In Truth. Our Goal Is To Inform The Nations Of World Events And News And Most Importantly The Truth.
    "Where The Truth Is Heard."
    [ Your Host ] Youth Minister Cortney Wilson
    Want To Donate? http://www.lookandliveyouthministries.org/#!__home/donate

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    A Look in the Mirror: How Now Do We Live?

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    We have discussed taking a look in our spiritual mirror to be well in our heart, our mind, and our emotions, but now what? How now do we live? It is imperative that we be a healed, delivered, whole person so that we may be a vessel that God can use to carry His glory and share His love! It is not to say that we are perfect, but everyday we are striving for pefection. Everyday we are allowing the Lord to regenerate us...decreasing the old man and giving life to the new. Join us tonight as we discuss living life the way God intended! Talk to you then!

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    Here at North Florida Writer Live we’re sure that the topic for Wednesday night is, at best, confusing to understand.  But we’re fortunate to have our frequent guest, Meg Norris of Opt Out Georgia, bring us some exciting news about what is going on in Georgia to push for legislation to dramatically change the Common Core disaster that we see all over this great land.  Meg also informed me about a businessman who has great knowledge of the real Cuba, Alex Gimenez, who will tell us about the plight of the poor Cuban people.  An American by birth born to parents of Cuban and Argentinian descent, he is concerned about what we don’t know about Cuba.  While we are opening doors and lifting the embargo against Cuba per the President’s executive actions, the Cuban people are living under an internal embargo courtesy of the Castro regime.  The poor citizens basically own nothing and serve as serfs for the state.  In the words of the late and great Paul Harvey, Alex brings “the rest of the story”.

    Alex is the father of two grown children and he is also very concerned about the educational system here in America and in his hometown of Atlanta.  So we’ll also get his take on Common Core and what a good businessman with international experience, not a crony-capitalist as a lapdog to the state, thinks about the process and what should be done about it.

    It should be a great discussion.  The show goes live Wednesday night at 7.  You won’t want to miss this one.  See you then.

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    Look Hughs Talking feat. Mike Dreams

    in Music

    Young Pharohe Monch?

    Kanye's cousins's best friend?

    Or Minneapolis' Own...

    Mike Dreams

    Since 2007, Mike Dreams has been releasing and performing original music. His music and material have gained local, national and international exposure through some of the world’s largest urban media outlets




    Since 2007, Mike Dreams has been releasing and performing original music. His music and material have gained local, national and international exposure.

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    Race Talk Live

    in Professional

    Race Talk Live returns for it's 3rd season tonight at 8pm EST

    The weather may be frightful outside, but in Daytona...It's warm and ready for some hot on track action.

    Steve and Mike will get you updated on all the happenings around the world of Motorsports.

    With Daytona right around the corner we'll look at all the changes from the off-season, breaking news and look ahead to two weeks of excitement from the World center of racing.

    It's the fastest show on radio and we have it all right here tonight plus your phone calls

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live

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    7 AM morning Prayer and Praise with Debra Jackson Live

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live 7/11

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live; ministers music with a message to soothe the mind and Heals the Soul.

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    To Live or Lie Trying - A Deeper Look at Giving

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    The Holiday season is upon us. It is the season of love, food, sharing, caring and giving. We have folks from various organizations that are present outside of establishments that are looking for donations. There are also many folks that are homeless, indigent or just down on their luck. They are also present and ask us to donate to their cause. Sometimes these folks are legitimate. Other times they are less than legit. Join us this week as we delve into panhandlers, the season of giving and share some of our stories and experiences with these folks in our segment - Just an Observation. Live Tweet/follow us @onpointphx or email us at onpointphx@gmail.com and as always you can reach us via 347-855-3662. See you Saturday!

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    A Changing World Live With The Rayfords

    in Lifestyle

    In life, we go through so many things that could destroy us, if we let them. We don't have to let the negative experiences, define us. We look into the word to determine who we are, not by life's circumstances.

    If we dwell on the circumstances, we miss the many benefits that God has for us. Instead of complaining, let's praise Him. Instead of looking for someone to have a pity party with us, let's find some folks who know how to praise God in the midst of the storm and come out victorious.

    This is life--the reality that we live on a daily basis. Some days are better than others, but we should be able to praise God every day, no matter what life throws at us.

    For appetizers--just enough to get you stirred up and hungry for more, check out the books on Amazon. com, by searching for: Mary M. Hall-Rayford or click on this link: http://viewAuthor.at/maryglobal

    Don't forget to join us next week at the same time in the same place. Remember, God loves you and we do, too! 

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live 7/11

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    Prayer and Praise at midnight on Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live... I received a healing for my Soul.... Prayer and Praise is powerful medicine for depression.